Jews and gays who are idiots

My husband was in the City for a conference, so he caught part of the SF Gay Pride Parade.  He said that there was an enormous group of gay Jews in the parade.  The last part of this group had huge signs proclaiming anti-Zionist Jews for Palestine.  They got incredible applause from the crowd.

And now for a series of rhetorical questions:  How dumb can these people be?  Don’t they understand that in nations that have sharia law, homosexuals are routinely tortured and executed?  Don’t they appreciate that the one safe haven for Palestinian gays is Israel?

This kind of ideologically motiviated stupidity drives me nuts.

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  • David Foster

    When Gerstner took over IBM, he observed that many people were far more emotionally involved in the struggle against their *internal* rivals than in any struggles against competitors. Part of this is natural: you are in closer contact with your internal competitors than the external ones. But part of it was a phenomenon of an organization in decline and one that had suffered from weak leadership.

    With leftists, this effect is exaggerated, because leftists, almost by definition, are focused on the struggle against *internal* adversaries.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Maybe it is written in the genetics of societies that when they become too fat and too complacent, they commit suicide.

  • Danny Lemieux

    To add to this point, perhaps “suicide” should be replaced with “rot from the inside out”. Kind of like Michael Jackson, if you think about it.

  • Quisp

    If San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade is anything like Atlanta’s, these people were marching down the middle of the street in not much but body paint and feathers – and apparently, strategically placed signs. How dumb do you think they are?

    For the record, I’m not much on flagrant, public displays of heterosexual extremes either. I think it’s damaging to one’s credibility as a rational adult. And I’ve never understood anti-Zionist Jews to begin with, gay or not.

  • Zhombre

    “Rot from the inside out”. Indeed, Danny. We suffer from cultural rot. Consider Tony Kushner, the leading American playwright at the moment and writer of screenplays for Steven Spielberg. He’s Jewish, gay and a hysterical leftie:

  • Ymarsakar

    But they’re in America. So what if other homosexuals get killed in the Middle East? They should care because?

  • Bill C

    I would have approached them saying that you are organizing a trip to Saudi Arabia as part of a Gay Jews for Palestine. Ask them if they are interested in protesting in Mecca. That would have been entertaining.

  • Mike Devx

    The last part of this group had huge signs proclaiming anti-Zionist Jews for Palestine. They got incredible applause from the crowd.

    It is all about smirky self-congratulation on their mutual awareness of being part of the “in” crowd. Group hug, group hug, everyone! Pat each other on the back!

    God, how it reminds me of smug, self-satisfied cliques in high school. I hated all that then, and I still do now.

    If any libs are here reading this, and you’re thinking we do the same thing in our conservative circles, please reconsider. Especially consider the concept of cheering for someone that hates you and would destroy you, if given half a chance. Insane.

  • Mike Devx

    Screwed up the html tagging AGAIN. Sigh. Only the first paragraph was to be italicized.

  • BrianE

    Maybe homosexuality isn’t genetic in Gaza.


    As Bill C suggested. Of course, as Joos, they wouldn’t have a chance of getting near Mecca and even if they got near the place their ‘tools’ would be taken away, right after their heads were removed – okay maybe not necessarily in that order.

    The crossover of parades lately has had a dual agenda (no pun intended).
    What I understand from what I’ve read recently, the gay community is quite upset and disappointed with O, who has been doing his own Israel bashing, maybe they’re just following his lead.

    It’s all very disquieting, despicable and more so since it is Israel that holds a Gay/Lesbian Parade annually. Sure the Haredi are upset, but the parade is in Tel Aviv. Hmmm…don’t think they have the same parade in Ramallah or Gaza. Mean and ugly people should stay in the closet – gay, straight and anything in between.

    There are some who never let facts get in the way of their agenda.

    Norman the Fink needs to read David Mamet

  • Ymarsakar

    Have them parade in Gaza. It should end quickly.

  • Gringo


    Have them parade in Gaza. It should end quickly .


    Mike: At least Book has preview.

