Last week’s Watcher’s Council winners — and a couple of announcements

Once again, I’m running a little late but I’m still getting there in the end.  Here are last week’s winners for the Watcher’s Council:

Winning Council Submissions

Winning Non-Council Submissions

Also, two announcements, one just because you might find it interesting and the other because you might want to act upon it. First, in response to some very constructive criticism, the Watcher’s Council will be reverting to the prior pattern of looking to blogs, not newspaper articles or other online publications, for non-Council submissions.  This should allow you to read a wide variety of things, rather than the same things you yourself have seen on your daily internet wanderings.  Second, there are openings on the Watcher’s Council so, if you’re a blogger who is interested, read this.

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    Any word?

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    No word, sadly.