Things that caught my brain today — and Open Thread *UPDATED*

I have deadline work today, so won’t be able to blog for a while.  ‘Til then, I was impressed with these morning reads:

The Post-Gracious President, which focuses on Obama’s ongoing battle against the now long-departed President Bush.  I think Obama is a singularly unpleasant person, as I’ve blogged before, and as is demonstrated by his ghetto boasting and slanging and his attacks on those who hurt his sensibilities (e.g., Fox), so I also think this article hits the nail on the head.

Obama Taking Us On Path to Fascism, the title of which is self-explanatory.  Fortunately, but sadly, the essay has a lot of facts to support that title.  Thomas Sowell, not surprisingly, has noticed the same trend.

Democrats’ Policies Based on Dogma, Hopes, Dreams, But Not Realty, which talks about the liberal religion that enshrines government

Bawney Fwank, in a few seconds, explaining his “religion” and revealing his fascism.

And, on a lighter note, it looks as if there’s a wonderful new biography of Louisa May Alcott out there.  I’ve already reserved my copy at the library.

Even as Bret Stephens scoffs at global warming, and Americans lose that glow, the AP earnestly assures us that statisticians know that global warming is real.  Will the real climate change theory please stand up?

UPDATE(S)Media catches on to the Bush/Obama double-standard.

A matched set on the swine flu:  AJ Strata about manipulation to denigrate American health care and Power Line on the real failure.

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  • Ymarsakar

    How many times do I have to say I am sick of the truth before they stop comparing Obama to Nazi Germany and Hitler?

  • Ymarsakar

    Any criticism of Mr. Obama and Obamacare is met with harsh criticism and what Mr. Obama once described as “calling them out.” For example, a recent radio address from Mr. Obama accused the insurance industry of misleading and improper criticism of Obamacare. The address lasted a little over six minutes, but did not sight a single fact or bit of evidence indicating that the industry was using deceptive tactics. As usual, the Obama speech was long on name-calling but devoid of facts and information. Unless you accept the Obama program, you are almost immediately and automatically branded as dealing in illegitimate criticism and “politics as usual.”

    Editor Correction: Sight=cite

    See, Book. Somebody else stole your private language. Are ya going to sue for copyright infringement?

  • Zhombre

    Here’s something you might find interesting, Book:

  • BrianE

    Good article about our non-recovery recovery.
    Twelve Reasons for a Jobless Recovery

    …Of course we know why job growth has slowed. Here are 12 good reasons.

    1. We consumed more than we produced for a decade. Consumers are deep in debt and need to take care of their balance sheets.

    2. We built enough houses for 15 years in a 5 year window.

    3. People thought home prices would rise forever and borrowed against their homes. They are now underwater and cannot sell or move.

    4. There is rampant overcapacity everywhere. We do not need any more Walmarts, Pizza huts, nail salons, Targets, Home Depots, Lowes, gas stations, grocery stores, or anything else.

    5. Global wage arbitrage and outsourcing.

    6. Boomers heading into retirement are scared half to death. They will not be spending or traveling as much as they thought. Indeed they will be attempting to downsize their lifestyle.

    7. Attitudes everywhere have changed. People have finally caught on to the idea that home prices do not always go up. Businesses have caught on to the idea that home prices and commercial real estate does not always go up. Thus banks have tightened lending standards and consumers are reluctant to borrow.

    8. “Frugality is the New Reality”. Here is a Search for the word “frugality” in this blog.

    9. Misguided federal tax policy. The administration plans to raise taxes on the wealthy. On top of that the health care plan is going to be very costly for small businesses. Thus the administration has inadvertently given small businesses two more reasons not to hire. Instead the administration should be slashing corporate tax rates.

    10. Government Pension Plans. States are raising property taxes to help fund pension plans that have blown up. This is a drain on the economy. These plans need to be killed. Please see California Treasurer Spanks Legislature Over Pension Reform And Reckless Spending for an interesting rant about the pension mess in California. Most states are in the same boat, although California is the worst of the lot.

    11. Stimulus Spending. Japan has already proven that Keynesian and Monetarist solutions cannot and do not work, yet we try anyway. Please see Will Stimulus Take Hold? for details.

    12. Deficit spending in general. Spending what you don’t have and cannot afford never solves anything. We can no longer afford to be the word’s policeman but still attempt to do so at enormous cost. Indeed, there are many things we cannot afford and do anyway. As a result, interest on the national debt is soaring, the dollar is weakening, and this is drain on the real economy regardless of what the stock market thinks about it.

  • suek