    David Foster: your point about focusing on “internal” versus “external” enemies is well taken. I get the impression that many on the Left are more upset with Rush or with a Bible-thumper, than with a jihadist or with DinnerJacket. Perhaps the difference between right and left in the US is that the left feels that the US is invulnerable to its external enemies, whereas the right is of the opinion that if we don’t take them seriously, we could well be vulnerable to our external enemies. I grew up with too many refugees from Hitler and the Iron Curtain to easily discount the possibility that It Can Happen Here. After all, it did Over There.

  • Mike Devx

    Gringo #13
    > Mike: At least Book has preview

    Last time I tried preview, it doesn’t show formatting. I never catch the formatting errors on preview either… If preview showed actual bold/italics in the preview display, I’d use it more…

  • Gringo

    Mike, maybe it has to do with your computer setup. I use Firefox with MS operating system, and formatting- boldface italics blockquote etc.- shows in previews on my computer. Perhaps it is different for Internet Explorer or some such other.

  • Bookworm

    Mike said: “smirky self-congratulation on their mutual awareness of being part of the ‘in’ crowd.”

    This reminded me of something. Growing up in SF in the 1970s and 1980s, I had a gazillion gay friends. (Honest to God, as I always say, I’m not a homophobe. I’m just not happy with sex in the streets and a crazy political agenda.) One of the biggest jokes was the Midwestern couples who’d show up in matching his and her clothes on their tourist jaunts from the City. No ridicule was too extreme for these hicks.

    But what I noticed today as we drove out of the City (I didn’t want the kids to see the parade, although it turned out to be more toned down than usual) was how many gay and lesbian couples dress identically. Apparently identically dressed sauce for the homosexual and lesbian goose is not identically dressed sauce for the heterosexual gander. One is cool, one silly.

  • Ymarsakar

    As an identity group, homosexuality is not any different than other identity groups.

    People used to consider themselves men or part of a hierarchy called the tribe, clan, or nation-state. Now they just consider themselves gays or according to their skin color.

    From tying your identity to something productive and stable, to something as trite and unstable as what kind of sex, race, or cult you have, is now the current status quo of humanity. At least in this part of the world.

    Just as a bomb dropped on Palestinian terrorists in the act of griefing the weak would ruin the Palestinian parade, so the same is true for gays.

    At least the Palestinians work to mitigate such realities. Or take advantage of em with human shields. They don’t pretend like it doesn’t exist. At least they think their group identities are worth killing and dying for. Do gays believe the same? And if they do not, are we to stand here, apart from them, and claim that their identity is worth something, when even the holders of that identity know its lack of value?

  • Mike Devx

    Ymar #17:
    At least they think their group identities are worth killing and dying for. Do gays believe the same?

    I identify with groups that believe in conservative philosophy more than with being gay, or with any other identity label.

    I can’t say for sure about the gay Jews in that parade holding the signs declaring solidarity with the (gay-murdering, Jew-murdering) Palestinians, nor can I say for sure about the crowd applauding them, but I suspect the answer is that they identify more with their mutual liberal philosophy than with their identity labels.

    However, given that the Palestinians are gay-murderous and Jew-murderous, I just can’t grasp how that could be possible, really. They may declare that they are proud of their identity as being gay, or proud of their identity as being Jew… but how can they resolve the internal conflict with supporting those who would murder them for that identity for which they are proud of?

    That internal conflict – and their internal suppression of that conflict – boggles my mind. Probably it boggles *their* minds, given their filtering, how I could possibly consider myself both gay and conservative. I have no idea.

  • excathedra

    The organs of identity and opinion in gaydom are so massively dominated by the values and narratives of the LeftLiberals that a same-gender sexual orientation appears to require, by force of nature and reason, the adoption of that worldview.

    Gayness really gets subsumed under Leftyness, so all the Officially Designated Victims are the same, even if they are bloodthirsty and savage homophobes…and I mean real homophobes, not some poor guy in Arkansas who, for the life of him, can’t quite figure out why all of a sudden two guys should be able to get married.

