Liberals suffer from a complete failure of imagination when it comes to true evil

I took my daughter to the doctor today for what turned out to be a sinus infection.  The pediatrician is a lovely man — kind, skilled at his work, and (obviously) good with children.  I trust him as a doctor.  As a deep thinker, though, well . . . the jury won’t be out very long.

My daughter is a chatterbox and somehow she drifted into the fact that she met the flight surgeon for the Blue Angels and that’s the job she wants:  to be in the military, but not have to kill people, except in defense.  The doctor said, “I can understand why you want to be a doctor, but why would you want to be in the Navy?”  My daughter looked at him blankly.  She’d just described to him an incredibly exciting and responsible job with amazing people.  What more could she say?

I filled the silence:  “Join the Navy, see the world.”  He looked at my as blankly as my daughter had looked at him, and then said, “Join the Navy, kill people.”  Out of deference to the situation, and recognizing the fact that his mind was locked, I refrained from saying, “Some people need to be killed.”  In my head flashed pictures of Mao (70 million dead under his leadership), Stalin (around 30 million dead under his leadership), Hitler (25 million or so dead as a result of his war), and Pol Pot (one third of his country laid in shallow graves).  But I didn’t say anything.  I knew that he, being a liberal who cannot seem to accept the lessons of history, wouldn’t have understood.

My daughter, bless her heart, did understand.  In the car on the way home, I discussed with her the fact that there is evil in the world.  I said causes are often irrelevant.  Whether the perpetrator didn’t get enough oxygen at birth, belongs to a religion committed to the deaths of others, got beaten as a child, or intersected with any other root cause no longer matters once the perpetrator is arrayed against you with weapon in hand.  It’s a no-brainer that, if you face this situation as an individual, you must and would defend yourself.  In the same way, a nation facing an enemy determined to annihilate it must also act to defend itself.  Further, when you see the guns aimed at you, self-defense often means firing the first shot.  (Something every American who watched old Hollywood westerns easily understood).

In America, it’s our volunteer military that provides this defense.  These men and women willingly do the dirty work to keep us safe.  My daughter instantly understood the saying, often attributed (wrongly) to Orwell, that “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

As if to underline my point, as we drove home, the 40s channel on my XM radio played a song paying homage to General MacArthur.  I said to her, “Can you imagine a song nowadays praising the military?”  There was a huff from the back seat.  While her imagination can encompass evil, it couldn’t stretch to an American popular culture that openly admires our volunteer military.  Or, as she said, “It’s despicable that there aren’t songs like that.  I’ll write one.”  And as musical as she is, she just might.

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    Your daughter is verbal, the doctor is the chatterbox.
    Thank goodness you were there – he could kill a dream faster than an infection.

    “Chatterbox”, a song by composer Jerome (Jerry) Brainin for the musical film That’s Right You’re Wrong (1939)

  • Mike Devx

    Book wrote:
    > I said to her, “Can you imagine a song nowadays praising the military?” There was a huff from the back seat. While her imagination can encompass evil, it couldn’t stretch to an American popular culture that openly admires our volunteer military. Or, as she said, “It’s despicable that there aren’t songs like that. I’ll write one.”

    Three big rousing cheers! For you and for your daughter! HURRAH! HURRAH! HURRAH!

    She’s in good hands. And she’s well on her way to responsibility for herself, and a well-lived life. HURRAH!

  • Deana

    Wow, Bookworm. You are such a good mom. Your daughter sounds like a free spirit. And a thinker.

    And on another note, I wish more people would understand that some people DO need to be killed. I know that is not a popular sentiment and many would recoil in horror at what you said and what I also believe but it is true. There are people in this world who harbor evil. Unfortunately, we are encumbered with too many people today who don’t realize that – and that just allows the evil and darkness to spread.

  • Ariel

    There is another thing the good doctor doesn’t understand. The US Navy will often do the heavy lifting to get humanitarian aid to areas hit hard by tsunamis for example. It will also perform airlifts and other rescue operations.

