The new Republican playbook

In the wake of the 2008 election, Republicans and conservatives were paralyzed.  They’d been trounced, not so much by sweeper percentages (that is, the elections were all just over the slightly 50% mark), but by huge numbers of elections in which Democrats edged out Republicans by those few percentage marks.  If there are 100 races, and you lose 90 of them, it’s really irrelevant whether you lost by 5% or by 30%.  You still lost big across the board.  What to do?  What to do?

Fortunately, adversity has a way of clearing out the deadwood and clarifying the issues.  We know that Barack Obama is anti-American in ideology and that he hates America as a practical matter.  We know that he has surrounded himself with a cadre of advisers and czars who share his views, and that the top echelons in Congress do too.  It’s all spread out before us.

With the malignant disease of rampant anti-American Leftism — a world view antithetical to an increasing number of Americans — finally diagnosed in Washington, Jennifer Rubin has the prescription:

Now it has unfolded. We know what Obamaism looks like. On the domestic side, it is liberal statism: higher taxes, mammoth bureaucracies, and a vortex of government regulation that sucks up private enterprise and transforms business decisions into political ones. It comes with an ungracious and sneering contempt for opposition. On the international scene, we have the intersection of incompetence and folly, with a strong element of cynicism. The Obami have deployed aggressive and losing gambits (Honduras and the Middle East), betrayed friends (Israel, Poland, the Czech Republic), snubbed allies (the Churchill bust goes home), thrown ourselves at the feet of adversaries (Russia, Iran), jettisoned human rights and the defense of democracy (Burma, Sudan, Iran), projected angst-ridden indecision (Afghanistan-war formulation), damaged our fighting ability (defense cuts and missile-defense withdrawal), and shown deference to debased institutions (the UN). Most alarmingly, Obama and his attorney general have scarred and scared our intelligence community and placed Lefty pie-in-the-sky moralizing above the safety of Americans (trying KSM, closing Guantanamo, and halting enhanced interrogations).

And so what should conservatives be doing? Well now it’s obvious — oppose, obstruct, warn, and cajole. There aren’t many weapons at conservatives’ disposal, but there are some. And the greatest is to be found in the reservoir of common sense and decency of the America people, who, when stirred, have risen up to oppose pernicious legislation and those whom they mistakenly trusted to behave in a responsible fashion. As Kristol points out, three years is a long time, but the congressional elections are approaching and the argument has begun. And now conservatives know precisely what must be done: as best they are able, slow and stop Obamaism until reinforcements arrive and the voters can render their verdict.

To which I’ll add Bruce Kesler’s reminder, in the context of Obama’s insane nuclear strategy, that we should “Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be aware, and more determined than ever to slow and halt this self-destruction in the elections of 2010 and 2012. Start by demanding that potential Republican challengers are informed and resolute, and don’t ignore the saner Democrats. We’re all in this together.”

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  1. Mike Devx says

    When you read those two paragraphs by Jennifer Rubin, you see all the pieces listed that should be strung together for a coherent Republican argument about why Republicans should be elected in 2010.
    I have absolutely no experience as a campaign operative, yet it seems utterly clear to me what the set of messages should be.  Yet I’ve seen no sign yet of that kind of structured, coherent message appearing.
    There’s still time in the next year for such a message to be seized by resourceful Republicans.  But perhaps “resourceful Republicans” is an oxymoron these days.  More and more, they are looking like a dead, lost party to me.  How many of them have shown any commitment to conservative values, along with the ability to express those values?  How many of them can give a speech that will rouse you to excitement?  What a bunch of losers we seem to have in the Republican Party.  What a loser Party.

  2. SADIE says

    Mike Devx
    Book, led me to this site the other day. I’ve gone back to visit since and suggest Half a loaf or none. We cannot advance a conservative agenda without a clear definition. No doubt the RNC needs a shake up. How else could one explain that in NY 23rd district the Democrat winner was sworn in without having first having the race certified.They certainly can start with Michael Steele, a most uninspiring speaker. Personally, I would nominate Sarah Palin to the post if she is up to the job qualifications.

  3. highlander says

    Sadie — What a wonderful idea!
    I would love to see her run for POTUS, and I’m sure she personally could weather the storm of invective that would inevitably come from the left, but I’m not sure that enough of the electorate would be immune to it to allow her a win.
    She would, howeer, make a superb RNC Chairperson.  From that position she would be able not only to energize the conservative base but also to give the liberal opposition major heartburn.

  4. SADIE says

    Please slip it into the RNC suggestion box and sign both of our names.
    I think the less than galant behavior of the GOP towards Sarah had more of an impact that they want to acknowledge. Yes, Sarah would deliver more than a Maalox Moment.