    With few exceptions, Jews and Gays have been settled on the Democrat Plantation and cannot even imagine life outside, where they would be herded into camps by the evil White Republican ChristiaNazis . It’s like “Logan’s Run” or Shyamalan’s “The Village”.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Silly, silly, silly, all of you! It’s quite simple. If islamofascists or conservative republicans (but I repeat myself, of course) were ever to threaten a hair on a San Francisco GLBT’s armpit, they would simply file a lawsuit under hate crimes legislation…maybe even through the U.N. That would show them.

  • Ymarsakar

    Mike D,

    John Ringo and Tom Kratman’s newest novel about the Tuloriad (a sort of Odyssey for Posleen) brought up an interesting concept.

    I do not believe in Revealed Truth in the form that God inspired some prophets and those prophets then handed down the word of God in the form of the testaments or the Bible/Qu’ran. I believe that there are misinterpretations and some basic human limitations that prevent the word of God from being communicated through any written or verbal format.

    Now religion has constructed a system or a hierarchy based upon these Revealed Truth texts. They take its truth or validity based upon faith. Atheists, however, will claim that this faith is foolish or false or destructive. They quote such things as the Inquisition or other similar incidents as their proof. Or as Hitchens likes to say, since God wouldn’t allow such evil things as he has seen to exist, God therefore must not exist. Which is sort of like saying good government would not allow tax cheats and other traitors to live in America, thus good government does not exist at all. Which totally ignores the phenomenon of Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, and George Washington. It ignores the providence that gave America its successes in both war and peace.

    So is faith really all that wrong because it believes in oftentimes the wrong things or at least unprovable things? Recall that faith is what kept the three aforementioned strong and on the right path.

    So what does it matter what gays believe or what people choose to believe is the origin of their sexual inclinations and preferences. It matters not to me, certainly, even though it matters to Christian issues of sin and the societal framework of equal protection under the law. It matters not to me because what matters to me is strength. Regardless of what you believe in, so long as you are willing to die or kill for it, it gives human beings strength. And for the Palestinians, certainly it gives them strength, of a sort, to continue to fight and die and kill for their beliefs. Even though we believe their beliefs are erroneous and completely self-destructive, even though we see their tactics as cowardly and unethical, still their belief gives them strength. And that we cannot deny. Even for people like me who believe that that strength can be easily shattered with ruthless tactics and strategies on our part.

    Just as the Goracle derives strength from his mass delusion of a cult, aka Global Climate Change (GCS, GW, GC; notice the Gs?), the Democrats derive political surety and power from the Goracle’s cult, and Obama derives power from the Democrats, so is it also true that humanity derives power from faith. And it does not matter what you have faith in, so long as you believe: a True Believer.

    9/11, if it taught me anything, taught me that.

    Now the atheists and Leftists like to disparage and make fun of the faith of Christians, pro-Americans, patriots, as well as classical liberals. You have seen evidence of all of the above, so I feel I have no need to quote the relevant evidence. But you know, as well as I do, what they think of faith and the people who ascribe to it. But their issue isn’t with faith, their issue is with apostasy. The Left and their Communist originators and inspirer(s) do not hold anything against faith. After all, does not the Left constitute a gigantic organization that puts their faith and belief in Utopia, in human Perfection and in the ultimate good of Human Slavery? Of course they do. No, what they hate is faith of a sort different from their own. They hate the apostate. They hate the person who believes in a different religion. They hate all that is different, all that is not themselves, all that can interfere with their Road to Serfdom (aka Utopia). In fact, they hate themselves as well, but in order to deal with that, they have to funnel externally that hate, lest it corrode their own self-esteems. We’ve seen this from narcissists. Who is a biggest believer in faith, if not the narcissist who believes in the Ultimate Truth that he is the center of the universe and that nothing else matters except what he likes and loves? Does anyone here think he made a “rational” decision based upon “evidence” for such views? Heh

    And yet, the Left has run a successful campaign mocking faith, while remaining free of the consequences to their own ideologies. Why? Because the Right, made up out of people who respect other belief systems and the faith of others, will not make mockery of the Left’s faith based initiatives. Thus the war is lost because the war was never fought to begin with. But that is ancillary to my main issue of contention.

