Illegal aliens destroy hospital for American poor

No matter how the NYT tries to spin it, the message is clear here:  the burden that illegal aliens created on the dialysis clinic [thanks, Quisp, for clarifying that for me] in a 117 year old charitable hospital serving Georgia’s poor, forced the hospital clinic to close.

With ObamaCare almost a done deal (gee, thanks Lincoln and Landrieu), just wait until the illegal aliens do it to the entire health care system, not just to one charity hospital.  As even the NYT is forced to admit, the illegal aliens sucking up costly treatments would not have gotten those same treatments in their home country.  One of the benefits of breaking the law in a sucker nation is that, rather than tossing you back where you came, we dump welfare on you to our own detriment.

I’ve got an idea.  How about if we start enforcing our immigration laws (with enforcement down, I just heard, by 50% under the Obama administration), and start figuring out ways for Mexico (and other failing Latin American countries) to become productive nations, instead of parasites on the American body politic and economic?  There is absolutely no reason why Latin American citizens cannot have functioning countries.  Wait, I’m wrong.  I can think of one reason:  we sit here like a giant, seductive safety valve, insulating them, not from their failures, but from the ability to improve.

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  • Quisp

    Grady is only closing the dialysis clinic.  The hospital’s the closest level 1 trauma center to downtown Atlanta – one of those places you hope you’re taken if you’re seriously injured, then moved from as soon as you’re stable.  It’s a 1,000 bed (I think) county hospital, supported by tax dollars from Fulton and DeKalb counties.  It’s also the teaching hospital for Emory and Morehouse Universities.
    Grady weathered a huge influx of AIDS patients in the early 90s – people somehow got the idea that being near the CDC would get them something more than AZT. I volunteered with an AIDS support group back then so I was in and out of the HIV clinic there a couple of times a week for about two years.  The sheets on the beds were dirty, you might wait until Tuesday to see a doctor and on Saturday nights the majority of people in the ER waiting room were handcuffed to something, but people weren’t turned away. I’ve been very surprised to see administrators admit defeat with the dialysis clinic.
    Another story to illustrate it’s not just “jobs Americans won’t do” that are lost to illegal immigration. I used to do some writing for another county hospital in the area that had a big name in maternity services, delivered 5000+ babies a year.  Between 2000 and 2005, the hospital was inundated with high risk pregnancies from the growing local illegal population. Some of the problems were drug related, some women wouldn’t get prenatal care for fear of being identified and deported, then show up at the last minute. Either way, they would sue if anything went wrong.  Malpractice insurance rates went up so high that it decimated the maternity department and two thirds of the OBs quit delivering.  Just one example, a friend’s practice with 17 physicians, all of whom used to deliver babies, pooled their money so two of the doctors could continue practicing obstetrics while the rest did GYN (until they could move). I’m not sure what the situation is now – with maternity not bringing in so much money anymore the hospital quit producing their own patient education materials and just about everyone I knew there has moved on.

  • Ymarsakar

    In the past, they used to control people utilizing chains, guns, and threat of death.
    Now a days in the modern progressive Democrat utopias, the same control is enforced through the control of information. Without information, you don’t have the power to make informed decisions. This wasn’t so important back when it took weeks to get from one side of the country to the other.

    You couldn’t control information as well back then. Meaning, you couldn’t waylay a rival’s messenger to block your enemy from hearing critical data, all the way ensuring that your own messenger got to where he needed going. Part of this was due to the uncertainty and hugeness of terrain, in which people had to travel personally without ability to inform headquarters of status. This means that even if evil people can plan out these complicated schemes using duplicity and double veil illusions, they wouldn’t know whether it succeeded or not in time to do anything really quickly.
    Now with the advantage of geo-stationary satellites and speed of light communication, the totalitarians tyrants and black pools of evil goo have the tools to do what their predecessors could never have dreamed of doing. It is no surprise that Mao and Stalin killed, effortlessly, millions simply by waking up one day at a time, one year of a decade, only in the 20th century.
    Back in the ancient past, if you wanted to kill a bunch of people, you’d have to 1. get your army to them and 2. find them in a concentrated setting like a city, where they can’t disperse and go into hiding in the woods.

