The media is out of love with the man, not the agenda

The American people and the media are both souring on Barack Obama, but there’s a very different tone to the changed attitudes.

American people were promised, and voted for, a post-racial, post-partisan black man who was politically moderate and sufficiently brilliant to handle an executive job (tho’ he’d never had one before).  (And it helped that he was not George Bush.)  While those of us who were paying attention knew that every one of those attributes — but for the “not Bush” one — was false, ordinary people were stunned to discover that they’d been lied too.  Obama is, in fact, a racially obsessed, anti-American, political extremist who, thank goodness, is a fairly inept executive.  They dislike what he stands for and the policies he pushes.  And so the poll numbers fall.

The media’s disillusionment is quite different.  Media members knew that Obama wa not post-racial and was not moderate.  They truly believed, though, that he was competent.  Unlike members of the American public, media members liked Obama’s well-hidden agenda.  Their problem isn’t that they’ve discovered Obama is a racially obsessed, anti-American political extremist.  Their problem is his executive incompetence, which means he currently does not seem capable of passing the secret agenda that media members so desired.

Because the media’s and the public’s disappointment in Obama stem from two radically different sources — with Americans upset that the agenda was a lie, and the media upset that the ability to carry out the agenda was a lie — I wonder how that will affect (a) news coverage and (b) Americans’ response to that coverage.

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  • Charles Martel

    If the media want to let some foul fartz inside the limo while the rest of us are throwing tacks on the road outside, I’m happy for the help.


    QUICK, Charles…throw me the beans, I am happy to help :)


    If it’s the agenda they still love…watch out – Joe II may want the job.

  • oceanguy

    I think this phenomenon is what is keeping Obama’s approval so high. As the two groups become more and more disillusioned, they will begin to find common ground and THEN we’ll really see the SHTF in the White House as they scramble to re-inflate the empty suit. Because that won’t be possible, be ready for more and more “enemies” and villains to appear. The next 3 years aren’t going to be pretty.

    Our only hope is a major shift away from the trend of fascist marxism that the current Congress is trying to force upon us.

    It’ll be fascinating to see how the media-people dichotomy plays out, I just hope they don’t do too much damage to the country while its’ happening.

  • Ymarsakar

    The MSM occupation of American news and information must be broken. No more should American elections be controlled by the dictates of unelected freaks and power mad ideologues.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, of course this is no longer America. This is now Obamaca. And the people on that land are Obamacans, not Americans.



    May I direct you what to do with the MSM.

    See: Book’s comments on Rep. Diane Watson.

  • Ymarsakar

    You may, by all means.

  • JKB

    Well, the media’s problem is that the few readers/watchers they had are the very same people showing up a the town halls. So when they misrepresent the events, the very people they depend on for their phoney baloney jobs see they are lying.

    I expect the coverage will continue to try to paper over the agenda while increasingly putting the blame on Obama. Unfortunately, the readers will continue to realize the coverage is all propaganda and increasingly put the blame on Obama and the media.

    Bad for the Dems is that when times get hard, the youngin’s are going to turn to the older folks for advice and comfort so I expect the kids to start seeing with new eyes as well.

  • Ymarsakar

    I don’t think the public will ever fully understand what propaganda is and how to recognize it until they study the history and field of propaganda.

    The problem here is that if a person tries to do so, he has to use his external senses to perceive reality. How will he do so accurately when propaganda already controls his external senses?

    Much of the public believes that simply reading other sources of material, other sides of the story, will give them something approximating the truth. That’s not exactly true, however. Why? Because both sources or even all sources can be a result of propaganda, and even if they weren’t, the propaganda operations that changed people’s mental filters would still be in effect. What this means is that people will still take in information, regardless of the source, through their personal experiences and prejudices. Which, conveniently, is controlled by Dem propaganda.

    So, no, reading other sources does a person no good by itself. It is only by thinking and self-introspection, that you can change how you think and what you think. It is only by thinking, for yourself by yourself, that you can create an internally consistent world view independent of the corruptions of external propaganda.

    Ozzie, for example, could read and listen to Rush, Sarah, Coulter, me, you, and Obama and still be a tool of Dem propaganda. These things aren’t solved by being well read.

  • Danny Lemieux

    The problem with the MSM media is that they were so in the tank for Obama that they can’t afford to backpedal without destroying the last remaining vestiges of their credibility. Obama may in the end truly prove to be the final nail in the coffins of the LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC and all those other DNC mouthpieces.

    If so, it will be the crowning achievement of his administration, one for which we should all be grateful