Really sweet Steve Crowder post on marriage

Steve Crowder who is not, so far as I know, married, used the GLSEN scandal as the starting point for some really sweet thoughts about marriage:

When I really think about it, it seems as though the only kind of sex at which Hollywood will ever choose to poke fun… is the kind that occurs within marriage.

Don’t you watch the movies? Haven’t you listened to the stand-up comedians?  The day you tie the knot is “the day your sex life ends.” According to sitcoms and romantic comedies, it’s a scientific impossibility for married couples to enjoy playful romps in the bedroom.

Correct me for being naïve, but isn’t married sex supposed to be the best sex of your life? Shouldn’t your life-partner provide you with the most sexually gratifying experiences you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing? Afterall, your wife or husband is supposed to be the person you love more than anyone on the planet. Given that mutual appreciation and (hopefully) an unparalleled level of communication, how could the sex NOT be amazing? What is marriage, if not an institution designed to cultivate bonding/closeness on every level, including physically?

I think that, when Crowder does get married, his wife will be a very lucky woman.

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  • Earl

    And when he’s cherished and lived with his wife for 40 years, he’ll find out what good sex is REALLY like!

  • suek

    Does it seem really odd to anyone else that the whole culture seems to be fixed on the idea that extra-marital sex is a good thing, and then throws stones at Tiger Woods when he has extra-marital affairs???

  • Bookworm

    I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re absolutely right.  Definite cultural schizophrenia there, suek.

  • Ymarsakar

    They’re only doing so to destroy the traditional status quo culture, which includes marriage. Thus when somebody, Tiger Woods for example, shows the hypocrisy of a family man, they use it to help destroy the entire institution. If they do not, all they can do is slither around getting tid bits from corruption and social engineering disasters, which isn’t the same as real power, status quo regime rule. It’s the difference between night and day, post Jimmy Carter Iran and pre Jimmy Carter Iran. It’s what they fight for. It’s what they fight all of us for. The right to make a capitalist stash of cash on the pain of others.

  • Ymarsakar

    As Polansky and various others have proved, Hollywood also is an enabler of sexual predation. They excuse the predation that results in international trading in sex slaves, cause it is by Muslims and non-whites. They excuse the owning and beating of slaves by Arabs like the Saudis, who actually do bring them here to the US thinking their diplomatic immunity provides for such, cause they never met an anti-American they didn’t like. They excuse infidelity and extra-marital affairs because… they admire people like Roman Polansky and they think it is hot to violate the customs and limitations of normal society for their perversions. If one person can do it, they all can do it, is their thinking. So they make sure that the one can do it without punishment.
    Extra-marital affairs is simply their way of convincing the public that women are like meat hanging out for the ‘cat’, as one Islamic cleric mentioned about their own cultural practices. Islam has their way of making sure people are kept in check, and Hollywood has the same. In the end, they are not very dissimilar all in all.