The practical implications of Obama’s decision to pick a trade war with China

Obama’s foolish decision to pick a trade war with China has larger implications about his governing style, as Jennifer Rubin explains:

[D]omestic political considerations and the good opinion of his base are more important to Obama than just about any other concern. That seems to be the motivating factor in a lot of what he does. The international apology tour is catnip for his Left-leaning academic friends, who are delighted that we finally have a president who “understands” there isn’t anything special about America. He unleashes another investigation on CIA operatives, cheering the “get the Bushies” netroot crowd. He selects an entirely mediocre Supreme Court judge because the Hispanic vote could use a boost. And despite what must be the advice of free-traders within his administration, he has no qualms about risking economic retaliation from China to mollify his Big Labor patrons.

During the campaign, Obama’s supporters assured us that Obama was intensely “practical” and therefore would make fact-based decisions devoid of ideology. The reality is that he persistently tends to the whims and demands of his Left-leaning base (whose views he, in any case, sympathizes with), the result being a series of policy choices that send a thrill up the legs of union bosses and Harvard professors. If we trigger a trade war or throw the intelligence community into a tailspin, well, that’s a small price for keeping the base quiet.

To which I say, yup, you’re right.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Smoot-Hawley redux!

    Those that learn the lessons of history are doomed to watch others repeat them.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s called a base for a reason. Without them, he has no ability to be elected or to exercise power free of internal constraints.

  • Gringo

    Why am I reminded of Monty Python when I ponder ∅bama’s decision making? At times I think the dead parrot could make better decisions. Come to think of it , the Parrot Sketch reminds me of ∅bama’s selling the Health Care bill.

    Loosely inspired by the Lumberjack Song.
    I’m an executive and I’m OK
    I make decisions every day
    I sit and ask myself
    What would Frank Marshall Davis do?

    If that doesn’t work, I can always flip a coin.

    (Latest Polish joke: ∅bama’s trying to get through to the Polish President. I would love to hear Lily Tomlin doing a sketch on that. Am I showing how dated I am, with Lily Tomlin, Polish jokes, and Monty Python? Well, yeah.)

  • Ymarsakar

    The Democrats love wars and crushing foreigners, so long as they get a profit from it.

  • Ymarsakar

    But, of course, they lack the spine to succeed.