Monday afternoon open thread

I got an emergency research project, and slipped in a quick workout, so blogging hasn’t happened yet.  Here’s an open thread and a little Dusty Springfield for good measure.

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    And now for some GOOD NEWS…
    Israel announced Monday it is building nearly 700 new apartments for Jews in east Jerusalem, where Palestinians hope to set up the capital of a future state. The U.S., Palestinians and the European Union condemned the plan, a fresh setback to American efforts to restart Mideast peace talks.
    File this under: ‘UP YOURS’ and We’ve got a PM that actually gives a damn.

  • JKB

    A little news I ran across from your neck of the woods.  Seems science is racist and must be stopped.  Sad part is the only argument made against this is that there are minorities taking the science classes.  Nothing about how science is needed for the future and is promoted even for white kids as a benefit to the nation.

    Berkeley High May Cut Out Science Labs
    The proposal would trade labs seen as benefiting white students for resources to help struggling students.

    The proposal to put the science-lab cuts on the table was approved recently by Berkeley High’s School Governance Council, a body of teachers, parents, and students who oversee a plan to change the structure of the high school to address Berkeley’s dismal racial achievement gap, where white students are doing far better than the state average while black and Latino students are doing worse.
    Paul Gibson, an alternate parent representative on the School Governance Council, said that information presented at council meetings suggests that the science labs were largely classes for white students. He said the decision to consider cutting the labs in order to redirect resources to underperforming students was virtually unanimous.


  • BrianE

    Today, for the first time in our Nation’s history, the Court confers a constitutional right to habeas corpus on alien enemies detained abroad by our military forces in the course of an ongoing war….

    I shall devote most of what will be a lengthy opinion to the legal errors contained in the opinion of the Court. Contrary to my usual practice, however, I think it appropriate to begin with a description of the disastrous consequences of what the Court has done today….

    The game of bait-and-switch that today’s opinion plays upon the Nation’s Commander in Chief will make the war harder on us. It will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed. That consequence would be tolerable if necessary to preserve a time-honored legal principle vital to our constitutional
    Republic. But it is this Court’s blatant abandonment of such a principle that produces the decision today….

    So said Justice Scalia in 2008.

    Legal Insurrection revists Scalia’s dissent and the fact that Scalia was right.  The two detainees involved in the bungled bombing were released in 2007, before the Boumediene decision, but when the court spit in the eye of the military, it was merely the culmination of the drumbeat of leftist spin about the poor, misunderstood terrorists victims brutally housed in Gitmo.


    It only gets worse with every breath.  This announcement was so quiet, this is the first time I’ve read anything about it.  Obama’s timing is priceless! The cost will also be priceless!
    Happy New Year America, no need for profiling – just come on into the no waiting room.  A nice immigration judge will rule on your case (later). I am sure they’ll be no problem locating you and that you have been truthful, honest with no ties to terrorist organizations. Janet Napolitano will be serving cookies and milk.
    SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 28 (New America Media) – The Obama administration quietly announced last week that it would overturn one of the harsh immigration enforcement measures enacted by the Bush administration following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
    Beginning next month, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said, those who arrive in the United States fleeing torture or persecution abroad will no longer automatically be welcomed with handcuffs and months in a jail cell. Instead, many of those seeking protection will again be permitted to live freely in the country while their applications for permanent asylum are considered by an immigration judge.

  • Mike Devx

    Sadie #5 – Top 7 Lies In under 2 minutes
    A great video!  It reminds you why so many people decided to vote for the fellow.  “He seems so sincere, and if he does even half of what he’s saying, why, we’ll all be so much better off!”
    But watching it now, in retrospect, after the betrayals of government openness and fairness… the deliberate lies, the abandoned promises… it is easy to see now why his popularity is in freefall.  The American people are not stupid, and while they don’t remember the exact words, they know they’ve been had.
    Watching that video now, it’s easy to see through the smooth demeanor to the calculating, deliberate  liar hiding behind.  It’s like watching a cheating husband totally convince his wife he loves her and only her, leaving her glowing; then he says, “Time for a quick run to the store for some milk and bread, and that Sara Lee cake you love so much”, and after driving away from the curb in the car – already on his cellphone – towards the store, five minutes later he’s boffing his girlie chick three blocks away in her studio apartment.


    Once upon a time in my youth I found the voice of a smooth ‘city slicker’ so enchanting and mesmerizing. By the time I was 19 I realized that it was the sound of a guy running his engine with the fuel of his ego.
    It’s not only the lies, it’s the circuitious way in which he deceives (did you read post #4). Because we live in a ‘video’ age, it’s easy to catch the lies. It’s the written word that goes unoticed,  ignored or unread. Whether it’s the Interpol Executive Order or a quietly released blurb above about immigration.  Unless its on youtube or liveleak, it’s not getting covered enough except through the blogs, which again, is the written word.  If  we could get the Liar-in-Chief on Dancing with the Stars or some such programming and dance to his own music, we would find him tripping on his own words – maybe then the visuals could become the words which the masses tune out.