Has Ayers gone public about writing “Dreams”? *UPDATED*

Although the dinosaur media has assiduously ignored the story about Ayer’s authorship of Dreams of my Father, people are beginning to recognize the impact from the combination of Jack Cashill’s articles about the stylistic similarities between Dreams of my Father and Bill Ayer’s writing (similarities too great to be mere coincidence), and a new book’s report that neighbors knew Ayers was doing the writing.  Aside from the obvious impact on conservatives, who have never been able to reconcile Obama’s leaden unprompted speech or pre-Dreams writing with the elegant prose in Dreams, the story may be having an impact on Bill Ayers.  Now that the cat is out of the bag (or, at least, is in the process of being dragged out by its whiskers), Ayers may be disgruntled about the fact that Obama has leap-frogged to the highest position in the land without even a nod to Ayers.

If Ayers isn’t feeling the weight of the truth, how else does one explain the fact that Ayers reportedly told Anne Leary, a conservative blogger he met at the airport, that it was he who wrote Dreams?  Please note that I said wrote, not edited.

My first thought when I heard this story was that it was a hoax.  But if you read Leary’s post, which includes a picture of a scruffy Ayers in an airport, it doesn’t read like a hoax at all.  It reads like a narcissist (and everyone in Obama’s circle seems to suffer from that personality disorder) who’s hacked off that he paved the way but didn’t get the glory.  As James Simpson says (at American Thinker):

My understanding of communists is that most would know better and keep their mouths shut. But Ayers is a bit different. He is, as he says, a “small ‘c’ communist,” but he is also, in a certain, slimy way, an entrepreneur, as we explained in Monday’s post. (Apologies in advance to entrepreneurs everywhere.) He grew up a very rich kid, used to getting everything he wanted. Even as an adult his career has relied on a hand up from his wealthy father. His past statements and radical activities also mark him as a megalomaniac. In youth he drew attention to himself by blowing things up. As an adult “educator” he merely attempts to subvert children. But that doesn’t seem to be going so well.

He is under a lot of pressure, too. Ayers and his horrid wife Bernardine Dohrn are believed to have planned and executed the San Francisco Park Police Station bombing in 1970 that killed police sergeant Brian V. McDonnell and wounded several others. Efforts to bring them to justice have been underway for some time, as brought to light this past March in a National Press Club conference put on by Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival.

This is no small matter.  Obama leapt to fame, not because of his life story itself, but because the liberal establishment decide that his poetic, luminous prose was proof positive that Obama was a genius.  It was his writing style, not his story, that won him the accolades and respect that catapulted him to political prominence.  This is distinct from a situation in which a person has a compelling life story, but needs help writing.  In the latter situation, even if it’s a little bit humiliating when the truth comes out, the focus remains on the person’s accomplishments, not their need for a ghost.  (Witness John F. Kennedy’s autobiography ghostwritten book.)

But what if the life story is just your usual Oprah-rific narrative of a pathetic loner who has accomplished nothing but whining, smoking and visiting with relatives?  And what if the only distinctive aspect of the story is the intellectualism behind the writing itself?  And what if that writing was done by a radical communist who attempted murder and is married to a woman who almost certainly succeeded in committing murder?  What happens to the whole narrative then?  Not the narrative in the book, of course, but the narrative that sees a vapid, self-centered being elevated to the pinnacle of world success based on nothing more than his prose.


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  • binadaat

    you expect me to be able to sleep at night over here in Israel now that what i have suspected about Obama is turning out to be true?

  • binadaat

    not just true but very likely provable, if Ayers comes clean about who really wrote that book.


    Ayers describes himself as a small ‘c’ommunist and provokes with a large ‘C’hutzpah – in Gary Hart style “prove it”.

    “He went on to say–and if you can prove it, we can split the royalties.”

    Gentlemen – Start your engines. Here comes Lap #1 of throwing friends under the bus.
    Welcome to: Tour de Chicago.

  • Gringo

    Book: a slight correction to your post. What was ghost written for JFK was not his autobiography, but his Pulitzer prizewinning Profiles in Courage, which I read when I was in high school.

    Ayers was just jacking our chains, as there is no way we can prove he wrote it without his consent, and he is not likely to do give it. But it is interesting that he said he had written Dreams without any question about it. As the American Thinker article says, he must be feeling some pressure to blurt that out. I wonder if Ayers had planned the whole conversation, or if he added the “if you can prove it” to cover himself.

    Last year I was more concerned about ∅bama’s ties to Bill Ayers than I was to Reverend Wright. The Reverend Wright is a dime a dozen: yadi, yadi yada. But ties with an unrepentant terrorist who is also the co-author of a book that advocates dictatorship of the proletariat for the US and is also dedicated to the assassin of Robert Kennedy, among others: that really got my attention. (Prairie Fire)


  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Thanks for the correction, Gringo. As a child who grew up with the St. JFK mantra surrounding me, and then was exposed to all the stories of women and gangsters and foolish plans re Cuba, I ricocheted the other way focused on his failings, not his virtues. All of this means that I haven’t paid much attention to the details about him, since I just haven’t been interested.

  • suek


    Do _not_ go to sleep. Keep your eyes wide open…24/7. Absolutely.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Don’t go to sleep. the zombies will git ya

  • binadaat


  • Gringo

    It is interesting that Bill Ayers has been quoted twice in the last week on the authorship of Dreams. (Hoax: I was going to link to it, but Book beat me to it.)

    This could simply more of Bill Ayers jerking our chain, as The Corner puts it. Or could it be that Ayers is sending a message to the White House to tell the Justice Department to lay off any further investigation of his and his wife Bernadine’s previous deeds. Links above suggest that there has been some pressure from concerned citizens to further investigate. Perhaps Bill is sending a message to the White House to cut off such investigations. That wouldn’t appear to be a problem. Look what Holder did with the Panthers.

  • Charles Martel

    Gringo, nicely reasoned. Ayers may be a sociopath, but he’s also smart. This situation is a two-fer for him: fire a shot across Obama’s bow while baiting the Whore Media to defend him with reflexive guffaws in our direction.



    whoever said *barack couldn’t strike twice was wrong!

    if Ayers comes clean
    There isn’t enough bleach to remove the stains.


  • Ariel

    It could be shown that someone else wrote “Dreams of My Father” as Cashill has attempted. I forget the field, I’ll call it “literary forensics”, but there are people who could deconstruct the writing and identify the likely author as well as rule out. Problem is that if their politics weren’t leftist, the analysis would be dismissed as right-wing lies. The other problem is that if their politics are leftist they likely would be unwilling to do it, unless they share Moore’s hatred of capitalism and just want money, fame, and power.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    Even if Obama *did* write the book…and even if the writing quality is very high…the idea that authorial abilty qualifies one to be President is bizarre.

    Goethe: “Lord Byron is only great as a poet; as soon as he reflects, he is a child.”