    While I was in the USCG, we had to race to get two badly burned crewmen from a freighter to within the range of a long-range Air Force helicopter. These guys flew out in slightly rough weather near their max range and then returned to the mainland in order to save two guys from two other countries. The Navy would have done the same had they had an available helicopter.

    The good doctor has a two-dimensional understanding of the military. And even that understanding is, as Book noted, lacking.

  • Terry Trippany

    Hi BW,

    You handled the situation much better than I would have. I don’t believe I would have been able to contain myself. This doctor has no business having that conversation with your child. It is a fine question to ask but extrapolating on his political views should be contained to adults.

    BTW, did you see that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize? Talk about lack of imagination. I don’t where these people get funded but you can bet that its a bunch of morons; fully representative of the fools handing these prizes out.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Bravo, Bookworm, bravo! Your children give me great hope for our future and for the future of child rearing even in the midst of Liberal/Left desolation.

  • David Foster

    In my post An Incident at the Movies, I wrote about the sneering reaction of a NYC movie audience to an Air Force recruiting film. Excerpt:
    And something else strikes me. The probability of individuals behaving in the way that these people did is directly proportional to their educational level. It’s very unlikely that people with only high school diplomas would have responded to the film in the way that these theatergoers did. It’s more likely that college graduates would respond in such a way. And it’s very likely indeed that those with graduate degrees (in the “humanities,” not the hard sciences) would respond as this audience did.

    (I have no proof for the above conclusion, but it seems pretty obvious based on the way that attitudes in our society tend to be distributed across educational levels.)

    In C S Lewis’ novel That Hideous Strength, the principal character is captured by a sinister cabal. He is put through a process of training which is aimed at killing “all specifically human reactions” in a person.

    To kill the “specifically human reactions” in a person and substitute something else…is that the effect of higher education–especially graduate education–as often carried out today?

  • Jose

    A recruiter once related to me that she was floored when a student asked her why the military always goes to other places and kills people.

    The correct answer would have been, “Because the president and congress tell them to”.

  • Ymarsakar

    He looked at my as blankly as my daughter had looked at him, and then said, “Join the Navy, kill people.”

    Become a doctor, get rich from abortions. Everybody has a plan, Doc. It don’t matter what they do. Join the medical corp, create biological warfare agents for Saddam, interrogation drugs and sleep toxins for the Russians, or biological experimentation on humans for the Nazis. It’s all there.

    Or get a MD and join Al Qaeda, ala Zarwahiri and various many others, if your interests are more religious in nature.

  • Ymarsakar

    I know that is not a popular sentiment and many would recoil in horror at what you said and what I also believe but it is true.

    I must be honest here. I also recoil in horror at the death of most people. I strongly abhor such actions.

    The reason that is so is because most people are killed inefficiently, to the point where 20-40 years are spent on one guy that is guilty, while Saddam takes 5s to decide to kill 10,000 innocents. At this rate, inefficiency will out breed the ones that don’t need killing, by letting the ones that do, survive. Now that’s uncomfortable and disagreeable to me.

    (I have no proof for the above conclusion, but it seems pretty obvious based on the way that attitudes in our society tend to be distributed across educational levels.)

    Indoctrination processes, peer group pressure and therapy, along with cult like fanaticism, bigotry, and prejudice. All the things Woodstock was supposed to get rid of, but only ended up promoting because they used the wrong base elements. It’s not hard to create poison from what was supposed to be medicine.


    If it is feasible in your situation, you might start to make inquiries into the availability and quality of other pediatricians. A doctor who becomes verbally judgemental about career decisions of his patients indicates a lack of self-control: he might also lose control and slip up in treatment situations.

    You know the doctor, so you may quickly find that this is not really a problem with him. At least, you will have considered it and made a rational decision.

    Thanks again for your blog!

  • Ymarsakar

    I believe a healthy human being must be taught the realities of violence much the same that they must be taught the realities of sex and the consequences there of.

