Just Because — It’s Johnny Mercer’s 100th birthday

I couldn’t find the absolutely exquisite Dorothy Lamour/Jimmy Dorsey version from the film The Fleet’s In (starring a ridiculously young Bill Holden), but I enjoyed this Slim Whitman kind-of-funky version of one of the most beautiful love songs ever written:

Incidentally, Mark Steyn is paying tribute to Johnny Mercer this month.  You can read about Johnny Mercer’s delightful Goody, Goody here.  The whole first part of the Steyn podcast on Mercer is here (part two to follow later in the month).  It’s a must-hear for Mercer fans, or for any fans of the American Popular Songbook.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    Amen, Book, to your description of this sweet love song as one of the best ever written.

    This is the first time I’ve heard Slim Whitman’s version. Loved it. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Gringo says

    I remember hearing this  song way back by some non-jazz singer, but don’t know if  the singer was Slim Whitman. It is a case of  a song sticking in my memory. While Wiki says that the Beatles, Bobby Vee, Bobby Vinton, and Kenny Rogers  among others, recorded it, I haven’t located when nor for what album. So, I have no idea where I heard it. But I DID  REMEMBER the tune and much of the lyrics.

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