Both Progressives and Conservatives should vote for Scott Brown

First, here is Scott Brown’s latest ad:

Second, not only should conservatives and independents in Massachusetts vote for him, but so should progressives.  After all, the latter hate the proposed health care bill as much as the former do.  Conservatives and independents hate the bill because it vests power in the government; progressives hate it because it channels money to insurance companies and pharmacies.  It’s a bad bill no matter your political viewpoint, but the Senate Democrats are bound and determined to pass it.  At this point, a Scott Brown victory might be the only thing that stops a universally despised piece of legislation from going forward.

If you would like to donate to Scott Brown’s campaign, you can do so here.

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  • Mike Devx

    Let’s play polls (Thanks to Instapundit for prompting this)
    Today’s poll has Coakley 50% Brown 36%.  Undecided: 14%.  Looks like it’s over, eh?  Not … so … fast.
    The poll assumes that the vote will consist of 50% Democrats, 25% Republicans, 25 % Independent.
    But Massachusetts voting pattern is 50% Independent.  If the Democrat turnout is uninspired and low, and if Independents truly are leaning Brown 70% to 30%, when I adjust these numbers to 50% Independent, 25% Democrat, 25% Republican, I get a poll result of a toss-up.
    I think no one knows what’s going to happen in this special election.  There will be a tide breaking one way or the other over the last few days here.  Which way is it going to break?

  • Bookworm

    Brown raised $1,000,000 today.  Wow!