Sick day open thread

I’m not sick, but the children are, and my computer had a few hiccups this morning.  The computer is back, but the kids are still languishing, so I’m off to a slow start.  I’ll be back soon, I promise.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Check how the professional Obama religion

    I caught a little something this morning as well. The temperature seemed to have gone down in an inverted spike.

  • kali

    And here’s this for a completely enticing book review:

    “Bacigalupi is as unflinching in his examination of the unthinkable cruelty, humiliation and banal evil that humanity inflicts on the Other as he is on the bleak future that our mass consumption society will inevitably unleash. In his fictional vision, there will be no miraculous rescue from our moral or environmental sins. The Windup Girl will almost certainly be the most important SF novel of the year for its willingness to confront the most cherished notions of the genre, namely that our future is bright and we will overcome our selfish, cruel nature. –BookPage”

    Why do I get the feeling the author is either a) extremely young or b) an academic? It’s the only thing that can explain such utter vapidity.

    I think I’ll just go back to waiting for the next PC Hodgell book to come out.

  • Ymarsakar
  • Ymarsakar

    The Wreck of Liberal Power Abuses

    With stories and photos of Fidel Castro’s “personal health” bombarding us 24/7, I have given some second serious thought into my own involvement in the infamous Elian Gonzalez case. Once you hear the name “Elian”, how can you ever forget this six year old boy and the media rampage that started in late 1999, and came full circle more than six years ago?

    He got duped. Make sure you don’t get into the same trouble by believing in the Left and helping them.

    Integrity is not about supporting the Left when it looks like they’re supporting your issues. That’s called prostitution. Integrity is fighting totalitarianism, whether it’s Janet Reno’s WACO, Obama’s nationalization of private property, or Leftist love affairs with Communists. Integrity is about not bending in the face of evil, regardless of what personal benefit you may gain if you ‘compromise’ with them, just this once, on this issue to ‘help the children’.

    Never support the Left, in anything. Or imperil your soul and the lives of others for no good reason. Your choice.

  • Charles Martel

    “Bacigalupi is as unflinching in his examination of the unthinkable cruelty, humiliation and banal evil that humanity inflicts on the Other as he is on the bleak future that our mass consumption society. . .”

    The Weekly Standard has an excellent little column on its opening pages called, “Sentences We Didn’t Finish.”

    A brilliant idea that.

  • gpc31

    I hear you, Book. My daughter caught the flu over the weekend, recovered yesterday, only to come down with an ear infection at 4:12 a.m. this morning. Suffice it to say that I’m not a pleasant person after a few nights of 3-4 hours sleep, especially when my spouse slept through all of it.

  • Bookworm

    gpc31 (#6):

    I hope your daughter and you feel better soon. My kids seemed just to need a break from the endless round of activities that is their life. Both perked up this afternoon and begged to be brought to school. Given that there was only an hour of the school day left, I declined, but I think they got a good lesson in how boring life at home is when you’re not allowed to watch TV, not allowed to play computer games, and there are no friends around. School starts to look pretty good.

  • gpc31

    BW, very kind of you, thanks. I’m never too tired to check your blog.

    I’m glad to hear that your kids are recharged and that your household is up and running.

    It’s a new day here with everyone feeling better after a little amoxicillin and a little more sleep. Reminds me of the saying, “a trifle consoles us because a trifle upsets us.”

    Yesterday in the Bermuda Triangle of midmorning (that languid time zone floating somewhere between the first coffee and onset of real work), I heard the strains of “The Price Is Right” blaring from the TV. Made me shudder — to this day I associate it with the drip drip drip of being sick, home from school, and bored silly.