Obama’s foreign policy in a nutshell

From Jennifer Rubin:

Far from assuming the role of an “honest broker” in the Middle East (that would be an improvement at this point), Obama is affirmatively choosing sides, making every effort to identify with and sweet-talk the “Muslim world” as he conceives it.

But this is not only a pro-Muslim tilt or identification. It often appears that Obama sees his task as revisiting every perceived American failing or error — from the 1953 revolution in Iran to American support for Central American strongmen to the dropping of the atomic bomb — that his Left-leaning academic friends and followers have laid at America’s feet, then systematically reversing them, however counterproductively or haphazardly.

He sees something bearing a vague resemblance to a “coup” in Honduras (but that isn’t if you stop to examine the facts), so America must not merely stand back but also pull for the Chavez-backed leftist. We are making up for past sins, you see. In his eyes we are still burdened with the guilt of dropping the atomic bomb, so we must shoulder the burden and lead the world in denuclearization — well, except for those who won’t go along.

And likewise, in the war on terror, he’s convinced that we lost our “moral standing” by roughly interrogating terrorists and housing them indefinitely in a secure facility at Guantanamo. Now we must live all that down — in short, forgo serious interrogations and scatter the Guantanamo detainees around the world.

It’s quite a record. Perhaps Obama does believe in “American exceptionalism” — but it is the exceptionalism of a country so burdened by its past and filled with remorse that we must humble ourselves before the world and renounce specifically American interests in order to get along with those we supposedly wronged. You can’t say it’s not “change.”

What has the American voter wrought?

On a similar point, Drudge has a lot of headlines about the UN demanding a global currency and all sorts of other countries and groups around our border licking their chops in anticipation of our tasty, depression-damaged national carcas.  Normally, I would scoff and say that America is resilient enough, not only to recover, but to resist these predators.  Today, I still think we’re resilient enough to recover, but I’m terribly afraid that our President and our Congress will willingly hand us over to the circling internationalist vultures.

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