Monday open thread

I actually read the paper (online) today, but I still don’t have anything to say.  I find it very hard to blog on a lap top, since I usually write with an ergonomically sinuous keyboard and a mouse.  The learning curve for my hands in dealing with this little laptop keyboard and a mouse pad is sufficiently intense that I have to be impassioned to write.  As it is, the news today did not inflame me.  Although if I were to recommend one thing, it would be this, which falls into the category of “would you buy a used car (or, indeed, any car) from this man?”

The other comment I have is to wonder why it is okay for Rahm Emanuel, an unelected official, to be the power behind the throne, when it was considered the end of the world and the sign of all evil that Cheney, an elected official, was thought by some to be the power behind the throne?

And on those thoughts, my exhausted fingers give out….

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  1. SADIE says

    Not the tires,
    not the mats,
    not even a bicycle, let alone a car.

    Rahm is the new Rove in party politics.
    There’s always someone to blame when plans go awry. In this scenario, it gets to be more insidious and complicated. Failure in this administration, no matter who or how it is measured, can rear its fangs not just at the Dems, but towards all the Jewish men Obama has hired.

    Shhhh…listen can you hear the pencil furiously scratching out another sermon for
    Rev. Wright.

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