Even the Times has to concede that Obama’s charm offensive is unavailing

Liberals assured us back in 2008 that, after the horrible Cowboy Bush years, we needed someone charming to bring rogue governments back into the American fold.  So far, these same rogue governments have been resistant to Obama’s charm, whether in Russia or the Palestinian territories* or Iran, just to to name a few instances of rebuffs.  Chavez has been doing hugs and kisses, but he hasn’t changed his policy, so I’d say he too is playing the boy.

Now, China joins the line-up of potentially threatening (to America) regimes that are willing to be polite (Oba-mao), but don’t have the faintest desire to make concessions to one who is so manifestly weak and hostile to his own national interest.  After all, if Obama doesn’t care for America, why should they?  Instead, with a machiavellian stealth that is to be much admired, China used the groveling Obama for their benefit, while squishing him politely under their Communist heels:

President Obama made a big effort Tuesday at presenting his first visit to China as a step forward in America’s evolving relationship with its fastest rising competitor. But what emerged after six hours of meetings, two dinners, and a stilted 30-minute presentation to the press in which Chinese President Hu Jintao would not allow questions, was a picture of a China more willing to say no to the United States.

On everything from Iran, where Mr. Hu did not publicly discuss the possibility of sanctions, to currency, where he made no nod toward changing the value of the renminbi, to human rights, where a joint statement bluntly acknowledged that the two countries “have differences,” China held firm against most American demands. Combined with China’s micro-management of Mr. Obama’s appearances inside the country, the trip showcased China’s ability to push back against American pressure, analysts said.

“China effectively stage-managed President Obama’s public appearances, got him to make statements endorsing Chinese positions of political importance to them, and effectively squelched discussions of contentious issues such as human rights and China’s currency policy,” said Eswar Prasad, a China specialist at Cornell University. “In a master-stroke, they shifted the public discussion from the global risks posed by Chinese currency policy to the dangers of loose monetary policy and protectionist tendencies in the U.S.”

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My husband assured my son this morning that Obama is doing a great job as president, and castigated me soundly for filling my son’s head with negative remarks about our president.  I refrained from pointing out that, while I give my children hard facts, and let them draw their conclusions, my husband has only airy-fairy conclusions, unconnected to any facts.  Some days, it looks as if even the New York Times is being forced to move beyond those rose-colored glasses.


*The first time around, in a beautiful Freudian moment, I wrote that as “Palestinian terrortories.”

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  1. SADIE says

    Book…hot damn, you are *brilliant when you are in full rant mode.
    *brilliant like a diamond
    “Palestinian terrortories” (and you corrected your spelling – pashaw)

  2. Danny Lemieux says

    Obama’s America – the world’s doormat. Sadly, this is what much of the world and too many Americans wanted. Maybe it won’t be so bad to have them experience the consequences…a good learning experience.

  3. says

    My husband assured my son this morning that Obama is doing a great job as president, and castigated me soundly for filling my son’s head with negative remarks about our president.
    Tell your husband that the everlasting glory of Obama is stained by his anti-diversity views and intellectually stunted parochialism. He should give 3 Hail Michelles as penance and pray, on his knees, for forgiveness from Obama.

  4. SADIE says

    Just wish we could change the locks on the WH while he’s out of town. I’ll spring for a new dormat – You are not Welcomed
    I am sure there’s a catchier phrase.

  5. Mike Devx says

    Book said,
    > My husband … castigated me soundly for filling my son’s head with negative remarks about our president.

    This is not the first time your husband has treated you poorly.  I note you consistently treat him better than that.  I can only hope he didn’t pull this in front of the children.

  6. suek says

    >>You are not Welcomed>>
    How about
    “OUT!!   Out damned spot!!”
    Heh.  Reader’s Digest had a funny story long long about about a family watching Macbeth on tv with their dalmation dog…   You can just imagine!    Maybe it would work with Obama…!

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