• Mike Devx

    24 hours, and no comment. I listened to the song, it was beautiful and sad, didn’t have a comment, really…

    But I thought at the time that with a little substitution, the lyrics could easily apply to the Iranian protestors suffering under the brutal crackdown by the mullahs, as well. A sister watches her brother head off to protest and resist. She waits, but he never returns. A fellow protestor, eyes glazed and body beaten, does return, and the sister sings: “Did you see my brother on the front lines of your struggle? Is he wounded, is he dead among the slain?”

    Also, I investigated the singing sisters, and found out of course that they are from Canada. I am quite often surprised at the quality of artistic talent that comes out of Canada. It seems like every month, I found out that someone in the artistic world whom I admire is not American, but Canadian. Should I be so consistently surprised? They have I suppose about a tenth our population, but it sure does seem that they represent more than 10% of the quality entertainment here in the USA.

  • http://tastyinfidelicacies.blogspot.com Jewel

    Mike, it’s true. Listen to this fine Canadian group: The Wailin’ Jennys.