Charles Krauthammer lays out Obama’s warped priorities re American wars & foreign policy

My belief, getting stronger by the minute, is that Obama’s sole Afghanistan policy was to be the un-Bush.  Bush’s critics claimed Iraq was the bad war and Afghanistan the good war.  So Obama immediately stated that he’d focus on Afghanistan.  Obama, though, true Leftist that he is, and with his deep affinity for totalitarian rulers and Islamism, never had his heart in Afghanistan.  So, as Bush’s presidency recedes into the past, Obama abandons Afghanistan — and our troops too.  What a despicable man.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Dems like Johnson and Carter and Clinton have always liked putting military lives through a meat grinder for no show in the end. It’s their specialization.

  • David Foster

    When Lou Gerstner became CEO of IBM, he observed that people there spent a lot more emotion attacking internal competitors than they spent on real, external competitors.

    Some of this exists in any organization, of course–the internal competitors are closer. (And I’m sure Gerstner had observed behavior like this in other companies he had run)….but when it becomes pervasive and pathological, it threatens the survival of the organization.

    I think our national politics has reached that level.

  • Danny Lemieux

    A perceived defeat for us in Afghanistan will be a HUGE victory for Al-Qaeda that will serve not only to reinvigorate Al Qaeda but also to delegitimize all “moderate” elements in the Middle East. Nobody will be able to rely upon us as an ally.

    I am resigned to the fact that Obama will lose Afghanistan. My question is whether he will also betray the Democrats betrayed Vietnam and Cambodia.

    We will all pay a terrible price for this for years to come.

  • Zhombre

    I thought when Obama was elected that his presidency would be about betrayal, either of his supporters, or of the country he ostensibly leads; he may yet achieve both. The cicadas of the left are of course perpetually dissatisfied and buzzing with anger; no progress is sufficient progress for the self-styled progressives. I can’t predict what this administration will do in AfPak but I doubt there will be a surge in troop strength. Very good reasons will be articulated for this “adjustment” in strategy, just as very good strategic reasons were articulated for leaving Poland, the Czech Republic and the most of Eastern Europe to the oversight of Vlad the Impaler. No matter: I suspect most world leaders especially the ones hostile to the US and the West have already taken measure of Obama and decided this guy talks a better game than he plays, that he will substitute elevated rhetoric, personal charm and grand gestures for substantive action.

    Going to be a long and perilous four years.

  • Deana

    Oh Dr. Krauthammer . . . How do I love thee? Let me count the ways . . .

    Listening to him, or reading his essays, is like sampling a new wine. Always interesting.