Weird day — very weird day — and one that has left me with questions

This has definitely not been a bad day.  It’s ranged from irritating, to neutral, to quite good — but none of it has included time at the computer.  I’m now heading off for the post-school carpool circuit, after which I treat myself to the pleasure of a neighborhood mom’s night out.  So, let me leave you with some questions I’ve been wondering about.

On Thursday, in a weird way, should we be thankful for Obama and the Democrats, because their hubris has seen them rip off the lovey-dovey mask of “we want to help you” liberalism to reveal the savage socialism, and personal corruption, hiding behind it?  Alternatively, do you think that Americans are seeing the truth too late to make a helpful difference?  Another alternative question, of course, is whether you think the average American has yet seen the truth?

Do you think the hacked emails exposing the fraud powering significant segments of the man-made global warming debate will change the debate, or do you think that, between the juggernaut of political and business momentum, not to mention true believers in the media, the information will vanish from the public view?

Do you think there will be a mistrial in the KSM trial?  I currently think the defense attorneys will do anything to avoid a mistrial.  I think they’re lusting after a full trial during which they can try the U.S. for waterboarding.  One of my conservative friends thinks exactly the same.

Do you think that, if the KSM trial goes forward, and if KSM mounts his defense by attacking American foreign policy and waterboarding, the lumpen mass of hitherto apolitical Americans will became galvanized by the trial?  And, if so, will they be more hostile to the past Bush administration or to the current Obama administration?

Do you think Joe Lieberman can derail the health care plan?  Alternative question:  do you think the Democrats in the Senate can force through some sort of a health care bill before the end of 2009?

I would love to hear your opinion on these issues.  As you can tell, they all concern things about which I blog, and that obviously interest and concern me.  Your input matters.

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  • Tonestaple

    The hacked emails should change the debate, but given that most people don’t read much beyond the headlines of their local papers, I doubt if it will, which is very unfortunate.  People need to know how very very much they and especially their children have been lied to.

    I think KSM’s attorneys will want to pursue a careful path and make absolutely sure they get a hung jury, and then using that to prove how evil America is, because KSM surely cannot be released anywhere.  That’s the problem with Obama’s show trial:  it’s going to destroy our very precious rights to trial by an impartial jury of our peers, with no double jeopardy.  It’s so hard to tell if the lumpenproletariat will be smart enough to recognize that Obama caused this problem by forcing the criminal courts into a show trial.  Again, most people don’t read past the headlines of their local paper, and they will certainly not get any insight by that means.

    The problem is, most people out there don’t read political blogs and so don’t see anything beyond their front page of the paper.  They read mommy-blogs or they read People magazine, or they watch Oprah, but they don’t even know Instapundit or Bookworm Room or Big Lizards or Bloodthirsty Liberal exist, much less that these places are where they should be getting their news, and I have no idea how to change that.

  • Ymarsakar

    It is true that the majority of Americans, and this is counting the entire 300 plus population, are ignorant of such affairs. But that’s no surprise nor is it an insurmountable block.
    It is the minority of true believers that get things done. They mobilize, organize, inspire, and lead people, the masses that would otherwise just sit on the couch and veg out, into doing things of worth.
    Even those who vote, are not the majority of America. 40% to 49%, the consistent voters are not the majority of Americans. Some people will vote for the novelty of voting, or only vote when things are dire and the political landscape looks exciting (Obama).
    But you don’t need 51% or more to run a nation.  It helps to have their approval, but propaganda is not designed to convince everybody. It’s just more efficient to keep most people quiet and effaced, so that the active voices can speak and people who hear it will automatically assume that this is the majority opinion because nobody else dare says otherwise for fears of one kind or another.
    We should be thankful that an opportunity has been presented to us to damage and hurt the Democrat cause. By making them fail, we are one step closer to eradicating the human slavery institution called the Left. But it doesn’t mean waiting for Obama to fail is going to save the nation. Even an Obama failure will destroy the nation. They don’t need to succeed at Marxism to destroy American security and prosperity. That’s never been the end goal of Marxism, Stalin or Lenin flavors.
    The Democrats are more vulnerable now precisely because we are more vulnerable. We are their enemies, so the more they attack us, the more opportunities we have to attack them. Before, they had to hide and pretend to believe in patriotic things, which limited their ability to attack and our ability to counter-attack lest we be accused of extremism. But now they are shedding the sheep cloak and revealing their true marks. As the Left’s favored weapons of choice increase in magnitude and ferocity, so shall our response. And in the end, whoever wins will do so based upon a combination of logistical resources, pure determination, and intelligent use of forces.
    <B>Alternatively, do you think that Americans are seeing the truth too late to make a helpful difference?</b>
    They are seeing the truth too late. If they saw the truth ahead of time, they wouldn’t be caught with their pants down and ‘surprised’ to ‘react’ to Democrat actions. People who have foresight and wisdom aren’t surprised by what they knew would happen.
    But what is true for war and violence is true for us here now. The fight isn’t over until you shut off the enemy’s ultimate weapon: his brain. It doesn’t really matter whether people see incoming attacks or not. What matters is “can they do anything about it”. If not, they can sit down and die. If so, then they had better try. Do or die. Or don’t do anything, and still die if you think doing things is dangerous.

