The Archbishop of Canterbury is an idiot

In his latest opining about world events, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has certainly managed to assure that every one of his illustrious predecessors is rolling in his grave.  Please recall that Williams is the same Church prelate who advanced Sharia law.

He’s now calling for the end of economic growth the save the planet.  In his singularly incoherent style, he argues that economic growth, even though a good thing that’s brought enormous benefits to the world is really a bad thing because of global warming — and yes, this would be the global warming that doesn’t exist.  Little things such as facts and logic have never stopped Williams before, though, and they’re not going to stop him now:

The Archbishop of Canterbury called for an end to economic growth to save the planet.

Dr Rowan Williams said that economic growth based on consumer power had led to towards ‘the death of what is most distinctively human’.

But he acknowledged that poverty should not be romanticised and said that economic growth could be one cause of ‘human liberation’.

‘We cannot grow indefinitely in economic terms without moving towards the death of what is most distinctively human, the death of the habits that make sense in a shared world where life has to be sustained by co-operation not only between humans but between humans and their material world,’ he said.

‘We have to ask whether our duty of care for life is compatible with assuming without question that the desirable future for every economy, even the most currently successful and expansionist, is unchecked growth.’

However, Dr Williams added: ‘It is right to work for a world in which there is security of work and food and medical care for all, and to try and create local economies that make local societies prosper through trade and innovation.

You can read more of his singularly befuddled utterances here.

I don’t even know how to parse the abject ignorance and utter lack of logic that wanders through those inchoate thoughts.  This man is so inane, he defies fisking.   While I’m sure there’s the germ of an idea hiding somewhere in the back of that small brain, I doubt he or anyone else is capable of teasing it out.

There are all sorts of stupid people in the world.  The tragedy is that the Church of England has elevated this boneheaded academic to a bully pulpit from which he can harangue, confuse and destroy the people of England.

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  • David Foster

    Certain religious leaders, both in America and in Britain, also made a significant “contribution” to the West’s unpreparedness for war against Naziism and Japanese imperialism. From my 2004 post on the subject:
    German militarism, said one Methodist minister, “may be provoked by bitter belief..that there is no peaceful way of solving a desperate economic problem.” Condemnation of Hitler, according to a leader in the United Church of Christ, was a “short-circuited, adolescent hatred of individual leaders.” And a Unitarian minister in New York said that “If America goes into the war, it will not be for idealistic reasons but to serve her own imperialistic interests.” The it’s-all-our-fault line was echoed by a Reverend Holmes, who said that a German victory should be viewed as “the punishment for our transgressions.” Stunningly, comments along these lines continued to be made in 1940 and even in 1941.

  • Charles Martel

    I don’t think anybody rational or educated is surprised anymore by the inanities of British Anglicanism and American Episcopalianism.

    The former has degenerated into a Monty Python riff on what happens when moral and mental midgets attempt to describe the big world. The latter has turned into a sodomist street fair where ornate vestments have replaced thongs and chaps.

  • gpc31

    Time to dust off the one and only Iowahawk. Everytime I hear about the latest fatuity from the not-so-good archbishop, I think “asse-hatte” and start giggling uncontrollably:

    Heere Bigynneth the Tale of the Asse-Hatte.
    An Archbishop of Canterbury Tale
    (With apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer)

    1 Whan in Februar, withe hise global warmynge
    2 Midst unseasonabyl rain and stormynge
    3 Gaia in hyr heat encourages
    4 Englande folke to goon pilgrimages.
    5 Frome everiches farme and shire
    6 Frome London Towne and Lancanshire
    7 The pilgryms toward Canterbury wended
    8 Wyth fyve weke holiday leave extended
    9 In hybryd Prius and Subaru
    10 Off the Boughton Bypasse, east on M2.
    11 Fouer and Twyntie theye came to seke
    12 The Arche-Bishop, wyse and meke
    13 Labouryte and hippye, Gaye and Greene
    14 Anti-warre and libertyne
    15 All sondry folke urbayne and progressyve
    16 Vexed by Musselmans aggressyve.
    17 Hie and thither to the Arche-Bishop’s manse
    18 The pilgryms ryde and fynde perchance
    19 The hooly Bishop takynge tea
    20 Whilste watching himselfe on BBC.
    21 Heere was a hooly manne of peace
    22 Withe bearyd of snow and wyld brows of fleece
    23 Whilhom stoode athwart the Bush crusades
    24 Withe peace march papier-mache paraydes.

  • Oldflyer

    Someone should sit him down and force him to listen to descriptions of life in pre-industrial Britain. If he has ever read Dickens, he has clearly forgotten the description of a London in which the air was so thick you could scarce breathe it, and many died trying. This was not because of automobile emissions, of course, but because in the pre-natural gas era, people burned peat to avoid freezing to death (those who could afford to anyway). Maybe he yearns for Elizabethan England with raw sewage running in the streets; when life was short and nasty for most.