    An imbalance occurs, such as in Europe, where sex is seen as normal while violence is abhorred and stigmatized. If there is nothing more human than creating new life, there is also nothing more human than ending it. Both, chaos and order, light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction, must be taught for proper context to be developed for discerning individuals to judge reality for what it is, not what they wish it to be.

    Many, many people, atheists, Leftists, academics, or whatever you may have, say that religion suppresses sex because it is insecure, intolerant, and simply stuck in moribund rules that don’t liberate the full extent of the human expression of emotion.

    Well, there is nothing more emotional than murderous intent, other than love ever lasting unto death.

    They want to teach 10 year olds about gay sex, fisting, and what not? I’ll teach them the exact physical processes to destroy a human body, and the consequences of destroyed joints, ruptured eyes, spaghetti testicles, and backwards bending elbow/knee joints. That is balance. They will now have the tools to understand evil, for they now know exactly how evil accomplishes its goal and by extension, how we stop them.

    If 10 year olds aren’t ‘responsible’ enough for this knowledge, then why the fauk do they think they can tell me that they are adequate for sexual indoctrination and initiation?

    Life and death, they are the ultimate derivations and expressions of the human condition. Don’t try to convince me that we need only learn about one, but not the other. Our current society of sheep is the exact product of learning about one but the other. And if you want the vice a versa contrast, just look at Islam’s fetish about sex and violence. It’s reversed, isn’t it. And is it any more healthy?

  • SGT Dave

    BW and all,
    Just a side note to support some people who support the military.
    The groups Disturbed, Saving Abel, and 3 Doors Down (among many others) have written songs supporting the military (18 Days, Here Without You, Indestructable) that are well-liked and received. Rock and roll, especially the newest “heavy” alternate types are providing the soundtrack for the Army. And they’re doing USO shows (I missed Disturbed at Camp Victory in Baghdad because of a mission). Support these guys if you like the music – and in many ways they are a good listen.
    I’m enjoying a day off before Columbus Day, and hope that this finds you all well.

    SSG Dave
    “I am an indestructable master of war…” – Disturbed

  • Ymarsakar

    The fundamental problem with conservatives fighting the culture war is that they don’t want the changes proposed by the Left. And it is understandable why they wouldn’t. The status quo may have flaws, but the mass murder indoctrination camps of systemic bureaucracy and corruption won’t make it better; it will make it worse, far worse. Thus is entirely rational for people balanced on a precipice and slipping, not to listen to advice that they should just jump, close their eyes, and wait until they hit rock bottom and be made into an instant pancake.

    I say that is a fundamental problem because it does not fundamentally solve the basic need of human beings for stable and slow change. If all you offer is stasis, people are going to be motivated by their emotions, frustration, rage, love, or whatever, to side with somebody, anybody, offering them a better way. Even if that better way is assisted suicide in all but name. The Left preys upon emotionally vulnerable individuals, much as con men do and cults do. They offer what people need to believe in. They offer a better world and use people’s hatred of injustices to ‘create’ this better world where only a few elite at the top hold power, wealth, and influence.

    No, you have to offer something better. You can’t just say that terrorists are bad, therefore join us. What do we offer those in need? Those who have nothing but the clothes on their back, their huts, their semi-arable land, and most importantly, their blood relatives? What are we going to give them that will make them our friends and allies?

    For me, I’ll start with the knowledge of violence. How it works, who uses it, and how you can use it just as well as anyone else.

    People want to be liberated and watch all kinds of porn and sex education and whatever they want to call it? I’m down with that. So long as they watch Nick Berg’s execution, in detail, 5 or 10 times per month until they can recite from memory exactly what happened and in what order, read eyewitness and physical descriptions of Saddam’s rape rooms, study the pathology of psychopaths and sociopaths and their crimes, including forensic, legal, and news logs. If they do that, they can learn as much about sex as they wish. Violence will keep them grounded in this reality, one way or another.

