Rep. Diane Watson probably isn’t that into toilet paper anyway

This morning, I sort of glossed over the story of Representative Diane Watson (a Dem, of course), singing Castro’s praises to high heaven, as part of a broader attack against all of the One’s racist enemies, who are trying to destroy America just to destroy a black man:

Here’s the money quote:

It was just mentioned to me by our esteemed speaker did anyone say anything about the Cuban health system?  Now let me tell you, before you say “Oh [uintelligible]”, you need to go down there and say what Fidel Castro put in place.  And I want you to know now you can think whatever you want to about Fidel Castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders I have ever met.  And you know, the Cuban revolution that kicked out the wealthy, Che Guevara did that.  And then after they took over, they went out among the population to find someone who could lead this new nation.  And they found, well, just leave it there (laughs) an attorney by the name of Fidel Castro.

(Hat tip:  Hot Air)

As I said, I ignored the story because it was just another far Left Dem bad-mouthing America by praising Castro.  I would have continued to ignore it if Sadie hadn’t sent me an email that left me wondering if Ms. Watson would be quite so impressed if found herself in a Cuban hospital, wiping her butt with old newspaper:

There’s good news and bad news in Cuba.

The bad news: There’s a shortage of toilet paper, and officials in Havana say it will not ease until the end of the year.

The good news: Day-old copies of the Communist party’s newspaper Granma, a traditional substitute, are available for less than a U.S. penny. And that’s six to eight full, if rough, pages per day.

Cuban officials say the shortage is the result of the global financial crisis and three devastating hurricanes last summer, which forced cuts in imports as well as domestic production because of reductions in electricity and imports of raw materials.

But CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria says that “at the bottom of this toilet paper shortage is Cuba’s continuing commitment to its bizarro world of socialist economics.”


The toilet paper shortage is no joking matter for Cubans.

Toilet paper is not included in the ration card that covers basic goods at highly subsidized prices, so Cubans have long been forced to buy their supplies at so-called “hard currency stores” or use alternatives — Chinese and North Korean magazines have been a favorite because of their soft paper.

I, for one, am betting that, if Ms. Watson visits Cuba, she’s put in a luxury, party-run hotel with lots of Charmin, and taken to the same beautiful, shiny clinics that treat Castro, his buddies, and just about no one else.

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  • Ymarsakar

    These people are easy to manipulate. They are greedy, naive, tunnel visioned, short sighted, little parochial retards that will do what they are told, when they are told.

    They’re not ‘leaders’. That’s the wrong term for them. Nor are they representatives. They are simply a higher form of the tools and fools which construct the base of this pyramid scheme we call the Left.

    And if all else fails, sexual depravity and moral malice are sufficient to fill the gap where luxury and bribery simply could not.


    Book… you ‘Charmin’ reference might be the best marketing idea in a 100 years.

    Since the MSM (print) is full of sh#@ – let them run the stories on toilet paper.


    I even found a name for the new product (see definition 2)


    end run (plural end runs)


    1. outflanking running play: in football, a play in which the player with the ball attempts to run around the defensive line of the opposing team

    2. attempt to bypass: an attempt to get around an obstacle or difficulty, often by using deceitful methods ( informal )

  • Charles Martel

    I just don’t get this. In Watson’s congressional district, which is very safely Democratic, I can understand all the racist whites in Culver City looking for some cheap grace that allows them to proclaim, “Look at me! I voted for a [dunce, race-obsessed, Marxist] black woman!”

    But what is the excuse for the blacks who voted for her? Is it beyond their ken to see that:

    —She’s stupid in that loudmouthed, embarrassing Whoopi Goldberg way that tries to overcome stupidity with volume?

    —She defends a totalitarian murderer, Fidel Castro, who despises blacks and has made sure for 50 years that blacks occupy the bottom tier of that sh*thole Marxist nightmare known as Cuba?

    —She has no intention whatsoever of helping blacks liberate themselves from the quicksand of the Los Angeles public school system, or the silent genocide of Planned Parenthood, or the abysmally low aspirations of parasites like herself?

    Yeah, yeah, I’m a racist for saying this.

    When are blacks going to wake up?


    You are not the racist, it’s Watson, who is the self loathing racist.

    I think everyone who attended the Town Hall meeting at the AME Church needs a little reading material.

    I’ve attached the link below, which should do the trick.

    In early 1999, William Lee Brent, one of the few American black militants still living in Cuba, told Salon magazine about widespread racial discrimination in Castro’s Cuba. Brent is a 65-year-old Black Panther and air pirate who took refuge in Cuba thirty years ago to avoid American justice.

  • Zhombre

    Watson has a leadership role in the Progressive Caucus, which includes every socialist, quasi-commie, and moonbat this country has the misfortune of seeing voted into office. These people come from safe Stepford Liberal or lefty moonbat districts and there is little dissent or challenge to their incumbency. Nosferatu-faced Henry Waxman is a member of the Progressive Caucus too. They are dangerous people.


    It’s a real Rogues Gallary with the bulk from: Ca. NY Mass. and Illinois

    Maybe the CDC should consider a vaccine to protect the public – although a quarantine seems like a better choice.

    These are the same people who want to empty Guantanamo. Perfect. Once emptied, there will plenty of room for them.

  • gpc31

    Watson is deeply, deeply stupid to the point of being evil.

  • Ymarsakar

    When are blacks going to wake up?

    That’s like asking when Sunnis would wake up that AQ aren’t their allies, but their slave masters in 2004.

