Some advice for surviving the Thanksgiving feast

I’ve seen the man behind this post, and can attest to the fact that he is as fit in life as he is in the pictures on his blog.  He is an extraordinary athlete, and the common sense advice he gives here for defeating Thanksgiving bloat is worth taking.  As for the suggested workout — well, I leave that to you.

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  • suek

    Heh.  Dream on.
    We never eat the pie immediately after the dinner…  usually we only have two meals that day, with the big turkey dinner about 4PM.  Then break time until we serve pie and coffee about 7-8 PM.
    Eat the veggies first????  _What_ veggies??? (as opposed to hi-carb foods).  We have a traditional New England dinner…turkey with bread stuffing (Pepperidge Farms only!) and gravy, mashed potatoes, squash, rutabagas, and cranberry sauce.   All root veggies – no greens.  That’s because by the third week in November in New England, all the greens are gone gone.  In the early days of course, there was also no canning, so no preservation of greens by that method.   Roots are all high in carbs.  Low carb veggies are the ones where you eat “leaves and twigs”…no roots or seeds… so were no longer available after the first frost.
    My California born son eats the turkey, the potatoes, the dressing and I put out a bowl of green beans – just for him!  He doesn’t eat that “root” stuff.
    And of course, Pumpkin and Mincemeat pie.
    High carb all the way!!!


    suek, while I have you alone, did you see this today?

    I wanted to thank you (again) for the site, I think. It’s shocking to read and I guess you’ve noticed where gold is going. The only ‘real money’ is the money we currently have in our wallets – the rest of it is just monopoly money. From what I’ve been reading and hearing, there is no way out of this debt realistically. I can’t find it at the moment, but there was another WOW map of the mortgage situation (what is owed vs actual face value). It was bleak and the WSJ said that another 23% failure rate in the next year – which is where I saw the map. It all reminds me of the type of women (I know some men try it too) when they try to look and dress like they did when they were 20 something and still believe they look appropriate and can get by on their old ‘good looks’. I believe this is exactly where we (America) is at the moment. We still have our looks, our reputation but we’re doing it with trick mirrors and lots of that pancake make up and all it will take is a stronger currency to wash away the false eyelashes and red lipstick to reveal the grotesque horror. Maybe, this was the right place to leave my rant since Book’s post was about ‘bloat’ and fitness  – we certainly have a bloated economy.