Disheartening times — by guestblogger Lulu

I have felt a great heaviness and sadness this week. Five separate news stories have been an unpleasant reminder about how depraved and amoral the human being can be and how elusive is justice.

Like many others, the death of Ted Kennedy has reminded me of his culpability in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. I read about what happened — something I really had never done thoroughly before — and I was disgusted by his actions, by his apparent disinterest in her terrible suffering, and by the media covering up of it all. I was revolted at the passing mention of the event by the MSM as if he was responsible for causing an inconvenience, not a slow death of an innocent person. Mary Jo had no justice and people forgot her because her negligent and indifferent companion was a protected elite.

The next horrible story concerned the verdict in the sadistic and beyond horrific murders of the young, carjacked couple in Knoxville. Tennessee. The known details of their torture and suffering are too awful to recount. What is worse is how the media chose to under-report this story. Usually they lap up extreme tragedies involving young and attractive white youth, but apparently not when their rapists, torturers and murderers are among the oppressed. So, very few know about this true modern-day southern lynching while the completely fabricated Duke Lacrosse story was everywhere. It is not a hate crime and Obama doesn’t “meddle” here about race relations. And life in prison with the possibility of early release is no justice. If this crime doesn’t deserve the death penalty I don’t know what does. The torturer/murderers were spared because they belong to a persecuted minority underclass protected group.

Third is the awful tale of Jaycee Dugard kidnapped at her bus stop and held for 18 years by her mentally ill captors as a sex slave while the police department and justice system utterly failed her. Why was a known high-risk rapist who told police he preferred forced sex ever released from prison early? Those who made this decision are culpable in Jaycee’s ordeal. One can only imagine the psychological horrors that kept her there all these years and the nightmarish life she and her daughters were subjected to. I cannot imagine the long journey to some semblance of normalcy they will face. I wish them all good therapy and loving family. It is hard to fathom what evil and cruel indifference is necessary to steal and rape a child and to hold her captive.Here is another case in which the death penalty is deserved in my opinion, but will never be carried out. Will this monster ever be freed again?

Fourth is the tale of Gilad Shalit. Who knows what kind of condition he has been kept in all these years and under what circumstances, The world doesn’t expect civilized behavior form the Palestinians yet they demand Israel show a super-human restraint. The International Red Cross is indifferent, the Palestinians are pitied, and there is no justice for Gilad.

Finally, what started the whole week; the despicable release of the Lockerbie bomber by Scotland and the UK for “humanitarian” reasons, and if it could be worse, now it seems that a deal was struck with Libya for oil. No justice for the victims and their families.

Too many stories of innocents suffering the unspeakable, the guilty are treated with a compassion the victims didn’t receive, and a misguided sense of compassion makes change so difficult.

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    The world doesn’t expect civilized behavior form the Palestinians..

    The world is filled with barbarians. Some pose as leaders and worse, too many follow them blindly into depravity and into the bowels of the great cesspool they occupy.
    I have no (nice) words to display my absolute disgust as to what is relevant to news outlets, since I see them as the purveyors of crime, either over or under reporting, choosing who is the victim, who is the oppressed.

    Just imagine reading beyond the local headlines and the 24 hours of hell the Knoxville couple suffered is only a window into evil.

    Death to the monsters would never be adequate. It would just close another ugly story, never to be looked at again. It’s the punishment that needs to be addressed and in this new PC world, who is going to inflict on the barbarians what they have leveled upon the victims.

  • suek


    I can’t disagree with you, but at the same time, read some history. Read the Bible. Our good fortune is that we have lived in a country and in a time that has been unique in the peace, security and comfort it offers it’s citizens. No matter what Libs may say about the desirability of “diversity”, look at where many of these “diverse” people come from – and why they left “there” to come _here_. People can _say_ “all cultures are equal”, but they’re not. “Cultures” and “People” are not the same. Good people can come from evil cultures, and vice versa.

