Tuesday morning round-up of really interesting stuff

I’m in the process of writing a complaint, which I need to finish by the end of business today, so I thought I’d just list everything I found interesting in this morning’s reading, and leave it at that:

The New Republic’s Marty Peretz is worried about amateur hour in the White House and the State Department when it comes to foreign policy.  Can you blame him?  Both the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post explain just how bewildering, not to say dangerous, Obama’s Afghanistan policy has become.

Carrie Lukas explains that, yes, our current health care system has a downside for women, but the answer lies in the marketplace, not in even more government regulation.

Just one more reason for Michelle to be angry:  the women like her man.  If it’s any comfort to Michelle, I don’t!

William McGurn explains why you should be a little skeptical about whatever revelations you read in Matt Latimer’s book about his role as a speechwriter in Bush’s White House.  McGurn suggests that the book, rather than a documentary about the WH, is really the story of Matt’s love affair with himself and his resentment that all the idiots around him failed to recognize his wonderfulness.

The Army’s top drill sergeant is a woman!  I’m going to assume that, given her life’s devotion to the military, her promotion is because she’s damn good, and not because she’s black and female.  And in that last sentence you see the horrible corruption of affirmative action — people like me, with the best will in the world, are suspicious of female or black accomplishments, not because we doubt females or blacks, but because we’ve come to doubt institutional integrity.

The whole premise of the nanny state is that the government is wise and the governed are immature and foolish.  And if you doubt this, Obama’s energy secretary, Stephen Chu, spells it out explicitly:  “‘The American public…just like your teenage kids, aren’t acting in a way that they should act,’ Dr. Chu said.”  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s condescension from some Leftist academic dweeb who is on my payroll.

Does Obama really think that his non apology to Patterson (“I’m sorry you learned that I’m trying to destroy career”) is going to make things all better?  Yeah, Patterson is a political disgrace, but it’ll be fun to see him run.

Things are bad when the AP slaps Obama around for lying.  I mean, really, the AP is not polite or deferential about this one.  It’s a slap.  And on the subject of Obama lying, the Anchoress exposes yet another lie, this one about carbon emissions.  You can set up a whole industry just tracking the lies Obama spouts.

In case you were wondering just how politicized the NEA (the government agency that your tax dollars fund) really is.

I thought the Democrats were going to stop the Republican Congressional spending spree?  Well, they’ve stopped spending on national security, but apparently Murtha’s own little airport still gets a pass.

Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax.  Yes, as noted above (and noted here again), Obama is lying when he says the penalty for failing to pay insurance is anything but a tax.  And yes, the whole health care plan is a tax on the middle class.

Man love.  How cute — not.  On a brighter note, I heard that Rush will be on Leno on Thursday.

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