My American Thinker article about Obama’s American-ness

A few weeks ago, I did a post asking if Barack Obama is anti-American.  I liked the concept, but wanted to refine on it a bit.  Well, that refinement turned into a very long post, which I passed on to American Thinker, and the editors were kind enough to publish it.  Take a gander at it and tell me what you think.

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  1. says

    Suek:  One of the problems, probably, is that it’s a dead end.  We’re not going to find out any time soon what the details on that birth certificate are.  My suspicion is that the birth certificate shows Hawaii as his place of birth, but either identifies a different father or no father, or tries to get away with calling him white.  Also, sadly, this simply isn’t an issue that resonates with most voters.

    Considering that we’re in a fight to the death for the American soul here, I think it’s more useful to focus on surprisingly easy targets that galvanize real voters:  the economy, taxes, health care, Afghanistan and our troops, national security, the dignity of our nation when it comes to its standing in the world, etc.

    Also, if we’re going after papers, I’d sure love to see his college transcripts, which I suspect reveal a subpar academic record from our resident genius.  It’s no coincidence, I think, that both Kerry and Gore, touted as geniuses standing head and shoulder above Bush, turned out to have lower GPAs.  Obama is a lightweight.  He knows it.  His handlers know it.  And they really don’t want any one else to have the paper proof.

  2. suek says

    So your objection, Book, is that you think he _was_ born in the US and the resistance to releasing his birth certificate is simply embarrassment over some socially unacceptable maternal escapades.  In other words, you think he _is_ legitimately a natural born citizen.
    That  does ignore his father’s citizenship, and the fact that he would be a “not” natural born citizen by reason of acquiring dual citizenship through his father.  And of course, all the other issues.
    It seems to me that the _real_ issue here is the unwillingness of the courts to even look at the issue.  Regardless of the outcome.  And the fact that there seems to be no requirement for candidates to submit proof of natural born citizenship when they offer themselves as candidates for the presidency.  Except for McCain, of course.  That was an issue discussed in Congress, and the interesting thing was that Obama proposed an amendment – which was rejected – that would have made his condition of natural born status a moot issue.  Interesting, no?
    I certainly agree with you that the other issues should be addressed – but I can’t help but wonder if there is a change of majority party in 2010, if there’ll be an effort to look at this again – with oomph.  By the way – there’s another hearing coming up in Jan, if I understand it correctly.
    I don’t think the issue should be dropped – for two reasons:
    first, because I don’t think that a political party should be allowed to get away with fraud in presenting their candidate, and if it’s shown that he is _not_ a natural born citizen, there are some significant party persons who should be on trial for their fraudulent sponsorship.   I disagree with you on the basic fact, and if I’m correct, then their actions, imo, are indefensible.
    second, aside from the deliberate fraud, there are a whole bunch of laws and actions he’s signed that I’d like to see invalidated.  Obviously, you can’t unring the bell, but some of the stuff could just end, and have to begin again – like health care.

  3. says

    Suek:  All your points are good ones.  I just think that, sometimes, you have to recognize a brick wall when you see one.  It’s worthwhile revisiting this in a more friendly judicial/political environment, but now it takes energy and creates divisiveness when we should be pushing the buttons that make the American voter jump.

  4. Al says

    Hi BW,
    I read your AT piece this morning. It is right on the mark. The essence of America is liberty. For all. For all. (to recall Red Skelton’s recitation of the Pledge of Allegance.)
    Those that realize the truth will vote and work for the rescue of the nation. It’s happening in NY23, and in Virginia, and (hopefully) in New Jersey.

  5. says

    CollegeCon, you can’t prove whether their claims are true or false, but I warn against adopting the stance of Mercutio. Meaning, instead of deciding on the 3 fundamental options available in human judgment [to accept as true, to accept as false, or to wait for more information], a person can instead decide to declare everything off limits based upon personal likes and dislikes. It is the system of solipsism that is self-destructive in its essences.

    Book has given a strategic objective as a reason, which can be verified or not based upon the effectiveness of certain tactics adopted or shunned. This is not an emotional issue decided by a person’s likes or dislikes of the subject, but upon a verifiable reality and consistent methodology.
    People make too many value judgments based upon purely personal and emotional reasons than they will admit. While the Left has epitomized the acme of this subject, nobody should be under the impression that they are immune to propaganda or cons.

