Kennedy and Obama Care

I said I wouldn’t blog about Kennedy himself and I’ll keep my word. I would like to point out something, though, about Kennedy’s health care, since word is out that the Dems have instantly leaped upon his death to advance their health care agenda.  If anyone among the population is paying attention, this should backfire.

The fact is that Kennedy is a poster child for the chasm Congress hopes to create between “their” health care and ours.  Kennedy was a man who abused his body fiercely throughout his life.  Although he’d apparently given up the worst of his vices, he was still obese, which is a big no-no in the Nanny state.  He had reached the demographic point of no return, since he, a male, was diagnosed with brain cancer after his 75th birthday.  Lastly, he had an incredibly aggressive cancer which, absent the most sophisticated and expensive treatment, would have carried him off in months, not . . . what was it?  Years?  Kennedy survived, not because he got the Obama Care the Left is demanding for the rest of us, but because he got the best that American medicine is capable of providing.

More than that, Kennedy would have gotten his care even if he had become ill after Obama Care became a reality.  This is because he is part of the nomenklatura.  He was a high level party apparatchik.  In the Soviet days, these guys always got good care, even if their stalwart comrades were lying two to a bed, no sheets, in a ward crammed with the sick and dying.

I forgot which talk show host (Limbaugh? Beck?) made headlines for saying that Steven Hawking would have been dead under the rationing that is both implicit and explicit in the various proposed health care bills. Many sneering opponents pointed out the obvious which is that, despite living in England, land of death panels, Hawking is, in fact, still alive. Sneering aside, Hawking is a perfect example of the unegalitarian realities of socialized medicine.  Hawking became ill when he was already famous. The rich and powerful always get saved under socialized medicine, precisely so that, without ever having been subject to its statist cruelty, they can become poster children for the system.

Now, without Kennedy even being cold in his grave, and without socialized medicine having yet become the American reality, the Left is trying to turn Kennedy into a poster child for American socialized medicine, just as they’ve turned Hawking into the poster child for British socialized medicine.  And just as Hawking’s poster child status is part of a big lie, I hope that the average American has the wit and knowledge to see that Kennedy’s status is too.

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  • Mike

    I wasn’t going to post this here because this is Book’s site;after-all but after thinking about it here goes.Ted Kennedy was a criminal that escaped justice because of the family name and that is a misnomer also as the Patriarch of the family was also a criminal from way back in the 19th century.

    Hello, My name is Mary Jo Kopechne.

    I would have been 65 years of age this year. Read about me and my killer below. When Sen. Ted Kennedy was merely just another Democrat bloating on Capitol Hill on behalf of liberal causes, it was perhaps excusable to ignore his deplorable past. But now that he’s become Sen. John Kerry’s leading campaign attack dog, positioning himself as Washington’s leading arbiter of truth and integrity, the days for such indulgence are now over.

    It’s time for the GOP to stand up and remind America why Sen. Kerry’s chief spokesman had to abandon his own presidential bid in 1980 – time to say the words Mary Jo Kopechne out loud. As is often the case, Republicans have deluded themselves into thinking that most Americans already know the story of how this “Conscience of the Democratic Party” left Miss Kopechne behind to die in the waters underneath the Edgartown Bridge in July 1969, after a night of drinking and partying with the young blonde campaign worker. But most Americans under 40 have never heard that story, or details of how Kennedy swam to safety, then tried to get his cousin Joe Garghan to say he was behind the wheel. Those young voters don’t know how Miss Kopechne, trapped inside Kennedy’s Oldsmobile, gasped for air until she finally died, while the Democrats’ leading Iraq war critic rushed back to his compound to formulate the best alibi he could think of.

    Neither does Generation X know how Kennedy was thrown out of Harvard on his ear 15 years earlier — for paying a fellow student to take his Spanish final. Or why the US Army denied him a commission because he cheated on tests As they listen to the Democrats’ “Liberal Lion” accuse President Bush of “telling lie after lie after lie” to get America to go to war in Iraq, young voters don’t know about that notorious 1991 Easter weekend in Palm Beach, when Uncle Teddy rounded up his nephews for a night on the town, an evening that ended with one of them credibly accused of rape.

    It’s time for Republicans to state unabashedly that they will no longer “go along with the gag” when it comes to Uncle Ted’s rants about deception and moral turpitude inside the Bush White House.

    And if the Republicans don’t……..

    “let’s do it ourselves by passing this forgotten disgrace around the Internet to wake up memories of what a fraud and fake Teddy really is.”

    The Democratic Party, not to mention Sen. John Kerry, should be ashamed to have the national disgrace from Massachusetts as their spokesman. And the GOP needs to say so out loud. I remember all of this and I’m sure most of you do, too

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  • Ymarsakar

    And so another war criminal dies off. Saddam was never enough, really. There had to be more.