    And the Left don’t want that. And you know why? Because learning about violence automatically and inevitably MOTIVATES you to learn how to protect yourself. And that, the Left won’t allow. They cannot allow their black slaves and white serfs to learn how to do things on their own. That makes things dangerous for a slave-plantation society. The slave masters must always keep the slaves disarmed, for fear of a slave rebellion. We got to keep the serfs in check, you see.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left has, for some odd coincidence, accomplished a coup de tat with violence as publicly expressed. On the one hand, they abhor its use, while hiring it out to their bodyguards, bureaucrats, and faceless non-entities. On the other hand, their Hollywood propaganda glorifies death, killing, crime, and such minor things as rapine and pillaging (Polansky people, it’s always what they do, not what they say).

    This provides them great tactical and strategic advantages. For one thing, they can obtain the votes and loyalty of most regular people, who don’t want their kids taught or exposed to violence, but who also don’t want anybody else telling them what they can or cannot watch/do. This breaks those who might be conservative, away from conservatives. But, at the same time, when conservatives support bans against violence, they are also supporting the Left’s sexualization of the culture. So it is the one two punch of disaggregating potential conservative supporters, and while at the same time increasing the Left’s support base.

    The intersection is not very clear at first. You have to trace it back to Hollywood. There’s a reason why they make the movies they do. And it isn’t just to ‘make money’ as some may claim. They have ideological motivations, much as the New York Times and the cable news networks have.

    Hollywood, by creating a glorified version of violence, uses it to support their spread of sex and removing the stigma of deviant behaviors. This is in order for them to legitimize deviant behaviors on the part of child rapists, thugs, murderers like Tookie, and mass murderers like Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, etc.

    By introducing sexual and murderous content, in the criminal context and the societally abhorrent context, they are eroding people’s resistance to it. Instead of seeing it as abhorrent, now people will see it as normal or at least less abnormal.

    When conservatives fight against this, by talking about banning this or banning that, regulations this or regulations that, it plays into the Leftist game plan. More regulation=more government power. The more people say this is forbidden, the more the youth corps try to learn about it. The more controversy created about a split between conservatives and the rest of America, the more we can be labeled as right wing extremists and nuts, that want to put women back into the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, like the Islamic terrorists.

    Violence, however, is not glorified. It’s not real, the way Hollywood presents it. It is not even real in the criminal sense. They’re getting better at it, if only because Hollywood and criminal elements are starting to mix (Polansky, Oj, Tookie, Duke Lacrosse, etc). But there is still a very real divide.

    At the same time that the Left is teaching the youth how to glorify crime and irresponsible decision making, they must keep a strict line between citizen defense and entertainment. They don’t want to make entertainment that glorifies citizens being able to defend themselves. Nowhere will you find something like the 7 Samurai or the Magnificent Seven on current ideological Hollywood propaganda productions. The people are made to be helpless, saved only be the ‘unique leader’ (Strong Man Dictator in Chief) or by the ‘system’ or by the ‘police’. When you convince the people that they can’t fight back, that they need government help, half your job is over.

    So, what are they doing? They’re keeping knowledge about violence away from people. They’re making it forbidden. Guns forbidden. Guns dangerous. Guns not safe. Citizens aren’t safe with the capability to kill criminals. You can see how this starts to work for the Leftist agenda of a national or global bureaucracy. At the same time, they want UNLIMITED sexual expression, because that is a tactical advantage when eroding the status quo mores and ethics. Keep these people distracted with sex and games and they won’t ever worry about the serious issues of life and death. This may not have worked when sex couldn’t be easily separated from children, but now it can. Technology has made social advancement easier. It has also made social anarchy and evil easier as well.

    The more the Left talks about glorified violence, the stronger the reaction from certain groups of conservatives, because conservatives conflate Hollywood violence with the Left. But conservatives never make the connection that Hollywood is totally against real violence, as shown in reality. They don’t want people to know about what really goes on in other places, like female genital mutilation, human slavery, sex trafficking, or any of those other things. They also don’t want a clear and accurate picture of what the United States use of violence comes out to. Instead, people look at bombs and stuff, and they directly relate that to their Hollywood experiences. And when conservatives decry Hollywood, they link that with our attempts to protect the military’s solid reputation as being partisan.