  6. BrianE says

    Very good article

    I didn’t notice that the comments were particularly overrun by truthers. Isn’t it telling when we can use a single word, which becomes a pejorative and negates an entire argument. Truthers, Birthers, Creationists, etc. Ah, the power of words. 

    The fact that Obama was raised in an Indonesian Muslim home and later in the home of very leftist grandparents means he missed the point that in spite of our failings, America has stood as a beacon of liberty to most of the world for two centuries. Unforetunately he is anti-American by degree, since much of our current education system is filling young impressionable minds with the same nonsense. We are becoming a country that hates itself.

    It’s almost as if Obama is the obligatory penance required to overcome our guilt. What is also troubling is that by his age, most Americans have overcome the propaganda and have recognized the benefits America has bestowed on the world.

    Many of the comments at AT did emphasize his Marxist nature. I think we are seeing something closer to a liberal form of facism- state capitalism, where certain favored groups are allowed to profit, once they have given proper allegiance to the state (look at the AMA for an example of this). I don’t think most of the left is pure in their doctrine.

  7. CollegeCon says

    Bookworm already said basically everything I would have said and more, (much better than I would have, might I hasten to add).
    The birth certificate is a red herring.  Not only that, but even if it were to turn out the way you think, I don’t see how anything could be done without permanently fracturing the country.  Do you really think that all those Obama supporters, even those who aren’t crazy, would just shrug their shoulders and be like “oh, well we’d better get him out of there then.”  If the birth certificate was to become an issue, it would’ve had to have been during the campaign.  Its too late to put the genie back in now.

  8. BrianE says

    I agree.
    Obama’s status as President is best handled by Congress after he leaves office.
    The pandering political class is digging us a hole far more serious than a potential poser as president.
    A jobless recovery that dovetails nicely with the left’s anti-growth initiative, looming national bankruptcy, and an energy policy that holds us hostage to the very forces fighting to destroy us.
    These are the issues we need to resolve soon if we wish to leave our children any future. 

  9. says

    Do you really think that all those Obama supporters, even those who aren’t crazy, would just shrug their shoulders and be like “oh, well we’d better get him out of there then.”
    Obama can kill a woman, send soldiers to die for political and personal benefits, and I think his supporters will shrug their soldiers. But that’s no reason to say that it is illegitimate to raise such topics.
    Your objection to the comments is that they don’t say what you want them to say. While you can say that you agree with Bookworm, that’s not the first argument you held to. The first argument concerned legitimacy, not consequence.
    If the birth certificate was to become an issue, it would’ve had to have been during the campaign.  Its too late to put the genie back in now
    The Left counts on such things. Not concerning what it motivates you to do, but the basic mental template that we must accept what the Left has done as being irreversible. They said Obama’s past and friends and history weren’t ‘relevant’. People believed it. Now they say it doesn’t matter, and people believe it.
    You see, what actually matters is what is true. So I’ll turn the argument on its head just for you. If people worried about Obama’s birth certificates should give up the goat and accept reality, you must also give up the goat about your belief that their claims are illegitimate and a ‘red herring’. If they must bend their beliefs for America’s future, so must you. And the simple reason for that, is that politics concerns primarily with not offending people that you need as allies.
    If you aren’t the decision maker on this score, then you can afford the tactical disadvantage of offending people by rejecting their views and opinions and life experiences as ‘red herrings’. But a politician or those that wish to see certain political reforms done, don’t have that luxury in the real world.
    A nice example would be the US Marines in the Sunni Triangle. I’m pretty sure they didn’t really like the desert and its crazy people and beliefs. I’m sure they wanted to tell the Sunnis to stop their BS cultural propaganda and get together to make Iraq work, for everybody. I’m sure they were frustrated by tribal customs vs American customs of truth and honesty. But they didn’t act upon it. When invited for tea, they went to tea.
    That’s the real world outside the bubble.

  10. suek says

    Yes…I had seen it.  Donofrio has a court date in early January, I think.  _One_ judge seems to be willing to look at the matter.  I hope he stays safe.

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