President Obama stages his own retreat from Afghanistan *UPDATED*

When Bush was in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan was the good war and Iraq was Vietnam.  Now that Bush is gone, and Iraq is holding stable (for the time being at least), the liberals can give over their pretense about the possibility of a good war and, instead, given in to their default and instinctive position, which is to recast Afghanistan at Vietnam.  Fine.  This is not the post I’m choosing to use to argue about whether or not the US should be in Afghanistan, or what its goals should be if it’s there.

Fortunately for me, I’m in the position to ignore things about goals, or troops, or any other big or small details about a War.  For me, thoughts about the war are academic, because it’s not my responsiblity.  It is, however, Barack Insane Obama’s responsibility and, to date, he’s shown that he absolutely refuses to step up to bat.  In other words, the situation with Obama is so bad that he’s not even doing a 1974 redux that sees America run away from a war.  Instead, our extraordinarily self-obsessed President is himself running away from the war.

You heard me right — Obama is staging his own retreat.  He refuses to talk to his generals about the situation.  Steve Schippert explains what’s going on, and also provides useful information about the things Obama thought were more important than even a quick phone call to those generals operating under him (because, though he’s pretending it ain’t so, he is still Commander in Chief).

UPDATE:  Flopping Aces has a good timeline — with quotes! — showing the Obama’s own personal war game, from gung-ho blood lust to strategic retreat, all without any expenditure of actual energy on his part.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Obama is waiting until enough casualties are produced in Afghanistan, to make up for the vote drops due to losing ACORN. When enough deaths have been produced, then Obama will start thinking about making decisions.

  • George Bruce

    Or maybe he will pull the sheets over his head and pretend it isn’t happening.

  • Zhombre

    Out of his depth. The man never had a serious executive position and knows as much about the military as I know about Sanskrit. I wonder how often McCrystal has talked to the “Af-Pak czar” Richard Holbrook. And how often Holbrook has talked to the President. I suspect, as David Thomson has said numerous times at Belmont Club, Obama is simply shallow and intellectually incurious and lazy (of course, that brands me as racist, calling Our First Black President lazy). What was repeatedly said of Reagan, might actually be true about Obama.