Yeah, what she said about Gov. Sanford

I have to admit to having tepid interest, at best, in the affairs of Gov. Mark Sanford.  He was never more than a blip on my radar, and now he’s simply morphed into a sordid blip.  To the extent I have anything to say on the subject, I think Terresa covers it all (including links I like).

If I had to add one thing, it would just be to say that I found peculiar how light and emotion free Sanford’s voice was during the presser.  If I didn’t speak English, I would have had no idea that he was talking about an emotionally hot topic.  He could as easily have been discussing the weather or a shopping list.

The other thing I would add has nothing to do with Sanford and everything to do with the media.  The press has been somewhat lethargic about covering events in Iran (the SF Chron, for example, has barely noticed it), but I can guarantee that Sanford’s pecadillos will be in every media outlet for days.

The media’s interest in this matter isn’t just anti-conservative animus.  This is a combination of laziness and . . . and . . . damn!  I’ve forgotten that word — you know, the word about people who are obsessed with other people’s sex lives.  The media has neither energy for nor interest in matters of genuine importance.  Even the national media slips too easily into the role of gossip columnist.

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  • babbie

    As a SC voter and Republican, I am well aware of most of Governor Sanford’s strengths and weaknesses. The national media hyped him for a shot at the Presidency, I guess because they had no better candidate to take pot shots at after he was elected to head the Republican Governors’ Conference. He has never been a strong candidate for president, is not now, and obviously never will be. Nevertheless, ABC Nightly News LED tonight with the Sanford story. Couldn’t they think of any stories that just might be more important and affect more Americans than that one? Would they like a list?

  • Deana

    I can’t decide if I’m more sick or shocked at what he did. Even if you put what he did to his wife, his children, and his friends aside, the man LEFT his post!!! My word! What if there had been an emergency in the state?

    I just can’t believe he did this. The man should be forced from office for abandoning his constituency.

    That being said, I must say that I was impressed with the apology he gave today. He did not try to blame someone or something else. And he didn’t haul his wife up there to stand by his side.

    I’ve seen worse apologies.


  • Tonestaple

    Now the word you can’t think of is making me a little nuts.



  • Deana

    I also would add that Mrs. Sanford’s statement was well done.

    I feel for her right now. And her children and parents.

  • on-the-rocks

    “Schadenfreude” doesn’t refer to being interested in other people’s sex lives per se, but rather in taking pleasure in their misfortunes.

    I am guessing that is the word you were seeking.

  • on-the-rocks

    As for Governor Sanford, what part of “to foresake all others” do you not understand?

  • Ellen

    I’m with those who wonder about the man’s state of mind. It seems NO ONE knew where he was! What if there was a disaster in South Carolina? And what is with these guys who can’t be faithful? I was in that situation and I can tell you it kills your soul. All my sympathy is with Mrs. Sanford.

  • Quisp

    I’m disappointed, because I’d liked his stand about the state’s stimulus money. He was one of the few who articulated the consequences of creating programs the state would then be on the hook to continue. But I must say it’s nice to be in a forum where people roundly condemn adultery instead of the general newspaper comment threads full of “eh, everybody does it, what’s the big deal.” I find it interesting that the “everybody does it” crowd overlaps deeply with the “he’s hypocritical toast” folks, with Sanford’s key sin being believing he was doing something wrong.

  • johnfromcolumbus

    Posted May 14, 2009 at Huffington Post

    Headline: So John Edwards Had An Affair — Grow Up, Adultery Is Not a Political Issue.

    “This isn’t about whether you like John Edwards or not. It’s about a choice we all have to make: do we want our political debate to be conducted at the level of the National Enquirer, or does a serious democracy deserve better?”

  • Dennis Elliott

    I’ve observed over more than 3 score years that it takes two to make a divorce just as it takes two to make a marriage. Don’t know what it takes to live with either one of them and divorces amongst celebrities seem never to be very clean so it’s pretty hard to sit in judgement about why he did what he did.

    Apalling political judgement for sure, but probably a wash given his alternatives. As a culture, we seem more appalled by divorce any more than philandering. I would have hoped that he would have manned up before rather than after he got caught though. It’s what John Wayne would have done (a little nod to your previous post, Book).

  • Mike Devx

    Conservatives take honor and integrity much more seriously than liberals do. I guess that’s why when a conservative commits an act such as Gov. Sanford’s, it is seen as a more serious offense.

    We don’t want to stone them, pillory them, or brand them. But we expect better from our leaders. Some of us will forgive one such mistake. But some of us won’t – and that’s why their leadership is diminished to the point where often they cannot lead any longer. I suppose that is why they hide it; and that is why they try to bluster, lie and cheat their way out of it when discovered, always making the problem much worse. (Hey, you worthless loser, Sen. Larry Craig, you of the wide bathroom stance, are YOU listening, you piece of offal?)

  • suek

    Mike…you might find this a good read. She wanders a bit, but it’s basically on why the left is “shameless” and the difference between “shame” and “guilt” cultures. Very interesting. It may also raise the question of how you can handle the interactions between the two different cultures. To be honest, I don’t see how.


    I don’t know what the comparative stats are between John Q. Public cheaters and their political counterparts.

    I betcha, that the ‘political’ cheaters are more adept at it due to the nature of their chosen profession.

    My disgust for cheaters is that it reveals that they are liars, too. It’s bad enough that they lie to their partners – but they lie to themselves, which is the ultimate deception (i.e., former Gov.Jim McGreevy) who, I am sure did not wake up one day and realize he is gay. I don’t care that he is gay. I am appalled that he made choices that sacrificed his children because he lied to himself. Mrs. McGreevy, I believe was not a bit surprised, just angry (what was the deal with writing a book about it all) that her ‘position’ as the Gov’s wife was blown. I don’t believe that there are a lot of surprised partners but mostly those that cannot or refuse to take off their rose colored glasses.

    In fact, one could parallel the cheaters to politics in general. Very few, if any surprises for any of us – just many of levels of denial.