    When I was in school, we had “problem” movies…we had a movie night every week, but about once a month we had the “problem” movies, which raised questions of morality for discussion. I can remember one – the only one I remember, in fact – called “Knock on Any Door” with Sal Mineo (a very _young_ Sal Mineo) and a female star whose name I don’t remember. The problem to be considered was the home life of this young man who was on death row – whether is was his “fault” that he murdered someone. His mother was an alcoholic (Shelley Winters???) and there was no father in the family – I don’t remember if he was illegitimate or if his father abandoned them. In any case he migrated to gangs and eventually murdered someone while committing a robbery. The question of course was “was it really his fault, or is society to blame?”. Should we really execute him, or should he be let off the hook? Lots of “poor guy”, “what can you expect”…that sort of thing. (And I should remind you that at the time, Sal Mineo was remarkably good looking and hadn’t been tainted with the brush of depravity that swept him up later in his life. Besides, in those days young women didn’t know about such things.)

    And of course it’s a factor – but it still remains a fact that if you don’t punish lawbreakers, you might as well not have a law. And it’s also a fact that in _this_ country, we’re supposed to be equal under the law – no preference for a favored class. When certain members of our society are treated differently than others, it’s called corruption. No matter whether it punishes some more than others, or whether it passes on punishment for others. Both are equally offensive and those guilty of perpetrating such corruption should not be permitted in government.

    Which is a very good reason for term limits – the temptation of power is very great. Money is bad enough, political power is worse, and the combination of both is just asking for trouble.

  • Ymarsakar

    I would recommend that people stop expecting a distant and heartless system do anything resembling justice.

    Justice is carried out by those with the reach to do so. The system only facilitates a means to do so, to aid those seeking to do so, without bias or prejudice. But it is not the only way.

    I do remind and recommend to people that they always have the power to end the lives of criminals that interfere with their lives. And if they do initiate the death penalty on certain individuals, we won’t need to worry about what crimes they will commit in the future. We won’t need to worry about whether some government goon will release them contrary to what their sentence said a decade or so ago. We won’t need to worry, because death is permanent. Words on paper aren’t permanent. Promises aren’t permanent. Existence isn’t permanent. Death, however, is.

    It is the only guarantee around.

    You kill murderers not because you wish to seek revenge, but to prevent the murderer from ever killing again. You kill rapists for the same reason. You kill people like Ted Kennedy for the same reason, so that they won’t have a chance to do so again.

    Now the difference vigilantism and simply taking an opportunity created by a criminal is the former is proactive in tracking down and executing specific individuals while the latter is just a general all purpose killing frenzy.

    My first instinct is to never leave criminals of any stripe functional. Whether they need killing or not will be based upon some things I can’t control, like whether I know a specific person’s record or not. However, in instances that you do know a criminal’s record, it’s far easier to order and implement their death. All you need then is opportunity to go along with the capability.

    Back in the Wild West days, most frontiersmen and women were armed. Crimes happened because people couldn’t stop or arrest the attackers, not because they didn’t want to do so. It also happened because if people had the power to stop the outlaws, they also had the power to shoot them dead, and they would often do this because the times when they captured them and sent them to the feds, the federal lawyers released the criminals back.

    So people took the enforcement of the system in their own hands.

    Vigilantism doesn’t let the system work. Community protection, however, gives the system a one strike rule. One strike, and the defendant is out for the count, permanently. And if the system won’t enforce that, others will.

    That is your due process. It is what you are due. You are not due to be given as many opportunities to kill and torture people as the current Democrat inspired justice systems says you should have. Besides, it is completely enforced unevenly. Tookie gets endless pardons but McVeigh gets killed in a year or so. Tookie gets endless lobby groups trying to save him. Who did McVeigh have?

    You can’t just split this nation down the middle and say the color of somebody’s skin determines the amount of justice and due process they are entitled to. I, for one, will not tolerate such for long. People will start to be convinced, not least of all because I’ll be forwarding the argument, that because the system has failed that it is now up to the people to create a bloodbath of those that the system and the judges refuse to exterminate. If the system of laws won’t brutally enforce the laws equally, then people will do so themselves. FOr a time at least.

    We’re not the Israelis, of course. There’s too many organized groups capable of violence for this gross abuse of law and order to be tolerated for long.

