What happens to a scientific consensus when the underlying data is corrupt?

Well, I don’t actually know what happens to a politically driven scientific consensus about man-made global warming when the underlying data is corrupt.  But I can tell you that you can watch this cognitive dissonance begin to play out if you check out the Strata-Sphere post that examines the opinings of economist (and idiot) Paul Krugman against a backdrop of solid information regarding grossly erroneous data about global warming where none actually existed.

After you’ve read AJ’s post, please forward it to friends or post it on your own blogs.  Considering the fact that our President considers global warming of far greating importance than world terrorism or economic meltdown, we need to get facts out there.  As we’ve shown with the health care debate, when facts reach ordinary people, when they leave the ivory towers and news rooms, they matter and they galvanize people to act.

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