Army invites Fifth Column into its midst

Do I think all American Muslims are terrorists?  No.  Do I think the American military should bar Muslims?  No.  Do I think the American military should stop actively recruiting them and providing them with radical Imams?  Oh, yes (emphasis mine).

The Fort Hood terrorist is being portrayed as an “anomaly,” an “aberration,” a “lone wolf.” Sadly, he’s just one of many examples of jihadist traitors in the ranks of the military.

Together they form a dangerous Fifth Column, and the Pentagon — thanks to institutionalized political correctness — is doing next to nothing to root them out .

Instead, brass are actively recruiting Muslim soldiers — whose ranks have swelled to more than 15,000 — and catering to their faith by erecting mosques even at Marine headquarters in Quantico, Va.  More, they’re hiring Muslim chaplains endorsed by radical Islamic front groups, who convert and radicalize soldiers.

In the wake of the worst domestic military-base massacre in U.S. history, this is an outrage to say the least. And the PC blinders explain how Fort Hood commanders could have failed so horrifically in protecting their force from the internal threat there.

I’ll add to this IBD editorial the fact that the military and FBI knew that, as a direct result of his faith, Hasan was incredibly hostile to the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that he believed in suicide bombing. And yet they did nothing. It was a matter of balancing the odds. The odds were 100% that whoever acted upon this information about Hasan would find his career destroyed. The odds were something less than 100% that Hasan would actually kill fellow Americans.  If you’re gambling in a climate in which our own president backs an Attorney General who targets those in American law enforcement who went after Islamists, being passive is the better bet.

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    When is an anomaly – NOT. Michele Malkin 2003

  • suek

    Waiting for CAIR to somehow succeed in turning our laws against us in this…

  • BrianE

    I don’t think it unreasonable that a religious person would put allegience to God before allegience to country.
    Since there is a conflict among Muslims as to what the Koran calls for (spiritual jihad or physical jihad), common sense dictates we determine which interpretation a Muslim adheres to.
    Christians have struggled with the appropriate response to abortion. If we believe it’s murder, why aren’t we physically stopping it? While we are revulsed at the muder of innocent persons, but we recognize there are other commands to be considered.
    Jesus calls for adherence to man’s laws, so Christians do everthing legally possible to discourage and eliminate abortions.
    When Americans are sure that 99.95% of Muslims believe jihad to be spiritual, and consistently speak out against physical jihad we might accept them. Every indication is that the number is lower than that, and possibly much lower.
    Muslims activists have already began their whining that they’re once again being required to distance themselves from Hasan’s jihad, as if it’s an obligation they shouldn’t have to fulfill.
    That doesn’t exactly raise the trust or acceptance level to many Americans.
    Especially since many Americans also understand that Muslims are under no obligation to speak truthfully to infidels.

  • BrianE

    How do we know when a Muslim is being honest, if their religion doesn’t require truthfulness when dealing with infidels?
    That’s not my problem. It’s theirs.
    But they shouldn’t be shocked if I’m skeptical with anything they say, even when they’re condemning Hasan’s jihad.