  • Ymarsakar

    And that, in the end, is what Target Focus Training is for. For all the martial arts and self-defense and what not, crime still happens. Crime still happens because people are not given the tools they need to secure their own rights. THey have to depend upon a corrupt and weak system.

    What kind of an idiot expects a free nation to be composed of a bunch of sheep that can’t protect themselves or their property or their loved ones?

    Prosperity doesn’t mean you can neglect your duty to kill outlaws and defend the community and the family.

    But that’s Leftist indoctrination for ya.

    I can’t save those that don’t want to be saved. I can’t save people even if I wanted to. It didn’t happen anywhere near me. I can’t reach a target too far past my arms, after all.

    And statistically, whether for irony or not, these people don’t target me. Those they do target are vulnerable in a general sense. It could be because they are too young, too inexperienced, too naive, or just untrained. It could be any number of reasons.

    If it does happen, obviously a crime didn’t occur because it got stopped in its tracks.

    As I remember back on the Iraq war, the same was true for terrorism. Terrorists almost never successfully attacked US Marines or Army members. THey could take on and kill isolated members, but they could not overwhelm organized resistance. Terrorists, instead, targeted civilians, using fake police identification to kidnap folks.

    The ones with the firepower couldn’t get to the ones that needed killing. Because they were too far away to be effective. Arrived too late on the scene.

    The only solution was to arm up the local populace. Train them to be the first reaction unit. And that’s what TFT does. It trains people to be capable of what they thought only killers could have been capable of.

  • Ymarsakar

    The reason why JIhadists and black rapists don’t want to get anywhere close to being under my power is that my definition and study of torture is a little bit more creative and extreme than their own.

    I’m kind of proud of that, in a fashion. It’s disturbing, yes, but also enlightening to study one’s enemies.

  • Charles Martel

    In Christianity, one of the names for Satan is “Prince of Lies.” What is common to each of the horrors you describe above, Lulu, is that all of them are built on lies. The media must lie that Ted Kennedy was not a callously indifferent drunk and brute; the intelligentsia must lie and equate Palestinian culture and morals with human norms; the consequences of savagery by black criminals must be hidden lest knucklewalkers like us start burning crosses; the UK must pretend that it did not sell out the victims of Lockerbie for 30 pieces of petro silver; and the incompetent police and social workers in Antioch must pretend that an openly psychotic sex fiend somehow escaped their notice for 18 years.

    Vaclav Havel once wrote that the great flaw of communism was that it crushed people’s ability to tell the truth, and in doing so, live morally. The people and societies that have done the terrible things you list have given up on truth and embraced mendacity. It doesn’t matter what you call them—communists, nihilists or fascists—they have no interest in telling the truth, thus living morally.

    Your hope, Lulu, is the very structure of the universe, which is built on truth. Nature does not lie, nor does matter or energy, nor does their Author. Lies eventually collapse under their own evil and illogic. The Prince of Lies himself knows that the only power he has over the one who made him is the power to pervert and despoil creation. He cannot do anything else. There is a reason why he cannot build anything that lasts. The lies that surround us now wll not last either.


    Charles Martel

    “Prince of Lies” – So many, too many damn princes. Interesting usage of ‘prince’ which from childhood stories implied something positive. Maybe that’s the play with words – one monster could appear to a prince of a guy and then tie it together with being a liar and bingo – the ultimate deceit.

    Off topic, but ever so interesting on the subject of LIES.
    The attached article questions (lots of them). Russia’s missing ship carrying timber? hijacked? lost at sea? found weeks later? communists? liars?

  • suek

    Corruption. When it becomes entrenched in government – as opposed to being a human failing – you know we are on the down slope. I suspect that the only way to change it is to re-educate our children in moral standards. Think that’s going to happen any time soon?

  • suek

    And this one, Sadie. Completely different scenario, but it gives a clear indication that Russia has had its hands deep into middle eastern politics for some time now.


    Thanks suek.

    It certainly ties into this foreign intrigue.
    Russia’s Arctic Sea (missing?) for a month with a load of (timber?)