Let’s pretend the first lady isn’t a klutz

Tell me honestly that this video wouldn’t have been the butt of a thousand MSM jokes and video replays if it showed either George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Dan Quayle, Gerald Ford, Betty Ford, or any other Republican White House occupant doing precisely the same thing:

I am, of course, sorry for any pain Mrs. Obama suffered — but then again, maybe it will have knocked some sense into her.

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  • Charles Martel


    Yeah, Jon Stewart would have been on that like a dung beetle on an emperor patty if it had been a GOPer hitting his head.

    But the point, lost to snarky fools like him, is that you don’t laugh at anybody’s owwies—at least if you’re bothering to remember your common humanity.

    I don’t like Michelle a bit. She’s a brittle affirmative-action ingrate who knows deep down just how second-rate she is. For that, I summon no pity. But she is also a horse of a woman, like Janet Reno or Julia Child, which is something she cannot help. I’ve known enough women like that to know that being sized and shaped like that can be a burden, and no doubt there have been cruel people along the way who have reminded her of that. For that, I feel for her.

  • http://explorations.chasrmartin.com Charlie (Colorado)

    …but then again, maybe it will have knocked some sense into her.

    But consider the odds.

    (My God! Has that woman never heard the phrase “does this skirt make my butt look big?”)


    I once lived in a house whereby the staircase to the basement was a challenge, since the ceiling sloped in such a way that half way down you had to bend in half to clear it and avoid a concussion.

    I eventually just hung a sign at the ‘danger point’ that said in big bold letters –


    My clever friends, finally figured it out.

  • http://home.earthlink.net/~nooriginalthought/ Charles

    “Tell me honestly that this video wouldn’t have been the butt of a thousand MSM jokes . . .”

    This would have been especially true of President Ford; er, I really mean Chevy Chase (and you’re not!)

    It seems to me that Chevy Chase did more falls on Saturday Night Live than President Ford did in real life. So much so that I think Ford is remembered as a klutz when people are really remembering Chase’s portrayal of him. Unfortunately, I think the same might be true for Tina Fey and Gov Palin; some folks claim they heard Gov Palin say one thing when it is really Tina Fey that they are remembering.

    Charles M. and Charlie (CO) – “. . .a horse of woman . .” and ” . . . never heard the phrase . . “ You guys are cold. But, man, LMAOROFL!

    Sadie, one of my brothers is 6’3″ so he could really use your “QUACK” sign – in normal places.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    The only concussion I’ve ever had came from EXACTLY that kind of bump on the head as we were touring Knole house in England — the door from one bedroom to another was just a bit lower than I calculated. While the bump didn’t hurt too much, within 15 minutes I was sick to my stomach, slightly dizzy and had a roaring headache – all of which lasted for about 24 hours. Not fun!

    Someone really DOES need to teach Michele (if she’s teachable, that is) how to dress to maximize her attractiveness and minimize the (inevitable, in human beings) imperfections in her physique.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Well, she IS rather thick-headed (read her thesis)> I’m sure she was fine.

  • kali

    I actually feel a bit of sympathy for Michelle O, and not just because that was a nasty crack on the head. Inevitably, when the Left turns on Obama, they’ll savage her because it will be safer than attacking him directly.

  • 11B40


    Now girls, a little sisterhood, please. Remember you’re all victims of the same oppression.

    On the other hand, a couple of years in the Navy, aboard ships, probably would cure Mrs. Obama of her disregard for her cranium and/or shins.

  • MacG

    Early on PO hit his head getting into a helicopter and that was on the news but every day for a month nor was it depicted on SNL.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Mac, They’re used to people giving way to them. They only bow to things like the Saudis.

  • http://benningswritingpad.blogspot.com/ benning

    …but then again, maybe it will have knocked some sense into her.

    – Maybe. If she got whacked another ten or twenty times. Takes a lot more than one bump to knock all that Leftist garbage loose.

  • SJBill

    11B40, ‘xactly. She found a Smart Point. One, hopefully, she’ll never forget. Smart Points occur in aircraft (especially older ones) and aboard ship. I doubt she’s been aboard that bird before. (BTW, I’m being kind and I can’t stand her politics!)