The most explosive ACORN expose video yet — from San Bernadino

The ACORN employee is a complete psychopath — and might have been discounted had it not been for the fact that this is the fourth video in a series showing psychopathic employees.

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  • Ymarsakar

    No discrimination against psychopaths!

  • CollegeCon

    Now THAT is frightening…

  • JKB

    The release of the videos in running series is brilliant. It permits the apologist to wrap themselves around the axle. I saw on Hannity tonight that they have another coming out Wednesday from closer to the border.

    Charlie Gibson has blown off the story denying any knowledge. Then tonight Jon Stewart gave the MSM grief for being upstaged by a couple of kids with $3000. Now it is out there on the young liberal side since the Daily show is their main news source.

  • Gringo

    I also note the video was done on August 17.

  • Earl

    I think the earlier ones were more effective — the San Bernardino lady simply comes across as completely nuts, and most people in the U.S. aren’t used to Californians…… A lot of folks will dismiss this as just the ravings of a loon, whereas earlier videos showed people in full command of themselves consciously recommending criminal behavior.

  • Quisp

    I agree with Earl. But, it does look like she’s a “Lead Field Organizer.” Does everyone at ACORN get some sort of title so no one feels left out?

    The newest excuse is “we knew they were actors and we were playing along.” With this tape, that might fly.

  • Tiresias

    I’ll agree with Earl too – to an extent. True, most of this country has no idea what they’re dealing with when dealing with any aspect of California – all too true.

    But – these kids have approached this brilliantly. If it were an isolated instance, the Acorn apologists would be able to say precisely: “oh, that was a loon,” or: “that was an isolated instance of a couple of rogue employees,” or “bad apples.”

    The way they’ve done this has shut that option off completely. The Acorn apologists have no way to get around this one. Even for them, advancing the idea that these kids had the coincidental bad luck to run into every “rogue employee” and “bad apple” in every chapter of Acorn they visited (and we have no idea how long that list will ultimately be) isn’t likely to fly, even with jackasses like Charlie Gibson or Mark Lamont Hill.

    It’s one thing to run into a “bad apple” once or twice. After twenty or thirty such episodes, one may be pardoned for beginning to wonder where – or if – the good ones might be.

    These kids deserve the Pulitzer – Gibson deserves to be unceremoniously canned.

  • Earl

    Tiresias – from your lips to G-d’s ears…..I HOPE they have “twenty or thirty such episodes” waiting to go.

    Because I’m sure you’re reading/hearing the excuse that “at other offices they were thrown out, and one even called the cops”. If we can keep up the drumbeat for a few weeks, that excuse is going to sound weaker and more lame until everyone is just laughing.

    And THEN maybe the lousy Congress-critters will shut off the tax spigot that is spewing your and my money to ACORN!

  • suek

    >>…and one even called the cops”>>

    Well…I guess one would be better than none.

    I’m sure they’ll make that police report available…

  • Ymarsakar

    Sarah Palin wasn’t the one that decided on Gibson. That was the McCain internal quislings.

    And you can see why.

    When corrupt Republicans deal with corrupt Democrats in Illinois for a equitable distribution of the power pie, don’t be surprised when Republican staffers sabotage Republican candidates by favoring Democrat propagandists.

  • Ymarsakar

    Suek, ACORn would never call the cops for the simple reason that mobsters don’t call the cops. Don’t want them seeing sensitive stuff or goings on.

    All these corrupt bastos on the right or left need to be purged, together, in a bucket over the frozen seas.

  • Mike Devx

    That is one terrifying woman!

    And in the 10% where she’s not terrifying me, she has to be the most unpleasant and needy person I’ve ever seen. How screwed up can one person get?

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Actually, my guess is Dependent Personality Disorder.

    Which, frankly, might extend to a lot of ACORN people.

  • Ymarsakar

    I can kill people you know

    What’s the big deal here. Anybody can kill anybody. Oh, alright, there’s the social thing and the legal thing but the fundamentals are very simple. Guess it depends.

    Nobody needs any training to kill. Can be done with untrained use of firearms, bar fights, improvised blunt force instruments: you name it, it can get done with it.