This is what I mean about the correct approach to the Birther issue

What he said. It’s not about the citizenship, it’s about the endless stream of lies emanating from the man:

If Obama wants to strike a connection with graduating students in Moscow, he makes up a story about meeting his “future wife . . . in class” (Barack and Michelle Obama met at work). If he wants to posture about his poverty and struggle in America, he waxes eloquent about his single mother’s surviving on “food stamps” so she could use every cent to send him “to the best schools in the country” (Obama was raised by his maternal grandparents, who had good jobs and were able to pull strings to get him into an elite Hawaiian prep school). If he wants to tie himself to the civil-rights struggle of African Americans, he tells an audience in Selma, “There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma . . . so [my parents] got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born” (Obama was born in 1961, four years before the civil-rights march in Selma — by which time his parents had divorced and his mother was planning a move to Indonesia with the second of her two non-African-American husbands). If he wants to buy a home he can’t afford, he “unwittingly” collaborates with a key fundraiser (who had been publicly reported to be under federal investigation for fraud and political corruption). If he wants to sell a phony stimulus as a job-creator, he tells the country that Caterpillar has told him the stimulus will enable the company “to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off” (Caterpillar’s CEO actually said no, “we’re going to have more layoffs before we start hiring again”).

The documents — all of them, the ones from his birth and his education and his early career, etc. — matter because we know nothing about the man except for two things: (1) the stories that he chooses to tell us and (2) the fact that he’s a liar. Objective contemporaneous evidence would be useful in pinning down the man at the helm.

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  • suek

    You’re right about all the lies. But none of those matter. He’s president. Or is he? The birth certificate – the natural born status – is the one issue that could make a difference. If he is/was eligible, then it doesn’t matter how many lies he told to get into office. He’s a politician. They all lie. Sad, but true.

    Clarice Feldman has a good article on this today:

    Both (she and McCarthy)are being very careful to avoid the “birther” issue, just as you are…but it’s still the only _critical_ question out there.


    There was a theory advanced this week that for all of our talk about whether or not he is or is not was or was not status may lead the Obama voters to believe that the non Obama voters are loons, who are intent on conspiring to under mind the presidency.

    All the questions are easy enough to be answered and the fact that they have not been are serving to divert attention from the very tangible fact that
    a) he is POTUS.
    b) he’s enjoying all of the diversion since it focuses less on the here and now.
    c) he’s about as transparent as a Burkah

    I have no idea if any one or entity has filed a Freedom of Information Act. Short of that and any information that can be garnered..we are left with the same unanswered questions.
    The approach would be to fight fire with fire. Until someone in government (never mind the media, they’ve been useless) has the ‘baitseem’ (Hebrew equivalent of conjones) to start asking/demanding/insisting we are purposefully being thrown off balance, which opens up a another can of worms and begs the questions, why has no one from either or any party stepped up to the task. Instead of asking Obama, start asking your representatives to give you answers – there are more of them than the ‘One’.


    Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.

    John Adams, Letter, April 15, 1814
    US diplomat & politician (1735 – 1826)

    Had this quote in one of my folders and today seemed like the moment to share it.

  • suek

    There have been suits filed to gain access to O’s college transcripts. So far, they’ve been denied. I don’t know why.

    Additionally, O’s first executive order was to limit access to information about himself that he didn’t want released.

    I don’t know or understand all the legal ramifications on the various actions.

  • suek

    In a nutshell, yes, no, maybe and sometimes depending upon who, what, when.

    It’ no wonder neither you or I understand the legal ramifications. We would need a room of constitutional lawyers and ‘maybe’ and only then we might get a ‘maybe’ answer at best.

    If law has a color, it’s ‘brackish’ like an alligator – the color of the water it lives in and sometimes the light fools you and you think you see other colors. I guess for lawyers it is like verbally wrestling with words, written by other lawyers. You know, like the “if” word of Clinton fame. Upper case, lower case words, intent, etc…lower courts, higher courts all to sort out the hazy and subjective language.


    Your link above #5, go to Thursday, July 30 (lower left column) click on Behavorial Science and listen to what’s next on the Obama agenda. Ever so timely after reading the Randy Wills article (thank you for that link).

  • gbear

    I don’t believe Obama is exempt from filing a DHS form I-9. As a new hire he is required to file one. It should be made public.


    A follow up on FOIA – In a word: DENIED, after a quick perusal of 17 pages (unless of course, I was perusing to quickly – grin here).

    Strunk Answer
    Answer to FOIA lawsuit Strunk v. U. S. Department of State.

  • Earl

    Release his records?


    In a better world, the print and electronic media would be holding the guy’s feet to the fire – but this is the “hopey-changey” 21st century.

  • Mike Devx

    I suppose a bureaucrat following the law defined by the Freedom Of Information Act is much like a Supreme Court Justice interpreting the law found in the Constitution: They follow it only when it is convenient, and only when they want to.

    And only on days that start with the letter ‘T’. If the sun is shining.

    >> O’s first executive order was to limit access to information about himself that he didn’t want released.

    Was that before or after he made the call to George Soros to pick up the priority list for drastically weakening the United States in order to advance the internationalist agenda? And I suppose that rush order for extra teleprompters had a wait a few hours after the inauguration as well…

  • suek

    Before. The priority list wouldn’t make any difference if his presidency could be challenged on the basis of his ineligibility…!

    That takes us about full circle, no?

  • suek