Democrats: doing what it takes to create a one party system

I’ve got a matched set of posts for you today.  The first is an American Thinker article by John Gaski, in which he advances the argument that the Democrats are tuning out the American voters, not because they are blinded by ideology, but because they have a well-advanced system in place for permanent one party rule:

Apart from the troubling question of intent, or whether Obama-Pelosi-Reid just have a novel view of the public interest, the national Democrats are unnaturally and mysteriously sanguine despite growing backlash by the American people. Why? One reason:  The Dems don’t believe they will ever have to face a real election again.


Dictatorship in a one-party state indeed seems to loom for us. As one prominent commentator has pointed out, the normal order of the human condition is tyranny, subjugation, and dictatorship, with only a couple of respite periods throughout history, including our time in the West over the past two centuries or so. It just took that long for the totalitarian types to gain near-total power in our country, which they are now consolidating over the coming year. What are the betting odds that they will ever let it go voluntarily?

I was inclined to give Gaski’s article a pass on the ground that it was just a bit too paranoid to be true.  I mean, it’s well written, and he advances a lot of facts (ACORN, SEIU, registering illegal aliens to vote, universal registration, corrupt Democratic Secretary’s of State, etc.), but I still didn’t seem them coming together in one coherent conspiracy whole.  My skepticism, however, took a big hit when I read that, even if Scott Brown somehow manages to pull a victory out of the special Senate vote in Massachusetts (which is unlikely given ACORN’s and SEIU’s contributions to the process before and during the vote), the Democrats will still act to block the will of the people:

It looks like the fix is in on national health-care reform – and it all may unfold on Beacon Hill.

At a business forum in Boston Friday, interim Sen. Paul Kirk predicted that Congress would pass a health-care reform bill this month.

“We want to get this resolved before President Obama’s State of the Union address in early to mid-February,” Kirk told reporters at a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

The longtime aide and confidant of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who was handpicked by Gov. Deval Patrick after a controversial legal change to hold Kennedy’s seat, vowed to vote for the bill even if Republican state Sen. Scott Brown, who opposes the health-care reform legislation, prevails in a Jan. 19 special election.

“Absolutely,” Kirk said, when asked if he’d vote for the bill, even if Brown captures the seat. “It would be my responsibility as United States senator, representing the people and understanding Senator Kennedy’s agenda. . . . I think you’re asking me a hypothetical question but I’d be pleased to vote for the bill.”


Friday, a spokesman for Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin, who is overseeing the election but did not respond to a call seeking comment, said certification of the Jan. 19 election by the Governor’s Council would take a while.

“Because it’s a federal election,” spokesman Brian McNiff said. “We’d have to wait 10 days for absentee and military ballots to come in.”

Another source told the Herald that Galvin’s office has said the election won’t be certified until Feb. 20 – well after the president’s address.

Since the U.S. Senate doesn’t meet again in formal session until Jan. 20, Bay State voters will have made their decision before a vote on health-care reform could be held. But Kirk and Galvin’s office said Friday a victorious Brown would be left in limbo.

In contrast, Rep. Niki Tsongas (D-Lowell) was sworn in at the U.S. House of Representatives on Oct. 18, 2007, just two days after winning a special election to replace Martin Meehan. In that case, Tsongas made it to Capitol Hill in time to override a presidential veto of the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Gaski may well be right — the fix is in, and we’re all well on our way to being broken.