    <B>Do you think the hacked emails exposing the fraud powering significant segments of the man-made global warming debate will change the debate, or do you think that, between the juggernaut of political and business momentum, not to mention true believers in the media, the information will vanish from the public view?</b>
    What matters in propaganda is the quality of the operation, not the strength of the facts. A well coordinated campaign using no facts (Al Gore’s Global Warming) is still superior in persuasive powers than a disastrously coordinated campaign using all the facts (McCain’s attempt to muffle Palin). Now, to a certain extent, truth improves the quality of your campaign, but that is only so to a certain extent. Past that, and you get nothing more.
    Two young peeps with the help of an adult Hollywood defector body slammed ACORN and then decapitated them in public. That was how strong their propaganda operation was and they were strong because of how the operation was planned and executed. It was not the videos themselves that shattered ACORN’s defense, but the specific manner in which they were released and ACORN surrounded/cut off. On the other hand, you can take a look at far better funded campaigns, like Republican political campaigns, and you start to realize that their effectiveness under the eyes of propaganda aren’t so hot. They let the enemies go. They start being merciful towards internal Republican saboteurs and merciless against conservative loyalists. You start to realize that these propaganda people are wannabes and that they are the ones being propagandized, not the other way around.

    I think KSM’s attorneys want money and fame so that they can hire child prostitutes and other obscene luxuries freely and without censure in the sex traffick parts of the world. Defending KSM could be good street cred amongst the slave sellers of Islam, you know. Since those attorneys can’t get such things by defending homegrown American yahoos, they need KSM. As for whether they will succeed or not, that’s not in my ball park.
    <B> the lumpen mass of hitherto apolitical Americans will became galvanized by the trial?</b>
    They will believe whatever they are told to believe. If it isn’t us telling them, it will be somebody else.


    You mean other than the NYT who has has already done that? Or the silence of the RNC?
    The ’emails’ will only gather steam, if they’re not rolled into a ravine to gather moss. If the information only jumps from one conservative blog site to another, it fails. Personally, I think the message has to cross the path of the libs. Unless the sites that cater to this mindset carry the message, I don’t hold much hope. Why would facts and reality get in the way of a plan. I don’t think many see the connection between the graphs and graft. The connection from global warming to crap and trade to the financial burden will have to made pure and simple.
    KSM has admitted to killing Danny Pearl with his own hands. Pearl worked for the WSJ – Even the dimwits read the WSJ. The paper and online service could be a pivotal force in the coverage and tone that is set pre-trial and during the ‘debacle’. I don’t know how long it will take to come to trial and that plays a big part between now and then and the body count. I think there will be a ground swell in NYC of indignation as we get closer to a trial date. I hope some reincarnation of Judge Roy Bean exists. I think the hostility factor will be evenly divided. The only saving grace is that it will not be televised.
    No and no I hope.


    The connection from global warming to crap and trade to the financial burden will have to made pure and simple.
    I’d like to re-write that in English now…
    The connection from global warming to crap and trade to the financial burden they will carry – pure and simple.

  • Oldflyer

    I don’t know what strategy the KSM defense will use.  I am confident that the whole process will be a circus, and the U.S.  will come out looking bad.
    I am glad to see the American voter wising up.  However, four years is a long time and unless  the fear of losing can be injected into the minds of an appreciable number of the Congress this year; and the congress is overhauled next year, Obama, Reid and Pelosi can do an awful lot of damage.
    The Global Warming community will circle the wagons, bolstered by their governmental sponsors and  media sycophants.   I do believe that serious doubts are developing and it may be possible to avoid the worst of their hare-brained plans.
    I believe this country is in for a rough time on many fronts for the foreseeable future.  The country has certainly seen rough times before, but it was a tougher population then.


    Jones later warned a trio of colleagues: “Don’t any of you three tell anybody that the U.K. has a Freedom of Information Act!”

    Let’s hope Lord Lawson will have something to say on the matter.

  • Karl

    When it comes to the trial of KSM, I think the only safe thing to say is that absolutely anything can happen, even an acquittal.
    Ever hear of O.J. Simpson?

  • gpc31

    Warning:  long screed ahead.

    Obama has a failed presidency.  Failed beyond repair in less than a year.  He overreached and will continue to overreach and will continue to inflict great damage on our nation.  He is bound and determined to test Adam Smith’s observation that “there is a great deal of ruin in a country.”

