Obama overlooks the obvious when it comes to job creation

The jobs summit is at an end and Obama has given lip service to the private sector.  He doesn’t really mean it, though.  How can he, when he makes statements such as this one:

Mr. Obama said he would entertain “every demonstrably good idea” for creating jobs, but he cautioned that “our resources are limited.”

That is hogwash.  Our resources are not limited.  We have over 300 million resources.  They’re called Americans.  The limited, stultified, bureaucratized, unimaginative, slow-moving government shouldn’t (and, as a practical matter, can’t) be creating jobs.  Instead, the American people should be doing that.

This means that the abs0lute best way to maximize economic resources is to give more money and control back to the greatest resource America has — her own citizens.

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