    Because I care about strength, I know that human beings are weak, whether in the individual sense or when they group together. In this sense, the Left is right that weak people need religion. But their belief is that religion keeps people weak. My point is that the Left’s religion keeps people weak, because the Left uses religion to further their totalitarian goals. Religion, like any other socio-political tool, is as good or as evil as the users. Given that the Left are some of the most evil bastards around, I will let you figure out their intentions.

    My belief is that people will never become stronger than they are until they have faith, in something. If they are lucky enough to believe in something True or simply positive, then they will become stronger for it. Because that is the prerequisite for human strength, that we have to believe in something. Look up the closest nihilist, who doesn’t believe in anything except his personal pleasures, and tell me he is the model for Strength. I dare ya to without falling down from laughter.

    As we can see with Obama and the Left, certainly their faith in totalitarian beliefs, their faith in their own “Right to Rule” based upon genetic and intelligence prerequisites, and their faith in the power of their wealth and political connections, makes them strong. Strong enough to corrupt this nation, at least. Strong enough to enslave the weak, certainly. Strong enough to put a boot heel on the aspirations of Iranians, Iraqis, and Americans, most definitely.

    But that’s what war is for. Conflict between human hierarchies, at its base, was always about “Let God decide which side has the right of things, by pitting our strength of faith against your strength of faith”. This was done in Greek hoplite battles. Whoever was the first to run from the battlefield, was proven wrong for obviously if they lacked the courage to stand and die for their beliefs, obviously their opponents have the stronger case (if only because it was more important to their opponents). This influenced Trial by Combat, as well as the Code Duello in early american affairs.

    A nation that lacks a generation of young men and women who will fight, kill, and die for their nation, is a nation that is already dead. All that is necessary is to wait for the wind to knock it over. A nation that is not worthy of inspiring enough faith for people to kill others for, to die in defense of that nation, is not a nation worthy of respect or admiration or anything else for that matter. The Left knew this, they engineered this. They knew it was true because they knew the power of Faith. That’s why Stalin’s Russia destroyed the Roman Orthodox Church. Faith is power, if you can manipulate it, but that requires that you have a monopoly on faith. And that isn’t possible unless you eliminate all competitors. Any competitor that says “we have something more worthy of your faith, of your blood and of your life”? Why, he has to be eliminated, people. Just as the Left must eliminate Christians and American patriots. Just as the Islamic extremists must eliminate Iraqi Sunnis, Iraqi Shia, and the Jews.

    I am not an Atheist but neither am I a Christian. Book, as in the Shepherd in Firefly, was a good guide in clarifying matters here. The Operator in Firefly was certainly someone I could understand. Faith does fix you, if only because until human beings are ready to kill or die for something, they aren’t worth shat. They’re just cogs in the machine, sheep, waiting to be slaughtered. Not worth anything. This does not make Faith a solution, it only makes it the path to a potential solution. As we see with Leftist totalitarians and the Islamic Jihad, faith is not a cure all. Just cause you believe, doesn’t mean what you believe is right or even true.

  • Ymarsakar

    Here’s a link to my comment about human affairs

    Should make for some ancillary background material for this topic.

    My solution is the psychological nuke. It does not matter if people have a choice, when you manipulate the consequences of their choices. Thus I have no need, like the Left, to strip people of the ability to choose. You can get people, easily, to choose to be strong, by making the consequences of choosing to be weak, of choosing the path of least resistance, to be horrendous in pain and sacrifice. And this is not hard to do, for life will punish the weak far more than I could with any reservoir of power available to me. Make it possible for the punishment to manifest itself and people will grow strong, because the human species was designed to meet and overcome challenges (I suppose men and women got tired of seeing their children slaughtered for food and what not, so while it was harder to fight, it was also easier than dying horribly). That is what our entire mental bag of “delusions, denials, regressive tendencies” and other insane idiocies are for. When you make the choice of self-deception, which is what every Obama voter has done continuously since the first time they were told to vote Democrat or anti-American, the consequence must be horrible beyond belief in order that folks will either meet the challenge or be obliterated by it. Either way is fine by me.