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  • socratease

    Another piece of the Democrat strategy (from the Washington Times):
    Democrats have a political death wish. At least that’s how it looks. There’s no other explanation for their feverish push to take over the health care system when a huge majority of Americans are opposed to the plan. But facing an angry public, Democrats are scheming to find ways to manipulate the electoral process so they can cling to power even when voters want to kick the bums out.
    Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, and Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, have plans to ram through legislation that will produce universal voter registration. No matter what they claim, the rule changes will make it possible for illegal aliens to register to vote and for others to register multiple times.
    The proposal is to register everyone on every welfare list, everyone getting unemployment insurance, everyone with a driver’s license, everyone who has had run-ins with the legal system, everyone owning any property – basically everyone on every list the government keeps. People will be registered to vote whether or not they want to be registered. If individuals are on any public record, they will be automatically registered.
    Obviously a lot of illegal aliens have driver’s licenses, and many get other government benefits. Quite a few have rap sheets. People’s names and other identification information are frequently recorded differently across these different lists, which means that one could be registered a separate time for every slight variation in how their personal information is kept on file.
    The legislation is also expected to give felons the right to vote. Why Democrats insist on letting someone who has raped multiple women vote on social policy is beyond us. According to Democrats, robbers who have preyed on helpless victims – and even murderers – have the judgment to tell us how law enforcement should be run in this country.

  • Mike Devx

    Here is a Gateway Pundit article: Scott Brown is suddenly leading by 1 point over Martha Coakley in Massachusetts, of all places!  And apparently the Boston Globe poll to be released soon has her up by one point only.  An amazing surge.
    Read it!
    I’m considering ponying up some cash.  Right now, it’s ALL about sending messages to Washington D.C. that we’re not going to accept what’s going on.  Not among the Democrats, and not among any of the passive incumbent Republicans.   Supporting Scott Brown may be a very, very good choice in this special election to replace Ted Kennedy.  If you can find it within your means to support him, that article contains a link for support.
    Fresh voices, new faces.  Let’s end the corruption spiral!  Let’s end their nasty Washington D.C. spoils system.  Nothing will change unless we change it.  They’ve been focused on nothing but their own re-elections for far too long, to the point where even in performing their basic duties, they’ve all been Asleep At The Wheel.  At best.   We’ve seen enough!  We’ve had enough!   Let’s get the message out there!

  • Al

    I saw Gaski’s piece yesterday. The comments are now up to three pages. Many talk of increasing their political activity. And a sizable fraction mention the use of force. My own comments mentioning the unarmed Iranians throwing pavement at the Basji and the irony of a possible Second American Civil War rising out of the 2008 election were scrubbed by the AT’s comment monitors. Judging from the comments that made it through, the comment monitors must be working overtime.
    There is no question the Libs are trying to cement their control of the governments, both Federal and State. With government union help and the funds from the “stimulus” bill.  But as Mike mentioned, Republican Brown is now ahead in the polls in Democrat Massachusetts. The Tea Party Express is reporting that all three potential Republican candidates beat Reid in this years election.
    On other fronts in the Liberal vs. Conservative life/world view events are demonstrating the strength of the Conservative position. 1 Witness the juxtaposition of the British police counseling a single mother that waving a carving knife in her own home to protect her and her child from thugs was an illegal act, vs. the cool defense of a coffee shop by a 9mm welding owner in Idaho. 2 Otherwise liberal pediatricians are admitting in print that private distribution of the 2009H1N1 vaccine would have been faster than the delays we endured with the government distribution. 3 And then there is Global Warming.
    We are in trouble. But we can turn this around because more and more of us are paying attention and acting.
    And you can have fun with it. Sending photocopies of checks made out to conservative candidates to the clueless leaders of the RNC is most satisfying.

  • Mike Devx

    Al #3:
    > We are in trouble. But we can turn this around because more and more of us are paying attention and acting.  And you can have fun with it. Sending photocopies of checks made out to conservative candidates to the clueless leaders of the RNC is most satisfying.

    Al, that is BRILLIANT!   A great way to let the RNC and the rest of the establishment GOP know we’re not at all happy with them right now.  And I do only donate to specific candidates these days, never the national GOP.  I could complain in an email, or in those useless surveys they keep sending me in the email, but I know they never read my printed words nor what I write on the survey comments.   But if I send them pictures (photocopies of donations that are not to them!), by human nature they’ll simply take a second look, won’t they?

    I like it a lot!

  • Al

    I actually got a form letter from the RNC last week acknowledging some of us may be disappointed with the them.  Maybe it’s working. Pass it on.