The GOP needs to study the art of pizza making

Domino’s Pizza has just come had with one of the most brilliant ads I’ve ever seen — and, even better, the ad seems to riff off of an even more brilliant corporate decision.  In essence, Domino’s realized its pizza stank, determined to change that fact, and then let the public know exactly where it erred and how it was fixing the problem:

I don’t even like pizza, and I’m tempted to order in one of these nights.

Unsurprisingly, astute political observers have noticed that the GOP could learn some lessons from Domino’s, and no one is more astute than Jonah Goldberg:

Obviously, the analogy to the GOP isn’t perfect. For example, last I checked, Domino’s didn’t get bogged down in an unpopular war.

But the GOP’s troubles over the last decade have a lot to do with the fact that Americans didn’t stop liking what the Republican party is supposed to deliver. They stopped liking what the GOP actually delivered.

In the remainder of his article (which you should definitely read), Goldberg envisions what a GOP  turnaround would look like.

As for me, one of the things I’d suggest right off the bat is getting rid of Michael Steele.  I really liked the guy when he first took over.  I thought (and still think, I guess) that he has charm and courage.  Unfortunately, he’s got a tin ear when it comes to political management.  He’s like the un-James Carville.  Carville who was charmless, but he really understood how politics operates.  And then I’d just retreat to core conservative values:  more money in the hands of the people and less churning through government; a willingness to identify the enemy and defend against him; and a belief in American greatness, something that need not exist only at the expense of other nations, but that should be celebrated on its own terms.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Steele’s got no… steel. Rush the fluff dough guy has a lot more steel than Steele has.
    We’re talking about tenaciousness as well as ability to perceive and use information based operations. You don’t cede the battleground to the enemy just because you don’t want them to ‘dislike you’. Steele fell for the media’ tricks because, unlike Sarah Palin, he actively wanted to fall for them and be their dust bunny, which the Left can whiip out and say “see even top Republicans hate Rush and conservatives”.

  • Al

    There is no question that Steele has to be replaced. He refuses to answer a question directly. He states he is for conservative principles but does not specifically list them. He does not delineate how conservative principles are more productive than the nanny state alternative.  He has lived most of his political life in the shadow of Washington and fails to see how life is better lived without the Federal government.
    My real problem is- How do I lose the holiday bulge after watching the Domino’s ad? There is a small Italian restaurant around the corner that makes THE BEST PIZZA. Have to do a taste test. Oh well.

  • Mike Devx

    I’m becoming pessimistic about 2010, even if the Republicans take control of one or both houses of Congress.
    Though that would certainly be better than being under the control of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, we should be careful what we *wish* for.
    Is there *any* evidence that the Republican Party itself has learned from 2006 and 2008?  I’m not seeing it.  There’s no message!  There’s no commitment to basic conservative principles.  If you don’t have a powerful, compelling message, as a Party, after this year of Obama, when will you ever have it?
    There are a few compellinig conservative voices in Congress, but to me they’re voices in the wilderness.
    I fear that Republicans taking control right now means more of the same, more of the same.  Corruption on our side, instead of theirs.   The Republican brand of crony capitalism, instead of the Democrat brand.   “Our” special interests controlling everything, instead of theirs, and the same complete disregard for anything the American People actually want.  They’re all bought and sold (well, not ALL, but you get my point.)
    If we don’t get lucky enough to clean house in the primaries, electing enough new members to Congress to make it clear that we are anti-incumbent, anti-status-quo, we’ll have squandered a great opportunity.    To all of Book’s readers, your current Congressman IS A PART OF THE PROBLEM, no matter how glad you are he or she is a “conservative”. They’ve not done enough, they’ve played the usual game, or surrendered to those who are playing the usual corrupt, crony capitalist or socialist game.   They’ve earned a failing grade.  There aren’t many individual members at all that you could say deserve to stay.   You’re lucky if yours is one of them, and you know who those VERY FEW are.  Except for those VERY FEW:   Clean house, please.  Clean house.  Vote anti-incumbent.  Or nothing will change.  Nothing.
    My Congressman is a nice guy, and somewhat conservative, but I can’t accept the current collapsing crony capitalist, socialist bent in Washington D.C.   He’s not done enough, and I will be voting for one of his opponents in the primary.  If we don’t send a message, we’re accepting the status quo.

  • Marguerite

    I agree totally w/Mike Devx.  A complete house cleaning would send such a powerful message – they need to be shocked, like a glass of cold water in the face, and Mr. Steele is not going to throw it.  But my gut tells me that the piece at Am. Thinker today (Understanding the Democrat Scheme) is the more likely scenario.   Brit and Bill cannot be that naive, right?


    The problem with pizza politics is that no matter who is making the pie, it’s still junk food.
    Like the faux photo on a box of ready to eat food or the faux food used for a 30 or 60 second spot of air time, the viewer is led to believe it’s real. We never see anyone actually eating what they’re selling on television – they would choke on it. Instead, they keep trying to sell us cardboard packaged and repackaged as ‘new and improved’ cardboard.
    The voters (not all – most) have been hoodwinked into believing that it will taste better and they’ll deliver the goods in under 30 minutes or within 4 years. Extra cheese, garlic and all the toppings in the world can’t disguise the fact that they’re the worlds worst chefs.
    If the GOP (Grand ol’ Pizza) keeps delivering Steele and cardboard candidates instead of the salad I ordered – I’ll pass.

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    Thomas Sowell has a short but pointed article about peddlers of ideas.

  • Lulu11

    I’d love to see someone articulate and strong in his convictions like Bill Whittle in that role.