  5. Mike Devx says

    Me, personally, I don’t want Sarah Barracuda anywhere near the RNC Chairmanship.  That’s far too close to the shadowy long knives within the Republican orthodoxy, and those long knives are definitely out for her.  She would be surrounded by Republican operatives, some of whom  would have hidden agendas and hidden allies who are her enemies, and unless she had a mole in their midst, she wouldn’t know which of them are out to eviscerate her.
    I’m not saying everyone in the Republican party should be her steadfast ally, but clearly she should be entirely *welcome* as a valued participant!  What does it say about the Republican Party that so many within it see her as a threat to be done away with at any cost?  This intense hatred and spite for a fellow conservative is inexplicable… unless you believe, as I am coming to believe, that the Republican Party is no longer about conservative values.
    I’ve just about had it – COMPLETELY – with that Party.

  6. says

    <B>She would be surrounded by Republican operatives, some of whom  would have hidden agendas and hidden allies who are her enemies, and unless she had a mole in their midst, she wouldn’t know which of them are out to eviscerate her.</b>
    Victory will only come to conservatives if the Republican party is purged of nincompoops. Whether she does it or not is immaterial. Ignoring the issue will not make it better, nor will it decrease the power of the ‘long knives”.

  7. SADIE says

    The goal for Sarah must be to garner enough support from  conservatives and have a face off with the ‘ninnies’. I can only suggest that the ‘knives’ be used on them to cut them down from their podium.  Since they seem unwilling, unable and incapable of  reading the writing on the wall – it is incumbent upon us, who are ‘fed up’ (no shortage of us) to make the ‘writing’ loud and clear and in BIG FAT BOLD FONT.
    Politicians always underestimate the numbers and overestimate their productivety – this is their achilles heel.

  8. Mike Devx says

    This article by Paul Ibrahim explains *perfectly* why I’ve just about had it with the Republican Party.  We all know about the Dede Scozzafava debacle in the NY race recently.  He ties that in with several other monstrous shenanigans by the GOP Party, illustrating the insanity perfectly.  He pledges “not one more penny to the GOP!”
    And I totally agree.  Read the article.  And see just how angry you may become.

    (He does agree to support individual worthy candidates, by the way.  It’s not a boycott; another thing I agree with.)
    But the GOP and its leadership?  They’ve gotta go.  Gotta be dealt with.  With calm, clear gaze and firm resolve.  We can be a big tent, but THESE people must be made the followers, not the leaders.  With them in charge, conservatism has no voice.  And no chance.

  9. Mike Devx says

    Actually I’m pessimistic.  I said:
    > We can be a big tent, but THESE people must be made the followers, not the leaders.  With them in charge, conservatism has no voice.  And no chance.
    Why am I pessimistic.  When Dede, in the GOP, withdrew from the race, she endorsed… the Democrat.  All these so-called GOP “conservatives”, when we make them the followers, I guarantee you, they will abandon us for the Democrats.  And what does THAT say about the current state of our dear, oh so wonderful GOP leadership?  I swear, we are under attack by the pod people, and they run the GOP.

  10. SADIE says

    “I swear, we are under attack by the pod people, and they run the GOP”
    POD people: People of the Doom?
    They’re already attacking Sarah as if she’s declared her candidacy for 2012 and that’s from McCain’s former camp. I cannot remember any VP candidate getting the raking over the coals that she got from the left, right, middle. Her book will be released Tuesday and they’re ready to go for the jugular again with the AP putting 11 fact checkers on the job. As a result of their intense scrutiny, so I’ve read, they came up with 1.333 each. Well..thanks be to heaven they have their priorities straight. I’d say Sarah sends a shudder up the backs of the GOP and they would just as soon shudd’er up.

  11. suek says

    It does make you wonder about the McCain campaign, doesn’t it?  maybe it was expertly sabotaged?
    Makes me think about the possibility of a Manchurian candidate again – just a slightly different script…

  12. Mike Devx says

    Obama comes from the crowd that claims they love America, when they don’t.  What they love is what America *could* be if they could remake Her in their image.  They really despise this country for almost everything it has done and everything it has stood for.
    I despise Russia for everything it has done and everything it has stood for.  But I love what it *could* be if it ever embraced freedom and liberty and individualism for its people.
    Viewing things that way, it should be easy to see that claiming to “love a country for what it could be” is a meaningless exercise in navel-gazing.  At best.  Or a deliberate and deceptive lie at worst.  These fellow Americans of ours, in that strange crowd that Obama comes from, really do not love this country, not at all.  Not at all.
    It doesn’t take a Manchurian Candidate to ruin this country.  Just a President who hates his own country.

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