    People don’t have the right information to make informed judgments. It’s not that they lack MILITARY experience. Military experience doesn’t make you immune to human nature, emotions, or partisanship. Check our Murtha, Kerry, Wesley Clark, and the list goes on if you don’t believe me. You don’t need to understand the military to understand how violence works. You don’t need to understand what military acronyms mean to understand the limitations on decision making when violent encounters must be resolved by individuals on the ground, with no luxury to sit back and cruise it out with a tivo remote.

    Until conservatives start educating people, until the Republican party is seen in connection with education on violence, not just suppression of sex, Abu ghraib, or military corruption/war crimes, we will not, cannot break the propaganda deadlock that the Left holds us in.

    Big Government, O’Keefe’, and Hannah Giles struck a powerful blow against ACORN. Why, apart from the actual consequences we saw? Because they presented the Republican party as informative, open, and inquisitive rather than regressive, reactive, knee jerk, corrupt, or close minded. It gave us credibility. When we say something about ACORn next time, voter fraud or what not, the average American will be more inclined to believe us, because they had seen bad stuff about ACORN before. This is how propaganda works. It’s not just one operation and that’s it. It’s a life time of visual inputs and stimuli. That’s how you change people’s minds.

  • Danny Lemieux

    It isn’t that your child’s pediatrician is an opponent of war that rankles…most of us oppose war. The military doesn’t like war either.

    The military, however, is there to prevent war. What your pediatrician doesn’t realize, on the other hand, is that he is an enabler of war.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I once said this to a Quaker who was protesting the military, “Your moral vanity may not allow you to realize this, but you are one of war’s enablers…you don’t help to prevent war, you make it more likely to happen”.

    She wasn’t very happy with me but I guarantee you that she remembers what I said.

  • Ymarsakar

    Part of Alinsky’s rules concerns making things personal because people connect on personal relationships and events. They don’t connect on abstract concepts or far away people. Things only matter to them if they can relate it to their own life and the lives of others they know.

    That’s why those rules work. Because for as much as Communists, Marxists, and Fascists attempt to subvert basic human order to their profit, in order for them to gain power they must conform to human behavior and human nature.

    If anti-Americans were as delusional concerning their methods as they were on their goals, they wouldn’t be nearly as much a danger.

  • Ymarsakar

    There’s the video Dave mentioned.

  • pst314

    “Further, when you see the guns aimed at you, self-defense often means firing the first shot. (Something every American who watched old Hollywood westerns easily understood).”

    …except for George Lucas.

  • pst314

    Bookworm, I admire how you stayed calm in the face of that doctor’s arrogant foolishness. I would probably have asked the doctor to step outside the examination room, closed the door so my kid wouldn’t hear,and then ripped him a new one.

  • Gringo

    Danny, I was a Conscientious Objector (1-O) during the Vietnam War. The genocide in Cambodia changed my views on pacifism: as long as violent thugs roam the earth, no one has clean hands. That is what I tell pacifists.

    Book: have you considered looking for a new Pediatrician, and when you do so, to inform the former one that you changed because he imposed his political views on your daughter?

  • Gringo

    Better said, “vicious thugs” instead of “violent thugs.”

  • rockdalian

    From an Australian singer by the name of Beccy Cole.

    Poster Girl

    A touching tribute to Australian diggers.

    Australian and New Zealand slang term for a soldier.

  • Ymarsakar

    I would probably have asked the doctor to step outside the examination room, closed the door so my kid wouldn’t hear,and then ripped him a new one.

    I like Book’s style. She is open and honest, within the requirements of etiquette.

    I would have engaged in a more open discussion with the doctor, but would have preferred off duty hours, and would also prefer that everybody involved be seen as equals. If it is two adults speaking and one child, the child will be suppressed in terms of actual influence and consideration. The adults will also have their attitudes modified for the good and the bad because of that perception.