    I had a taste of his preferred life during, and just after World War II, when we stayed with my Aunt and Uncle on a farm with no electricity or running water. At 10 or 12 it was no hardship for me. But, I can well remember what life was like for the grown-ups; especially the women. By age 45 or 50 they looked more beaten down and exhausted than an 80-85 year old of today.

    Stupid, stupid man. Sadly, he has a podium and a microphone.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s not his preference for himself. It’s his preference for the rest of humanity.

  • Danny Lemieux

    As an Episcopalian who longs for the day when many of the Anglo-world’s greatest scientists, philosophers and religious thinkers (e.g., C.S. Lewis) were Anglican (some even priests), I can only respond…yup! The American and English churches are now led by idiot functionaries of little redeeming quality.

    However, the vast majority of Anglicans now live in Africa (mostly Nigeria) and Asia and it is they who are leading the good fight in the trenches and setting the moral standards for our church (and puh-leeze, I do not mean Desmond Tutu).

  • gpc31


    I agree with your main points, but for what it’s worth, there are two current exceptions (and exceptional) Anglican thinkers: N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham, and John Polkinghorne, physicist.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Thanks, gpc31…I will look up these two gentlemen’s bios.

  • Charles Martel

    A good Episcopalian website, where a very thoughtful and articulate remnant holds out, is Stand Firm at

    I often visit it to monitor the latest outrages from the pantheists and druids who are now running the church.

  • Charles Martel

    13 Labouryte and hippye, Gaye and Greene
    14 Anti-warre and libertyne
    15 All sondry folke urbayne and progressyve
    16 Vexed by Musselmans aggressyve.

    I’ve learned my lesson and am keeping spare keyboards at the ready. gpc31, thanks for posting this!

  • Ymarsakar

    By Schism Rent Asunder, Charles. By Heresies Distressed.

    Whenever the church hierarchy becomes too corrupt and malignant, regardless of which hierarchy they belong to, the people at the bottom of the pyramid starts getting antsy.

  • gkong3

    Danny, you can also look up Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, who’s ten times more qualified to lead the Anglican Communnion that the current jackass Druid.

    St Ebbe’s in Oxford is doing their best to churn out good and strong theologians.

    The Church of Nigeria is holding fast against the Gates of Hell, as is the Province of South East Asia. I understand the Diocese of Sydney is doing a fair job as well, although I cannot vouch for it.

    There is yet hope for the Communion. And even if it falls… so what? Denominations should not matter anyway. And I say this as an Anglican.

  • Mike Devx

    Once Upon A Time, the leaders of the free world believed that Progress would solve our problems. They had a can-do attitude. They knew that everyone could benefit when the tide came in; all boats were lifted. Invent new things. Solve the problems! The answer was always: Come up with a better solution, save the world!

    These days, our leaders want to lock us down, trap us in our places, reduce our choices, limit everything. Shut it down. Close it down. Make you poorer. Turn the world a little grayer every year. Cloudy skies and endless drizzle. Trudge to work, if you have a job. Trudge to stand in front of some glowering bureaucrat, if you don’t have a job. Trudge, trudge, trudge. Keep your head down. Don’t solve the problem; prevent people from doing anything. Don’t invent. Shut it down. Lock you down, in place. Don’t move.

    Is it any wonder there is growing despair, ennui, and a sense of disempowerment, a sense of decline?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Thank you for the Iowahawk “Asse-Hatte” link, gpc31…it has been bookmarked and shall be disseminated far and wide.

    Only slightly OT…read this article by Robin of Berkeley to the end, everyone, and tell me if it doesn’t explain much about the Right Reverend Asse-Hatters of the world and someone else that we know well:

    Any guesses?

  • Ymarsakar

    No, Rose, it shouldn’t have.

    And you all should know by now my preferred solution to ending such.

    Any guesses?

    Pastor Ray and family, along with his numerous other screen names that will hate Book but won’t say a thing about blacks for fear of retaliation? You remember him, don’t ya.

    Course, that was awhile ago. If you are talking about recent folks…

    I recently wrote a blog post detailing much of the same mechanics as Robin of B. Except my chosen topic was the intersection between the Kennedy clan and Leftist feminism or ‘care for women’.

    I think it is very logical that in order to cultivate and organize victim groups, you must invariably victimize the weakest and break their ability for independence. Only then can you organize them into ant colonies that obey without question like the old SS Sturmtroopers.

    Human beings are programmed on the genetic level to seek benefit in groups. Some have a faulty wiring or two, but those are the exceptions, not the norm.

    But there is more than one way to get people into a group. First, you can offer them rewards for staying in the group and cooperating, which tends to get new recruits because they want in on the benefits. But there’s another way. A darker way. You can keep people in a group using fear, group pressure, and terrorization. You can keep a person in by making them afraid of everybody outside, as Jim Jones did. You can make people kill themselves, by convincing them that the alternatives are worse than death (japanese propaganda in WWII).

    A single guess as to which path the Left undertook to create their ‘social harmony’ and ‘community organizations’.