First day of summer!

It’s the first day of summer, so I’ve got slumber party guests and I’m rushing around preparing for the bimonthly cleaning lady visit.  (And yes, I do clean my house for the cleaning ladies.  It’s a division of labor.  They don’t know where to put away all the messy things left lying about, and I don’t want to do the dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming.  Gentlemen, if this seems mysterious to you, just ask yourself whether you empty out your car’s interior before taking it to the car wash.)

All of which means blogging will be slow this morning.  However, events in the Iranian world are happening at warp speed, and there are tweets to follow now that Iran has shut down all other forms of communication: #IranElection

Also, continues to have real time analysis to help you understand what’s happening.

I just hope that, in the next few hours as a I organize kids, my house, and my work, I don’t miss something spectacular playing out in real time.

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