    Under Bush, the economic situation was desperate, but not hopeless; now Wall Street, like fin-de-siecle Vienna, is hopeless but not desperate.  Partying on the rim of the volcano.  The rest of the country sees the lava and is terrified that it could blow at any minute.

    Economically, we are f***ed — thanks to the Obami.  I think that unemployment will go above 15%. 

    Obama’s foreign policy is chum for the international sharks.  We are in for chaos.   Best case:  Carter redux.  As for the worst case, well, in the words of King Lear: ” The worst is not, So long as we can say, ‘This is the worst…”   Rather, let’s just imagine what will happen if Israel takes out Iran’s nukes — a 50/50 chance according to Victor Hanson and Robert Baehr — oil will reach $500 per bbl. 

    Socially, Obama has been extraordinarily divisive.  That’s what happens when you hype a false messiah– talk about over-promising and under-delivering!  Even his supporters have conceded the moral high ground.  Polls show his approval rating below 50% and his strong approval rating at 27%.   Take out monolithic Black support of  10% (the media never will), and you are left with low, low approval ratings of 40% and 17% — a stunning fall from grace.

    Going after “unnecessary” mammograms for women under 40 — that was another stupid unforced error.  Breast cancer is the quintessential motherhood and apple pie issue.  Now throw in public perceptions over the failed stimulus, forced health care, the bowing, etc. and you have a disaster.  The KSM trial?  It was worse than a crime, it was a blunder by Obama. The rest of the country loves Jack Bauer on 24, and he wants to read KSM his Miranda rights?  Why would Obama want to put his presidency in the hands of Janet Napolitano and the TSA?  Another attack, and he’s one and done.

    Add it all up and I am afraid that there will be civil unrest, rioting and near sedition by 2011.  My guess is that there is a one in six chance that he will be impeached — possibly because of repercussions from the KSM trial.

    HOWEVER, even if Obama is vomitted from the body politic, I doubt that we will see the serious reform that we need:  term limits and flat taxes to break the cycle of congressional corruption, and a Justinian-like reform of the legal code to keep Americans from committing their three felonies per day.  We need to remove the dead hand of the Federal Register from free enterprise.  Again, I doubt that this will happen.  When times get tough, people look for help and handouts.

  • Gringo

    People are waking up. There is a 20 point Republican lead among independents. Over 60% of the public believes that a military trial would have been preferable for KSM.
    Nonetheless, recent events have tended to pass under the radar . Such as:  the AGW  hacked data and the not surprising news that the White House fired  Inspector General  Walpin not because he was getting senile, but because he had found a cover-up involving Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson,. Those who keep up with the news are in the know about this, but the vast majority don’t  have a clue, mainly because the MSM didn’t report this. It was sweet that the NYT suddenly became ethical about its news sources.
    Yet the news about ACORN bypassed the MSM, and appears to have gotten some initial results. The recent Hide the Decline video may also bypass the MSM, but so far it has less than 3,000 views.
    The longer the Health Care vote is delayed, the more information will get out about it. Unfortunately, if it passes, it is doubtful that the next Congress will have a 2/3 majority to repeal it over Obama’s veto.

    Hide the Decline video:

  • Al

    Predicting what the American body politic or the larger general American body public will do is hazardous. I would not have thought that Obama would win last year. But then how many voters were paying attention?
    The outcome of the KSM trial will have realitively little effect execpt in the NYC environs. Those of us who were directly affected by the fall of the Towers are/will react. The mass of America won’t.  Even if he is “aquitted”.
    The leaked e-mails from the alleged climate scientists will only reasonate if this Winter is cold. And there are signs that it will be.  Which with rising oil prises and heating expense could make things rather interesting.
    The economy is definetly fried. If the unemployment rate rises to 20%, and the unemployment checks stop coming, which they will, and if enough of us remind the employed and the unemployed alike how we got here, then the general American body public will see the evils of Socialism. But it will take a lot of re-education.

  • Deana

    Do I think the average American has yet seen the truth?
    No.   This past weekend, I had a long talk with a dear friend of mine who is a leftist, albeit a center-leftist.  We discussed quite a few things:  social programs, the health care debate, spending, Afghanistan . . . I finally told her that government simply was not cut out to do everything we are asking it to do.
    Her response?  “Well, what are we supposed to do with the kids?  It is immoral if we don’t feed the country’s children.”
    Does it not occur to anyone that it is simple to tie EVERY single government program back to the welfare of “the children?”  I mean, if that is the standard, no one will ever be able to say “no” to any social program!
    So, no.  I don’t think people have seen the light.  According to my friend, things in the last 2 years of the Bush administration were “terrible.”  But what exactly has become better since Obama became president?  The budget?  National debt?  Afghanistan?  What???
    But the true believers seem to think things are better.
    I’m not sure what is going to have to happen for more people to see Obama for what he is.