    A Leftist has looked at this and said “that is the cycle of violence and we must prevent it”. But the only way to prevent it is to strip people of their free will.

    Now I posited negative consequences, primarily, in the above. But faith is also about positive consequences. About giving people something to fight for, as opposed to ensuring that if they fail, the consequences are dire.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Ym, I agree with everything you wrote except the contention that the Left has no problem with “faith” because, after all, they have their own “faith”. I really don’t believe that the Left would agree that what they believe is “faith”.

    Their worldview is not based on faith, it is based on “rationality”, unlike other faiths. Of course, they could not give a reason for why what they believe is rational, it is just that the rationality of their faith is their own unrecognized article of faith. They are blind to their own faith, in other words.

    Interesting that you would juxtapose Sarah Palin, George Washington and Ronald Reagan. I really like Palin…a lot. But she is up there with George Washington and Ronald Reagan…yet!

  • Danny Lemieux

    Only slightly off topic, but here goes…

    In the news today…Honduran President and Chavez toady Manuel Zelaya decides that he will override the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court to force through his Lefty agenda. Congress and Supreme Court say “no”, Zelaya says “try to stop me”. Honduras Supreme Court gives army permission to overthrow Zelaya and send him into exile. According to MSM reports, Obama administration and Hillary Clinton are outraged, saying that they will not stand for a coup (killing unarmed Iranian demonstrators, that’s OK though).

    Obama administration is outraged? Methinks they are terrified that people here may get some ideas.

  • Charles Martel

    It is kind of funny when Hondurans take the premises of the Declaration of Independence seriously but our Hahvahd-educated moral betters can’t.

  • suek

    And also interesting that they place so much faith and weight to the court system decisions in the US, but blow off the Honduran Supreme Court decision.

    Hmmm. Something to think about, isn’t it.

  • Ymarsakar

    I really don’t believe that the Left would agree that what they believe is “faith”.

    It’s hard to say what the Left would believe is so or so. After all, you first have to ask the schizophrenic “who is in charge”. And if they don’t choose to answer, you’ll have to rely upon indirect observation ; )

  • Ymarsakar

    Obama administration is outraged? Methinks they are terrified that people here may get some ideas.

    If Obama can’t wake up everyday and make sure a boot heel is planted on somebody’s face somewhere in the world, it will be a very bad day for him.

  • Mike Devx


    Your comment #21 is an extraordinary piece of work. I really enjoyed following it through, reading it closely.

    One of your conclusions is rather disheartening:
    A nation that lacks a generation of young men and women who will fight, kill, and die for their nation, is a nation that is already dead. All that is necessary is to wait for the wind to knock it over.

    What will save us is that our military is self-insulated against the poisons infiltrating our American culture and society. Yes, it gets raw material coming in that contains those poisons; but then, for the most part, it has a training doctrine that leaches out those poisons. (Let me add that these incoming recruits are volunteers, and thus voluntarily subjecting themselves to what is essentially reprogramming to remove the poisons, and I believe the readiness to do so, caused by being volunteers, makes quite a difference, as opposed to a draft. Then, after the training, we have a professional ethos within our soldiering community that binds them together, further weakening the influence on them of the poisons in our culture.

    So, yes, America taken as a whole is incredibly weak… yet we continue to have a military institution, with personnel, that is very strong. Therein lies our hope.

  • Lulu11

    They don’t know and they don’t want to know. They have been programmed to believe that Palestinians are oppressed/good and Israelis are cruel oppressors/bad. Any information that shows abuse of Jews or Gays by Palestinians will be dismissed as doctored Israeli propaganda. I sometimes wonder if a holiday in Gaza at the local Gay resort or male singles club or bagel and lox breakfast might help wake them up to reality, but even then I doubt it. Remember the pro-Palestinian BBC reporter who was kidnapped by Hamas? Even after that ordeal he still spoke warmly of them.

    Honestly, it’s the Jews who love Israel and Obama (and NPR and the NYT, etc.) that baffle me. These are not fringe poeple like these SF folks, but they similarly refuse to take in all the data.