San Francisco media pretty much ignores conservative anti-Obama protesters and focuses on his discontented base *UPDATED*

I happen to know, because I gave notice here at this blog and because I’m in touch with the organizers, that large numbers of conservatives and independents were planning on protesting Barack Obama’s appearance in San Francisco.  I also know, again because I noted it here, that Obama was afraid to show his face in San Francisco, not because of conservatives, but because of his own base’s disappointment with his policies.

While Charles Krauthammar points out that Obama’s base is largely irrelevant politically, because they have nowhere else to go, and it’s unlikely that we’ll again see a hardcore Leftist in the White House (barring a coup), Obama knows that community organizers enjoy protest for protest’s sake, and are likely to savage him for the fun of it.  In other words, having a Leftist base is like holding a tiger by the tail.  Even if it’s your pet tiger, if you let go, it will turn on you and savage you.

The result of the Left’s feral disposition is that you end up with exactly what Obama feared — a president being vigorously protested by his own base.  And that’s precisely what happened in San Francisco, creating a man bites dog story that led on the local media.  (See here too.)

That conservatives and independents were there protesting, possibly in the tens of thousands, was completely irrelevant.  The only thing that fascinated the media was that the same hysterics who dogged the arch-enemy, George Bush, were also there complaining about the Obamessiah.

Of course, the media’s obsession with the whiny Left means that Bay Area dwellers have been left completely ignorant of the fact that enormous numbers of conservatives belied their staid reputation and took to the streets in protest.

UPDATEToday’s SF Chronicle coverage does the same:  downplays the protests, and focuses all its energy on the Code Pink stuff.

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