Controlling the budget

If I ran for office, whether state or federal, my promise to my constituents would be to cut one government program per month for my entire term of office.  The New Editor reminds me that another useful promise might be to cut wages as well, to make them commensurate with the market sector.  Of course, unlike the private sector, which cuts wages or the number of employees instantly in response to market forces, the government is completely inflexible and unadaptive.  Because of the bureaucracy behind every hiring and wage decision, what’s done cannot be undone.

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  • Earl

    I doubt you COULD cut wages at the Federal level at this point — our craven politicians allowed “public employee” unions in order to shake them down for campaign funds and get free workers in those same campaigns. At this point, it appears that we’re stuck – even if the Congress had the will, I’m not sure anything can be done. Would the courts uphold a rescinding of the union privilege? I doubt it. And Congress is NEVER going to try it — to politically attractive a honeypot!


  • Ymarsakar

    The thing about slavery is that once it becomes economically and culturally important, it doesn’t tend to go away without some surgery.


    I’d have to go with cutting pork. No pork, no bacon, no chance (((sigh)))

    As an aside and since you mentioned the secret word – the SEIU is hiring. Found this listing under government jobs.

    P.S. Book

    The Watson video in a recent post was just shown on the Glenn Beck show. He must reading your blog.

  • Earl

    Sadie….it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

    Increasing the size of each of your constituencies is the best way for politicians to assure their re-elections — and what does a politician go to Washington FOR, except to get back again?

    It makes me weep….and retch.