What Palestianians really want

With every passing post, I am more impressed by Evelyn Gordon’s opinings about Israel.  Today’s post is another home run, this time showing, in clear language, that the Palestinian demand for a two-state solution is one more dangerous, expensive fraud, in an age of dangerous, expensive frauds.

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    The ‘bait and switch’ sales pitch from the Palestinians has always been a lesson in the language of fraud and deception.

  • Danny Lemieux

    The Palestinians (as a group, not all individuals) want to kill the Jews. Nothing more, nothing less.
    As far as “brutal occupation” is concerned, the most dangerous places for Palestinians to have lived are Jordan (the Black September massacre), where they are in the majority, the other Middle Eastern /Arab countries such as Lebanon, and the Palestinian territories themselves, where they are at risk at the hands of their own people.
    Plus, Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank today enjoy their highest standard of living of any Middle Eastern country save Israel. Sympathy for the Palestinians? Cry me a river!