    Now almost everybody is living in a city and even those in the rural area can be controlled, ala North Korea, utilizing advanced command and control interfaces.
    The idiots in the world think the nuclear bomb created war and devastation unrivalled. In truth, the nuke eliminated wars. It was the speed of communication, their artsy fartsy gadgets, that created the ability to kill millions without effort. The tv personas. The anchor men like Cronkite and Rather. Those are the modern enablers of mass murder. And it isn’t even unintentional, but rather intentional. “Defeat with honor” as Cronkite said. He knew the price of defeat, but so long as he didn’t have to feel it, he’d felt fine ensuring that others got it instead. You couldn’t have done that as efficiently in a world where messages traveled as fast as two legs can run or four horses can gallop.
    The doctrine “Information wants to be free” has been the enabler of the modern mass murderers of recent history. The nuclear weapon and their inventors, the enablers of modern day world peace and prosperity.

    And they call us the warmongers. For they know, in their mirrors, who the real war mongers are.

  • Ymarsakar

    Uncontrolled immigration is one way of destroying a society from the inside out. And it is not to create a better standard of living for the immigrants, either. That’s not a justification, that’s a fabrication. The fabrication consists of saying that a society needs or should have these immigrants, thus if some immigration is good then uncontrolled (aka Leftist controlled) immigration is the ULTIMATE good that all of you must give into the common village pool as a gesture of personal sacrifice or Christian merit.
    In modern climates, you can see it in Georgia vs Russia and in Israel vs Palestine. It’s all about a pretext for invasion and control. The barbarians at the gates are bought off with promises of goodies and jewels if they help the faction inside the city by destroying the faction currently in power in the city. Of course, what happens afterwards, is pretty easily seen in history.
    Those outside the luxuries of civilization and the rule of law can’t easily change their ways either. Mexicans, Genghis Khan’s Mongols, or the Vandals of Ancient Gault, it doesn’t matter. Their society and cultural templates at theirs and are there for a good reason: their survival. Without the process of assimilation, what remains is only active violence and a war of conquest to resolve issues. When there is a cake, the resources of either nation at stake, then obviously there will be the ants that want the cake. And telling the ants that they need to change their cultural matrix to something else, or that they will change simply because they’re sitting on the cream, is ridiculous and also another pretext/fabrication.
    The Left doesn’t want Mexicans here so they can change them to Americans. The Left wants them here so that Mexicans can vote Democrat, but only vote Democrat the way blacks vote Democrat. Because they got no other choice. The big Master of the Democrat plantation house will fire them and they will starve, if they don’t toe the plantation house line. Just as the Democrat politicians of the South benefited from inflating their representation numbers via the 3/5ths rule for slaves, so the same is true of modern times. Things have changed, but the human heart as not. Nor has the Democrats changed. Only the SOuth changed, not the political party.

    This is not good for Mexicans, immigrants, Americans, or workers. It’s only good for Democrat power mongers and malignant narcissistic freaks of nature. Or is that freaks of humanity. Vote for that change why don’t you.
    At the same time, you can’t ignore the immigrants either. They have an interest and a need, and they’ll try to get what they think they need, regardless of what we do. Thus, it is like terrorism. You can ignore it, for awhile. Decades maybe, but eventually they’ll do something that you can’t ignore. And by then, you’ll be scrambling in panic cause you’re like a super procrastinator, delaying for months what you should have done a little day by day, until finally you are on the last month and trying to cram 4 months of work into one. That’s fine if you are the only one that suffers, but in a nation, the only one that suffers are the bottom feeders that have to do the work of untouchables because the bosses are freaking incompetent idiots that need killing.
    America could easily have resolved the problems of Latin America and Mexico through the conqueror’s solution. Easily translated as being easier than Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan combined, with the resolution that you get a lot more people and a lot more territory/resources.
    In a different history, had Stalin tried something after WWII or if we had different leaders at the helm, America could easily have gone this route. And instead of 70 million people freed in Afghanistan and Iraq, we could have freed the entire Western Hemisphere from the dictates of thugs, crooks, and the dregs of humanity.
    It’s better than spilling the blood of hundreds of thousands of American lives for Europe  so they can start up another war in a few decades or so.

  • zabrina

    It is so easy for a reporter to go to the closing dialysis unit and interview the individuals about to be adversely affected (who don’t care about the moral question of who pays for their treatment, as long as they keep living). It is much harder for a reporter to go seek out the people whose lives were equally adversely affected by the illegal aliens sucking up resources meant for and paid by the taxpayers.
    Classic moral hazard.

  • Brittanicus

    The numbers of illegal immigrants here, is to many in one swoop to remove. Nor could we bus them out the country. But if it was compulsory by government laws for every employer in America to install E-Verification, knowing that their was mandatory prison and fines.? Millions would start to leave, because jobs would fade away. Another method would be making it a First class felony, instead of a stupid civil slap on the wrist. It really up to US taxpayers to fight for your quality of life, START WRITING 28 CENT POSTCARDS AND WARN THE INDIFFERENT POLITICIANS, THEY WILL BE HUNTING FOR THEIR OWN JOB?