  • Ymarsakar

    Ted Kennedy is pretty close to Clyntahn, the Grand Inquisitor of David Weber’s Safehold universe.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Kennedy survived, not because he got the Obama Care the Left is demanding for the rest of us, but because he got the best that American medicine is capable of providing.

    Word. The treatment for a glioma or glioblastoma in Canada and the UK is steroids to reduce the swelling and control the seizures along with advice to arrange your affairs and call the family.

    However, …

    Hawking became ill when he was already famous

    … isn’t actually true. Hawking developed ALS in his first year of graduate school; up until then he’d not been a particularly distinguished student. Hawking’s not a very good example for anyone, though, because as you point out he receives support almost no one else could expect, and because he’s survived progressive ALS for longer than anyone else with the disease.

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  • Ymarsakar

    If you read this, you will see that when I mentioned Clyntahn, it wasn’t a one off thing. This is an aristocrat of the old form, that had a seat of power until his death, which he in fact inherited from his family. He has been in power more than the Bushes and Clintons put together. Perhaps even if you count Hillary’s Senate time.

    And Americans want to talk about being against a family inheritance for the Presidency? They’re not against it. They’ve been supporting it. Their representatives, Democrat and Republican, have been supporting it.

    It was all part and parcel of how the powerful corrupted the system, demanding that any who came to DC to wield power must play the game by the rules set down by the corrupt, the the malevolent, the greedy, the irresponsible, and the atrocity prone.

    Read it and see how it all came about for Ted Kennedy. How he obtained power, how he held unto it.

    God may be merciful in his final punishment, assuming one takes at face value the existence of Heaven and Hell, but that would never be enough. Not for him.

    Obama and Kennedy are just two men that stays in power because of the corrupt system, and the system is corrupt because of all the Americans and power brokers sustaining it, keeping it alive, preventing it from being reformed or changed for the better.

    Their deaths are not enough, because it won’t change anything. The world did not get better just because Kennedy died. Some other politician out to advance the agenda of entropy and the destruction of people’s lives will take his place.

    Things won’t change. It won’t change if bad politicians die by natural cases. It won’t change if they die by assassination or unnatural causes. It won’t change if you un-elect them and replace them. It won’t change until the system is changed.

  • Bookworm

    Charlie (Colorado): you make a good point about the onset of Hawking’s illness. What I really meant is that, by the time his illness reached the point at which he was making above average demands on the medical system, he was well known

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  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Books, that’s not true either. By the time he became well known, he was already a basket case. It might be true to say that he became well-known because of the illness: he rather famously said something to the effect that he’d decided to really work on his research because it was the only chance he really had to make something of his life.

    In any case, though, he’s not a good example for any side, because no one in the US has survived progressive ALS for 45 years here either.

  • Ymarsakar

    Hawking a special case. He is special because his condition is due to internal, not external factors. He is also a special case because he can be cataloged as a productive member of society. Thus, if you wish to somehow survive under the NHS system in Britain, you had better be considered as productive as him and with as many or as little friends in high places as he has.

    If people wish to gamble their life’s savings on that, that is their choice to make. But it is not their choice to make it for me.

  • Ymarsakar

    Now that Edward Kennedy is dead, the Democrat political machine has become more vulnerable than it has since Reagan. You can break parts of their slaves away, through liberation or simply arms channeling.

    Lincoln’s solution to fighting a South that still owned slaves and were utilizing them for economic or other industries, was to free the slaves and make them part of the Union’s armed forces. This was up against Northern prejudices, of course. ironically, and tragically, Robert E. Lee was no fan of slavery and would have welcomed black troops and their courage, most likely. But his political situation disavowed that solution to his manpower problem.

    This same type of solution should be applied to the Left. The slavemasters, like Kennedy, are dead. The slaves may erupt in revolt, if they are given an avenue for it along with the organization and funds.

    Speaking the truth about Kennedy is only of tactical worth, it has no long term strategic benefits to America unless you also break Kennedy’s decades long power system in the Senate.

    People have wondered how come the incumbents always get to stay in power, how politicians that go to DC gets corrupted, how even the Republicans that were elected in 1994 were corrupted… Well Now You Know how.

    And if Republicans and conservatives and those that call themselves “Americans” allow it to happen again, you ain’t got nobody to blame but yourselves here. Kennedy’s death, by the Grace and Providence of God, has given us an opportunity to destroy his works and renew the works of America’s Constitution. To put the power of government where it belongs, and out of the hands of the likes of Kennedy and his sycophants/allies.

    This is permanent change. Elections are not. Elections are a joke. Their joke on you. You think you are electing people to replace the corrupt. All America has been doing for decades has been electing “Friends of Kennedy”, regardless of political allegiance (McCain, Orin Hatch, even Bush and his advisers). You see, to work in politics, you have to compromise and make deals. And given the influence and power Kennedy had, even Republicans had to cooperate with him, including Bush for God knows what reason. And now you see.

    Don’t let people close their eyes to what’s really going on. They may never get a chance to open them as good as this one.

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