Working — and still demoralized

Al Franken is entering the Senate, and I’m trying to figure out a procedural way around a Labor Commissioners unbearably stupid ruling.

My wonderful, scintillating email group is arguing like crazy over peripheral matters because central matters all seem to have been sucked irrevocably into the black hole of Obama politics.

The brilliant, but absolutely lacking in charisma, Mitt Romney is the only well-known voice speaking out against the insanity but no one is listening — maybe because he’s absolutely lacking in charisma.

Add all this to yesterday’s blechs (Obama siding again with dictators, crap and trade, health care “reform,” the administration’s sustained attack against Israel, planes crashing) and, to copy Taranto (who in turn feel in love with a foolish AP headline), “Everything is seemingly spinning out of control.”



I’m reading the news today, but still struggling for something to add beyond the obvious.  What’s sustaining me right now is your comments to my recent open threads.

So, let me extend again an offer I made some time ago.  Send me a proposed post and, if I think it will work for my blog, I’ll publish it.  Bookwormroom *at*

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  • Lulu11

    It is utterly depressing but I have to remind myself that things can change very rapidly and unexpectedly in the other direction. Events we cannot foresee are truly around the corner. But also, with great power comes great responsibility and EVERYTHING will soon be attributable to the Dems. Pendulums swing. That being said, we need to become more vocal in our resistance. The problem is I am not sure what to do or how abd if you have any suggestions what we can do, let’s figure ot out together.

  • Mike

    Demoralized is as good a word as any. Read this blog(fiction story) I found on Oath Keepers.

    Then read the comments.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Franken wins. Send in the clowns.


    Who ever said “my vote doesn’t count” should be made to live under the fist of Chavez or a mullah man.

    Danny, too late to send in the clowns – they all ready arrived by the busload last November.

    The word of the day has got to be: coulrophobia!

    Book quoting Tarantino rings true enough with me and rather than beat a dead horse to death, we can entertain the idea of approaching the political vacuum with humor. Humor gives some balance to the harsher realities and we are the species that has the gift of giggle. It’s one of the reasons that I enjoy watching Glenn Beck, while he is enraged with it all … he manages to throw in enough silly, so that the viewer is able to absorb the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • Mike Devx

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with demoralization, as long as it’s temporary. Think of it as another form of having the blues. Every so often, it’s just gonna happen. Lasts a day, two, maybe three, then you’re up and at it, and ready to go again!

    (Having the temporary blues is not the same as being depressed – a more permanent condition. Having the blues for a few days is a part of human nature. Being depressed is what Obama wants to do to all conservatives, to reduce our effectiveness. A depressed opposition is ineffective and easily controlled. Thus would Obama continue his steady and unprecedented acquisition of power. Nixon, wherever he may be, is shaking his head in admiration, realizing that he just hadn’t been bold enough.)


    As Iraq gets down to business…oil business that is, they certainly are not the Beverly Hillbillies!

  • Mike Devx

    A couple of quotes for our demoralized day:
    Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.
    Advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

    At various times I start to wonder, is Obama really this incompetent, leading this (formerly) great nation so quickly toward ruin? Or is this all a part of a plan to deliberately wreck us; and Obama is a puppet for those who have been preparing the plan for years or even decades? And now their time has come.

    I tell myself at these times that I am being paranoid. Obama is coddling the worst of world leaders, and attacking the best of them, out of incompetence. He is turning this vast ship of the USA economy as quickly as he can into the icebergs, not out of malice, but out of stupidity. All of these actions can be explained by incompetence or malice; As the quotes in bold indicate, do not assume malice without proof.

    But still, I keep wondering… that damned bow to that damned Saudi King…
    George Soros and other internationalists in the shadows, rich and powerful and influential, pulling their strings…

  • Lulu11

    I expressed the same fears to a friend who is convinced that Obama is merely a UC Berkeley faculty’s mentality catapulted to unbelievable power. He is partially informed and steeped in stupid Leftist indoctrination. The media loves him, but he ran as a centrist. he wouldn’t have gotten elected if he had been forthcoming about his plans.

    I liken this presidency to a national crush on the cool guy. Wow, I really get to go out with him, I must be so special. Then he starts to break promises, lies, is unfaithful and at first he soothes it away with more promises and flowers. Some will never see through it, but others will start to get scared and sick of it. I’m banking on the love of freedom of the American people.