    Although E-Verify is a very good illuminated measure, as seen through the eyes of every jobless American. It is a successful program that implements the need to remove millions of illegal immigrants from the work force. It is still under peril of being scratched-out or at the least, slowly dragged down to the faltering level of the local law enforcement training program 287 G? There are and have always have been powerful forces at work to reduce immigration enforcement, even as other entities are trying to weaken health care legislation. Personages in high places, whether it’s the multi-billion dollar health insurance industry, or pull-down-the-border fence extremists whose agenda is welcoming anybody who can slip past our border agents.

    Then we have the accumulation of impoverished illegal aliens, who are in direct competition with our own poverty stricken society. They have not only stolen jobs from blue collar workers, but are taking jobs in the white collar business world as well. This is why we need a moratorium on immigration, to give America time to climb out of this gigantic recession. Illegal immigrants must be deported through the computer mechanism of E-verify, and later when employment rises and the economy is stable, build on the 1986 Immigration act (ICRA). With amendments to Simpson/Mazzoli bill that allows a system of only accepting certain categories of scientific and professional immigrants. We can no longer accept the destitute, uneducated who have sucked the state treasuries of California, Arizona, along with other states dry to the point of bankruptcy.

    President Obama and his pro-illegal immigrant disciples have promised another Immigration reform package. The 1986 Act was signed in to law by Ronald Reagan, but was never–ENFORCED–and so that is why we have absolute crisis and an incessant flow of illegal foreign nationals. The numbers are estimated in entrants  around 20 and 30 million, not what open border and liberal activists expect us to believe? NO IMMIGRATION LAW EVER WAS MEANT TO WORK?  Its only because Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi made an error of judgment that  E-Verify was not tabled?  Today everybody knows about E-Verify, owing to the wealth of information that was exposed by Internet bloggers. It has become a sharp stick in the eye to parasite businesses and every movement in the open border culture. Have not the taxpayers been paying the full burden of subsidizing free health care, education and the tentacles of ever spreading welfare programs for illegal families? America is perceived to be a passionate people, a charitable people, but when we must endure the hardships sprung upon us by other foreign countries population, that this is too much financial baggage to carry any longer.

    In Arizona for instance where a newsworthy report has been released:
    Governor Jan Brewer and Republican leaders lashed out last Tuesday at the League of Arizona Cities and Towns for its lawsuit challenging a new law in order to eliminate illegal immigrants receiving public benefits. He said,
    “At a time when Arizona is suffering from budget deficits of unprecedented proportions and the state is struggling to meet the basic needs of its citizens, it is outrageous and shocking that the League of Cities and Towns would challenge legislation designed to protect the very entities that it was intended for,” Brewer also stated Arizona voters have shown several times, starting with the 2004 election, that they do not want taxpayer money going to help those in the country illegally. AS HAVE CALIFORNIA VOTERS, WITH THE FILING OF PROPOSITION 176, TO STOP WELFARE GOING TO ILLEGAL ALIENS? IT WAS SILENTLY DERAILED–NEVER TO REACH THE HIGHER COURT OF THE LAND.

    This proves beyond any doubt, that millions of illegal immigrants are siphoning off government entitlements meant for the legal inhabitants across our country, which is causing near economic collapse of state, county and city treasuries.

    Where another MASS AMNESTY is concerned, it is not those already illegally living here–but the unfettered volumes of humanity who will try to steal into America, before the–FINAL AMNESTY BELL–TOLLS?  If the border is far from secure now, who will stop those who decide to immigrate here? The scenario is scary and beyond imagination and a harbinger of uncontrolled overpopulation.  A boon to businesses and   anti-American radical consortium’s, open border subversives, the wealthy and certain Democratic lawmakers looking for extra votes.

    Those who believe in America’s survival, without OVERPOPULATION as stated by the US Census bureau better read facts, not the lies at NUMBERSUSA. Those who want details of corruption in WASHINGTON and state government go to JUDICIAL WATCH. Overpopulation, traffic hell should go to CAPSWEB. Other sites of interest on Immigration enforcement is ALIPAC and AMERICAN PATROL. We the people have the ultimate power to throw out anti-sovereignty incumbent politicians. Call and command these do-nothings to–STOP–this facade at 202-224-3121.