    It’s a matter of perception and community organizing. In any community, same as for blacks, inner cities, and Sunni tribes, there are leaders and followers. Convince the leaders that a specific course of action benefits them or their people, and you have an alliance. That is what AQ did, preying upon the inferiority complex of the Arabs, which translated as a superior “we don’t need no stinking Americans” line. Well, that sense of superiority also translated to AQ, when they stepped out of bounds.

    With 90% voting for Dems, however, blacks are in a unique position. They are past the point where simply foreign groups have allied with them. Those foreign groups and leaders, like Sharpton, are now their leaders and groups. It is indistinguishable. Thus this goes from countering the AQ/Sunni insurgency to counter-insurgency on the part of blacks to suppress dissent within their ranks.

    This has produced people like Rachel or other black conservatives who have had to be far more articulate and stiff spined than their white counter-parts, those like the elite Republicans (Peggy Noonan) or even their counter-parts, the religious conservatives like Crowder on PJTV.

    Rachel has Palin’s back, by his words. Crowder doesn’t think Palin speaks for him, however.

    The point is, so long as there isn’t internal dissent within the black community, you will continue to have them vote 90% or more for Dems. You have to give them an alternative, something they believe will benefit them, their families, and their communities. A COIN unit set out to eliminate, and by that I mean literally, gang crime and violence would be something they would like. Obviously the Dems won’t be doing them any favors on this point. But the Dems will react the same as AQ, if they see us helping their slaves. They will turn to violence, they will try to block what the blacks, from their viewpoint, are their best interests.

    Until you expose the Democrat party in this fashion, by breaking its power and replacing it with a better alternative, blacks will stay the plantation and house slaves of the Democrat machine. Because they aren’t the Sunnis, willing and able to take up arms against a foreign occupation, whether it be America or AQ at the helm. They have already been broken to the harness.

  • Ymarsakar

    For an individual psychology perspective, if it would please you, I would direct you to the link I provided from Neo’s blog recently.

    Why do kidnapped people end up bonding with their captors, when they could try to escape or at least seek the help of other people they have met?


    Because it’s dangerous and they know it, not to bond or empathize with their captors. Because they know this on an instinctual level, and it is far better to live with habit, even when that habit is atrociously full of torment, than it is to break out and seek the insecurity and utter dark of freedom of choice, of conscience, of will.

    So you ask yourselves why blacks don’t break free. And there is your answer. Why should they break free?

  • Ymarsakar

    The Republicans, from their view, are full of racists, bigots, and reactionaries. They, who have lived in inner cities or black ghettoes or predominantly black cultural, intellectual, and community based areas, will not try to escape and join us. They feel it would be a betrayal of their race, and even if it wasn’t, it would be fraught with personal costs.

    That’s how Jim Jones did it to keep control. He told his followers that there is no escape, that the CIA would punish them relentlessly if they left. So they stayed, and whether voluntarily or not, took the Kool Aid for them and their children.

    That’s how cults work. That’s how mobs work. That’s why Japanese women threw their babies over cliffs and then followed them to both of their deaths. Because they believed Japanese propaganda about the evil Marines what they would do to them.

    The more I learn about human nature, the more I learn that manipulating human beings tend to share some very common principles and methods. For those ignorant in this field of study, it is very disadvantageous to them.

    Fear is very useful. So when the Dems accuse you or us of fear mongering, realize that fear mongering works, it is only the perception of someone using it that has negative consequences. Don’t ever be fooled by the Dems into playing by the rules that they want us to play by. They have nothing against fear mongering.

  • Danny Lemieux

    The Democrats don’t have all blacks in their pocket: only have those beaten down by Johnson’s great society – the serfs and overseers. We conservatives have the black intellectuals and those that chose to be free.

  • Tiresias

    Well, if you get all your information about relative health care systems from a Michael Moore movie, what else could be expected? There’s her intellectual achievement: she once went to a movie.

    She’s a little weak on the history, though; I don’t know what movie she saw to explain that to her. Che Guevera did not in fact kick anybody out of anywhere. Che Guevera was a psychopathic killer who got kicked out of his own family – which was beyond disgusted with him. Even the Castro brothers recognized bad news when they saw it, and generally tried to keep him away from housebroken people. After they all arrived back in Cuba from Mexico, his main job was to round up recruits in the Escambray Mountains, and break any resistance he found there. (He was good at this, and probably enjoyed it, too: he got to kill a lot of people. Farmers, peasants – people who couldn’t shoot back.)

    But this image she paints of him overthrowing the government, looking around for someone to take over, and by cracky! – there’s Fidel, sitting under a palm tree smoking a cigar and just waiting to be asked is an excursion into looney-tunes.

    But then, so is she. What a remarkably stupid woman.

  • Gringo

    If anyone ever has the opportunity to counter a PSF (pendjo(s) sin fronteras) Fidelista with the truth about Cuba before and after 1959, Renaissance and Decay will provide sufficient data to pulverize any PSF or Fidelista.

    Pichón is the memoir by Carlos Moore, a black Cuban who left Cuba in the early 1960. As an adolescent he left Cuba in 1958, only to return several years later in support of the Revolution. When he protested the continuation of racism after Fidel’s ascension, he found out that the Revolution ate its own, that it came at the expense of obedience to Fidel.

    Years later in 1997 he returned to Cuba. He wrote that US hostility to Cuba was the cause behind Fidel’s autocracy. Moore ignores Huber Matos, who was jailed in 1959, well before the 1961 Bay of Pigs, for denouncing Communist influence in the Revolution.

    More found out to his chagrin that like all revolutions, the Cuban Revolution ate its own.