    All Franken truly is vomitous and I hope that he performs embarassingly and with utterly no dignity in the Senate. He may prove a curse to the Dems on many levels. That being said, it is disheartening to see how Obama seems to repeatedly get whatever he wants. It is almost surreal. Of course, if the media actually did their job he couldn’t fly quite so far so fast and even though his ascendency has been rapid it won’t last forever. I think he will fizzle and burn. I also think the US is resilient. We may bump and get injured, but we are still a young nation and these are the growing pains born of complacency and forgetting the vision that created this great nation and why we are special. Maybe Mr. Obama is here to remind us not to take our freedom for granted.


    I’ve been pondering … and would like to run it by for confirmation, denial or are you nuts response.

    We dip in out of these threads fully loaded with facts, information, opinions, suggestions led by our dear leader, Bookworm. And yet, there is not a voice in D.C. – not one damn orator. An issue Book had raised in another thread.

    I can’t even summon up, from memory, the voice of Michael Steele (and as I am writing he is making an appearance on Hannity) his tone is like a long yawn with words snoring through.
    McCain’s voice is so muted and lacking in passion that I have trouble listening to him.
    Sarah Palin, whose voice is quite distinctive and her presentations are peppered with her personality (is it any wonder they continue to diminish her in the press) but lacks the ‘kill’ instinct for politics.
    The conservatives tried sending in Cheney to pitch hit for awhile, but this is not a long term nor consistent approach.
    They gave Jindal a shot, but he screwed it up.
    Mitt Romney is just too cookies and milk for most.

    Until there is a voice that neither offends nor attacks but can compete with the ‘city slicker’ from Chicago and one that we can rally to … we are stuck in the basement. Whoever pushes the up button and makes it to the top floor will have to be skilled in the art of speaking. Short of that…he/she will have to get off at the lobby and exit the building.

    Maybe, hopefully, Lulu will be right and an unexpected event will again change the course of history. In the meantime, the voices are in the wilderness now and for what it’s worth, there are a lot of them.

  • Lulu11

    Guiliani is good at the zingers. Newt Gingrich? Whoever- we need to hear from them. Lots and lots of them. You are right, Sadie.



    “I liken this presidency to a national crush on the cool guy”.

    I think you nailed it.

    He may be the black guy, the white girls wouldn’t date.
    The half white guy, the black girls all wanted to date.
    A cool guy all the boys wanted to be, but couldn’t pull it off.

    Yikes…the Dimwits are playing out their childhood fantasies on my time.

  • Al

    Al Franken making it to the US Senate further proves God has one hell of a sense of humor. I’m wondering if it’s black humor.
    It does seem that BO gets everything he wants. But, everyone in his organization is far from the best and the brightest, closer to the misguided, misinformed, and “challenged” end of the IQ curve. And they all are greedy as hell. This organization is designed to destroy itself. Unfortunately, there will be some good people caught up in the maelstrom.
    We do need a truth telling, rabble-rousing, fire breathing spokesman.
    And you know, he’ll probably be black. Remember “Stuck on stupid”?

  • Al

    Kyle-Anne Shriver reminds us in her AT article today that by siding with Hugo and Ajad against the law enforcing Army of Honduras, OB again exposes himself as a bully. Bullies are cowards.
    A strong, self-confident opponent can and will defeat him.

  • Mike Devx

    Obama is no Teflon President. Things are beginning to stick now that the honeymoon period is over. His approval rating, last I checked is at -2%; more disapprove than approve.

    Gas prices have risen somewhat over the last two months, to about $2.80 per gallon nationwide, which will always hurt the current president. But Bush was dealing with $4.00-plus per gallon gas. Even under the best of conditions, Obama will have to deal with that himself, unless he strikes some nefarious deals around the world that we don’t hear about. Given that his policies are economically devastating, it is only a matter of time until that 20% of America that decided to take a risk on Mr. Hope And Change become so utterly disillusioned and angry that they turn on him the way they turned on the execrable Jimmy Carter when I was growing up.

    Now, all we need is a Reagan. A conservative candidate who is optimistic and strong, and when he or she says “I love America”, you know they mean it, and aren’t lying like Obama.

  • Danny Lemieux

    So, Franken enters the Senate. I suppose that we will now be subjected to image after image of his gloating mug. Oh, well.

  • expat


    Fausta’s Blog has the ultimate Franken picture, suitable for hanging in Congress.

  • Ymarsakar

    To fight is to risk being demoralized.

    It’s better than being defeated and dead, however.