America’s decline is Obama’s goal

Charles Krauthammer spells it out:  America’s decline is not a by-product of Obama’s myriad Left wing policies; it is, instead, his primary goal.  Think of that as you wonder why a Leftist European prize committee awarded the formerly prestigious Nobel Peace Prize to Obama.

Of course, this isn’t new to any of you.  I’ve been saying it since before he was elected, and I think many of you have been agreeing with me.

For more, check out this Power Line post.

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    Krauthammer: “This (reduction in economic growth) affects the ability to project power. Growth provides the sinews of dominance–the ability to maintain a large military establishment capable of projecting power to all corners of the earth.”

    In the late 1700s, James Boswell visited the Boulton & Watt steam engine plant. Showing Boswell around, Matthew Boulton remarked:

    “I sell here, sir, what all men desire–POWER”

    Of course, mechanical power is not identical to national political power, but they are strongly correlated. The Obama/Pelosi/Reid war on America’s energy industry and infrastructure will certainly act to reduce our relative power in international affairs.

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