Dems trying to sneak healthcare through

Funny how things work out.  When health care was on the front burner, it was so manifestly awful, people were outraged and the Dems made noises about holding off.  Once they made those noises, people (that means citizens — ordinary voters) took the pressure off.  I just got word that the Dems are using this lull to sneak health care right back on the August agenda.  They care nothing about the voters’ concerns.  They care only that the voters keep off their backs, so that they, the Dems, can go ahead with their antidemocratic schemes.

Here’s what you need to do:  Keep the pressure on.  Contact your Representatives.  Contact your newspapers.  Write or just forward emails explaining to friends and families why you think it’s a really bad decision for Congress to enact a healthcare plan that is economically unsustainable but that will, during its short period of functionality, decrease the quality of care, encourage old people to kill themselves, put the government in charge of deciding who gets treatment and what treatment they get, destroy initiative and innovation, have America pay for all health care for illegal aliens so as to turn our border as the starting-line for people eager to take what’s left of our dying system, and destroy any semblance of personal privacy.  (And how a government that supports Roe v. Wade, which is hinged on a magical Constitutional right to privacy can justify this kind of bold governmental action destroying the privacy of every individual in America beats me.)

Call.  Write.  Protest.  Do. Something.

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  • addison

    Off topic: An interview with Sgt. Crowley.

  • David Foster

    Book, you might enjoy my post words matter, which deals with the healthcare and energy legislation–and with lawyers.

  • debbiemac55

    A friend in The UK wrote to us telling us about his daughter, who has lived abroad for six months. Upon return to the UK, she found she had been taken off the NHS rolls and would now have to pay for health care. I’m not sure how UK health care works, I would have to do more research. A woman I’ve known for 40 years really went off on me, calling it “BS” and saying that she had lived in Canada for seven years (in the 1970’s) and that socialized medicine does not work this way. Does anyone know if the UK will deny you health care if you’ve lived out of the country for a period of time?

    And, I write to my representative and senators about once a week about health care legislation. makes it very easy to do so. It will also allow you to send letters to newspapers and news organizations as well.

  • BrianE

    I saw this in the comments on a Megan McArdle column in Atlantic and thought it addresses a valid point.

    Karen, one factor driving up health costs is third-party payments. The lion’s share of medical costs aren’t borne directly by patients but instead by insurance companies or governments, and they get reimbursed indirectly (either from insurance premiums or taxes).

    Patients have no idea how much treatments cost, unless they have a hefty co-payment or their medical premiums get so high they become hard to afford. Providers have little incentive to offer cost-effective care because they’re going to bill an insurance company or the government for payment.

    Obama’s analogy about tonsillectomies was incorrect and wildly inaccurate — for one thing, pediatricians don’t perform surgery — but the general point about the disconnection between who’s getting the service and who’s paying for it is correct. Each individual patient may never notice that he’s being billed for services that may not be necessary but when those individual costs are multiplied by millions of patients, then the societal costs rise more than they should.

    That’s part of the rationale for reducing the tax advantages of employer-provided health insurance and encouraging high-deductible policies — and in making the costs of treatment more visible to patients. If consumers had to pay more out of pocket for routine medical care, they tend to become better shoppers.

    Another factor driving up health care costs is that we’re a wealthy society and have more money to pay for expensive treatments that improve the quality of life, including “nonessentials” like cosmetic surgery and joint replacements. I appreciate living in a society that allows such freedoms.


    The House bill would entrench third-party payment. That’s the wrong direction to take. – rhenderson58

    Americans do need to take more control over their health care decisions and this could have an effect to control costs. But tort reform could reduce health care costs by as much as $100 billion a year and that’s not part of any Democrat plan. Why? Lawyers are the Democrat’s Daddy Warbucks.
    We need more doctors, especially primary care physicians. My doctor recently left town. My appointment with my new doctor– Sept. 24.

    The small gorilla is Medicare, which will strangle the federal budget as baby boomers reach retirement. Medicare was set up as an insurance plan for seniors. It’s not that, of course. It’s stealth welfare.
    If a private insurance company offered Medicare insurance like the government, they would be bankrupt. Why does anyone think the government will do any better with the remaining 80% of health care spending in the country?
    I think most Americans don’t believe that the government will be able to pay the medical bills of an additional 46 million Americans at a lower cost. We know it’s a long shot, but like the lottery, we keep buying tickets. The fact that the rich will buy our tickets makes it all the better.
    Like Californians, Americans what something for nothing. Headline:
    Poll: Americans want lower deficits without higher taxes or reduced services
    I guess the jury is out whether the rational part of our brain that understands there is no free lunch or our greed win out.