Israel and spying on the U.S. — NOT!

Earlier this week, I wrote about my doubts regarding the administration’s sudden announcement about a spy for Israel.  I should have read the articles more carefully.  It turns out that a sting found someone who was willing to spy for Israel.  Israel had nothing to do with it.  I’m still distressed by the whole thing, but that really shifts the focus, doesn’t it?

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  • Earl

    Why am I not surprised that this Administration announced the results of the sting in this way……..?



    Every header in print or media linked the words: Spy, Israel, US.

    I cannot cite the source (remember if I heard or read) but as I recall Nozette also offered to spy for Turkey, too.

    The release and the wording was and is at the heart of the issue. I’ll say it again, the entire story and how it was released to the press was for the sole intention of sending several messages in several directions and none of it kosher.

  • suek

    At this point in time and politics, in this administration, I’d be willing to spy for Israel.

  • suek

    I’ve mentioned that I’ve been trying to learn what’s going on economically…
    This link is from one of those blogs. It’s a composite of all railroad traffic, on a weekly basis. Scroll down…the first stuff you come to is tables. Assuming you aren’t especially interested in any one particular field, all you need to note is that all the numbers in the tables are in red. I don’t have to explain what that means, I assume. Scroll on further down, and you get to the graphs. That’s when all those red numbers hit you in the face. We’re not coming out of this mess very soon – whatever that means to each of us on an individual basis.

  • suek
  • suek
  • eric-odessit

    What is also missing in all these “spy” stories is the fact that, while Israelis may spy IN America, they do not spy ON America. In big cases, like the Pollard case and the AIPAC case, the information in question was the information Israel’s enemies that US might possess. For example, in the case of Pollard, he was trying to pass info on Syrian chemical weapons to Israel. His superiors were supposed to pass the info anyway, according to an agreement with Israel. But they chose not to do so because they wanted to have some leverage. My source is Alan Dershowitz’s book “Chuzpa”.


    suek … those graphs are very telling – that all have sad faces :(

    It’s gonna be a long haul to recovery.
    I had thought that after September 11th, that it would take 10 years plus, considering not just the physical damage done, but the economic one (broadening security on every level and every which way, including buses, trains, commercial and non commercial, as an example).
    I believe every facet of government/business tinkered with the real numbers (kept pushing undocumented home loans) and encouraged us to spend like nothing had happened. Here we are 8 years later and the 10 years is still ahead of us. Two wars, no end in sight, although we were told that we were in it for the long haul. I certainly realized that it was going to be no easy in/out-it may have to be part and parcel of our daily existence.

    The reality is that the jihadists, do not measure in time, just in goals. No matter to them if it takes 50 or 100 years. You only have to look towards Israel to see that 60 years without an intermission, just a slow down for periods of time. It has shaped Israeli society as a result.

    Gee, I really went on a bender here…The word ‘recovery’ will have to be redefined- just as the jihadists redefined the word ‘security’ for us.

    p.s. for the residents, the 12% who want to alter the menu – haven’t they heard the expression, When in Rome……………

  • suek

    Heh. Sadie…nevertheless…things are about to get interesting!!-Friends-Of-Angelo.html

    Also, go to the main page, or in case this tomorrow when you get a round tuit…


    We can only hope, but I doubt it.

    Despicable doesn’t even come close – it has too many letters and all the ones I have in my head really don’t exceed 4 or 5 letter words (with the basic exception).

    The Friends of Angelo Club are everywhere. They’re termites in a forest of trees. I think we have to go the way of fire fighters, we need to slash and burn [vote them out] every chance we get. That means every election, local, national, townships – all of them. You get to serve and you get to go!

    Hmm… Agent Orange would work, too.


    suek…remember when the TOP 100 referred to music and not money.