This would be the same government that wants to take over the entire health care system

You know, whether you’re going for success or failure, think big.  Right now, the government’s failure rate at Medicare is pretty small potatoes, but think what it can do when it owns the whole system:

More than $98 billion in taxpayer dollars spent by government agencies was wasted, much of it on questionable claims for tax credits and Medicare benefits, representing an increase of $26 billion from the previous year.

In all, about 5 percent of spending in federal programs in fiscal year 2009 was improper, according to new details of a government financial report that were released Tuesday. Saying the overall error rate was similar in 2008, officials attributed the $26 billion jump to some changes in how to define improper spending as well as an increase in overall spending due to the recession.

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  • Dennis Elliott

    I think its telling that DoD has a .5% error rate (though it’s still $800+ million) and the rest is transfer payments. The old liberal paene of “…all the money spent on war would be better spent on helping our fellow man” seems a little threadbare in light of this.

    That system of transfer payments, and those that lobby for, exist on, and distribute them represent the largest con game/slush fund/lootable money source in the free world. Of course Obama’s reaction is to see that bid and raise it by giving “stimulus” money to Congressional Districts that don’t exist among a number of other treasury thefts this year in the name, I guess, of redistribution. I guess if you never had to work for success, money doesn’t mean much.

    It will be interesting to revisit these numbers next year after his first full year.

  • suek

    >>”officials attributed the $26 billion jump to some changes in how to define improper spending”..
    These guys could define their way out of hell…!