  • Deana

    And no, I don’t think the exposure of fraud related to global warming data will change the discussion much, at least for now.
    As many noted years before, climate change has become a religion.  These people are completely invested in this – they aren’t about to drop it just because there are some pesky, disturbing facts.
    In fact, I’d be very curious to see what percentage of the American public even KNOW about the fraud.

  • nosiafd

    I do not think Lieberman is the key.  RINO Sens Snowe and Collins are the key.  They can be bought just like the fine blackmailer/bribe taker from Louisiana, Ms Landreau.

  • Jose

    Years ago, there was a debate in the UK over decreasing the role of government funding and programming in television.  Naturally the BBC raised quite an outcry.  I watched a discussion by a panel of “experts”  which  included an American  who was invited to provide insight to ratings driven programming.
    One of the Brits gave an impassioned spiel on how reduction of government support would result in substandard television just like the US had.  The American’s trenchant response was that they might not get television that they liked or enjoyed, but they would get the television they DESERVED.
    I don’t know what will happen to this country, although I am somewhat pessimistic, but I think that, collectively, we will get what we deserve.
    And I did agree with Michael Moore when he said Americans are idiots.  We have brought this on ourselves.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Deana…love your riffs on the conversations you have with your Liberal (especially healthcare Liberal) friends. Keep it up! Do your blue state co-workers in the healthcare industry have any clue as to what is about to descend upon them?

  • Danny Lemieux

    A propos the above, I do admit to a certain anthropological and psychological fascination with the minds of the Liberal/Left. I trust that I am hardly alone on this. Why is that? Scientific or morbid curiosity?

  • BrianE

    After the 2008 election, I made the same mistake the left made. I thought America had crossed the tipping point to a statist world view. When Barack started implementing his extreme makeover on America, he was merely acting on what conservatives already knew about him- centralized planning and control; cronyism; wealth redistribution; and alignment with leftist global policy. I assumed most voters also knew this about him.
    The blowback from his policies has been surprising (and heartening) now that Americans know what Barack’s “hope and change” message meant.
    What was lost in the election and gloating of the left as they felt comfortable for the first time to openly reveal their American makeover project was the extent that Barack was elected because he wasn’t George Bush.
    The left had done an effective job portraying Bush the big spender, American’s were growing tired of two wars and McCain was not trusted by conservatives while judged as eratic by moderates in the final months of the election.
    Barack had not been elected to implement a statist agenda. Barack was elected because he was not George Bush.
    I don’t think the turn of events in the last few months leads to any other conclusion. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    Perhaps, BrianE, but I think George Bush is going to start looking much, much better just about, oh…about now!

  • Oldflyer

    Deana, perhaps your liberal friend could be convinced that non-governmental organizations could and would do a much better job of feeding the children.  Two that come to mind, though based in religion, are the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.  Of course there are many more, religious and sectarian,  that depend on the goodness of people rather than the power of the state.
    Quick vignette.  My wife was waiting in line at a cash register yesterday and got into a conversation with another woman.  (She does that)  The woman confided that last Christmas was that couple’s first alone, empty nest, and they were kind of at loose ends.  So, on impulse they went down to Washington DC and worked at a soup kitchen all day. Tiring but incredibly satisfying.
    I believe a lot of folks now overlook opportunities to help because it is assumed the government is doing it.


    Has anyone here caught the irony of the heathcareless bill –  The young, the healthy, the liberals will be ‘forced’ into buying mandated coverage – the base of the, oh so clever voters.

  • Ymarsakar

    <b>Deana, perhaps your liberal friend could be convinced that non-governmental organizations could and would do a much better job of feeding the children. </b>
    That’s assuming they are interested in feeding the children, rather than feeding their bank accounts.
    First, that checkmark must be checked before we go on to the next stage of verification for Democrats.

  • Ymarsakar

    Sadie, Union members are forced to pay for being bound and sold like livestock. They pay to have big business destroy their jobs. Blacks are forced by the Democrats they put into office to live in perpetual crime, resentment, and low economic and educational opportunities.
    The whole point of the cult is to force people in and never let them out via terror and psychological control methods. And the Left is a cult. You try leaving a cult and see how the cult members react.
    I’m pretty sure Jim Jones’ poisoned Kool Aid was bought from the contributions of the cult members. That’s what cults do. It is only ironic in the sense that people expect differently each time a new cult comes on the scene calling itself by a different name: environmentalism, fascism, communism, marxism, anti-Americanism, etc.


    Cult = Zombies

  • Ymarsakar



    Post Apocalytica a/k/a USA

  • Mike Devx

    gpc31 #8:
    That was one awesome summary.  And not at all too long.


    I am posting this site, it has all of the ‘alleged’ CRU emails. What a cesspool!