    Regardless, it’s always a good thing to bring up topics people are unaware of. If the doctor believes his field is virtuous and superior to the military’s because the military concentrates on killing, what would the doctor say to AQ’s plethora of medical degrees? If he is unaware, why is unaware? Are they not part of the same profession? Are soldiers unaware of Abu Ghraib? If they are not, why should any doctor be unaware of medical abuses?


    Must agree with Ymar… Book’s control is impressive. I’ve taken a cue from her and when ‘frothing’ at the mouth at some responses from time to time, I have been careful to remain in control and limit myself to a quiet reprimand.

    Of course, once I am away from the computer……….I am trying, I am trying.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Hmmm, interesting point, Ymar: I read somewhere that Doctors kill about 200,000 people a year through “mistakes”.

    I don’t think that our military can claim such an annual body count even in the midst of two hot wars. I know there’s a pony somewhere in those statistics: you might want to ask you pediatrician how this could be, Book? It just may bring him back to earth.

  • Ymarsakar

    The reason why people portray the inferiority of foreign others via prejudice and bigotry is because they are inherently certain in their own culture/group superiority. Break that superiority down and you can re-program their world view.

    After all, isn’t that what the Left told us. That we are homophobic, Islamophobic, scared and afraid, using fear tactics, to stoke up rage and hate and security measures against foreigners and those that don’t speak English? That, in order to be more sensitive, we got to listen and take care of root causes?

    I turn the gun back on the user and fire it point blank, against their wishes or intent. When they ask me how come I killed them with their own gun, I reply that they had given me a labor saving tool and I would be impolite to waste such a gift. The Left doesn’t want to take their own advice because they know how pernicious it is to morale and group unity and cult loyalty. They know they are as vulnerable to social engineering and human prejudices as we are. They just don’t care. Well, I do. I care to make them admit and recognize their vulnerability. By demonstrating it to them.

  • Ymarsakar

    The normal defense against accusations that the military killed X, Y, or Z is saying that there were mitigating circumstances, that the situation was incomprehensible except to those actually in the fight, and things like forth. Those sound like nothing but excuses to those that have no idea of what war, battle, or life or death struggles are.

    I choose not to adopt such a defensive posture. I choose the offense. Break down the attacker and you will stop the attacks at their source, rather than at the target.

    When people are chasing you down, you don’t run away, you run towards them and run them over. If you want to inflict more psychological trauma, you can run into a blind and narrow alley, wait for them to get close, then pop out and break their wind pipe as a initial gift for a whole symphony of carnage and human entertainment: if entertainment you mean the Scream Theater.

  • Ymarsakar

    Danny, sounds like sepia and unclean sanitation procedures.

    Hospitals are already full of sick people with damaged immune systems. It doesn’t take much additional disease vectors to knock em into the red.

  • Al

    Hi BW,
    I have to respond to this. On only one cup of coffee the day after a very long day in my own pediatric practice.
    First, BW, you’ve got the iron self control of a Buckingham Palace Guard.
    Second, as the excellent parent you are, you taught your daughter about good and evil, strength and weakness, long before this delusional piece of professional protoplasm attempted to insult his own patient. That teaching allowed her to realize he did not know what he was talking about.
    Third, my perception of most of my colleagues is that they are quite left of center. Hence, they believe they know better than their patients or their patients’ parents. I would be interested to know how he deals with parents who want to debate the topic of vaccinations.
    I am sure that if your daughter does become a physician in the Navy, her patients will have the best care of their lives.

  • Charles (#11) said:

    “If it is feasible in your situation, you might start to make inquiries into the availability and quality of other pediatricians. A doctor who becomes verbally judgemental about career decisions of his patients indicates a lack of self-control: he might also lose control and slip up in treatment situations.”

    You and I have the exact same thought. The nerve of this doctor to made such a idiotic judgement about a young person’s dreams. I, too, would look for another doctor for my kids.