Merry Christmas!

The year 2009 has been a trying year for many of us.  In our personal lives, the recession has hurt people’s jobs, diminished their savings, and placed enormous stresses on their day-to-day functions.  Nationally, watching the Democrats at work at home and abroad has provided us with all the thrills of watching a polar bear rip apart a seal.  There’s a certain bizarre fascination with this spectacle, but it’s still sickening.  Today’s Senate vote was just the coup de grace in this Democrat blood sport.  But still….

For those who are Christians, I know that this time of year goes well beyond gifts and lights and holiday sales.  It is about the birth of the Messiah — the moment in the earth’s darkness when a light burst forth upon the earth, with the promise of grace and redemption.  Every year, this celebration matters deeply but, in times of trouble, honoring Christ’s birthday has, I think, more resonance than usual.

Even if we do not share in this celebration (whether because we worship in a different faith or in no faith at all), this should still be a time of light in the darkness.  For those of us who are Jewish, and who have just finished celebrating Hanukkah, this season is a reminder that a small band of committed warriors can take on and bring down an empire.  Whether God makes his hand visible, or acts invisibly through people who refuse to give up their beliefs really doesn’t matter — what matters is that we keep on fighting because we have faith in our commitment to America, a faith that translates, quite simply, to a bone-deep commitment to freedom.

So to all of you, new friends and old, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, one that fills your heart with light and hope.  We have a new year coming to us and, if we keep the faith and the focus, we can — and will — make a difference in the coming months.

355px-Christmas_Tree_Cluster(That’s the Christmas Tree Cluster, deep, deep in space, a reminder of the lasting miracles in the world around us.)

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  • Mike Devx

    Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to you, too, Book!  Wonderful post, and beautiful pic of the Christmas Tree Cluster.

  • WesternChauvinist

    Congratulations on your Council win this week, Book.  I found you through Gerard’s American Digest post on the results and read your piece, “The Communist cat is out of the climate change bag.”
    My thoughts have also been focused on how to make our displeasure with our opponents in government more visible.  I’m a big fan of Dennis Prager and he often says there is a non-violent civil war going on in this country, thank God.  I agree with that and I think honest people on both sides will admit the media is not on our side.  The tea parties have failed to get honest coverage considering they were made  up of average non-activist Americans like me and my middle-aged baby boomer siblings who had never attended a protest up to that point.  I agree with you that we should read, blog and forward to our friends and learn to be confrontational in conversation without being obnoxious.  But, still, I want something visible that will make an impact even if the media ignores it.
    My first thought is a red bandanna tied to the car antennae.   I realize anything we do, the left and their media propagandists will try to make out to be stupid or sinister, but I want us to show our solidarity somehow.  Let’s pick a day – how about when Congress gets back from vacation? – and raise a flag for liberty!

  • Cathy

    A beautiful comment, Book.  You have touched on the true meaning and you show understanding, even though it is not your own Faith.
    And a lovely picture, as well.
    Chicago, IL

  • Mike Devx

    Robin Of Berkeley has a delightful article on American Thinker describing her Christmas Eve visit to a Catholic Church.  Well worth the read.