Friday Open Thread

Just haven’t had a chance to blog this morning or even to process the day’s stories.

Here’s an open thread for all of you, since I assume you are much more on the ball than I am.

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    I’ve heard all manner of talk about Haiti’s resilience, their ability to endure the politics of their country, shortages, corruption ala mode – one ugly list including generational  Duvaliers, ton ton macoute. I’d be the last person to say that resilience is not a plus factor in life and that we have all seen political corruption – any paper (blog) any day of any year.
    When does resilience and corruption collide? When does it become generational that little is expected and ever so little  is the norm – how many generations .. one, two, three?
    The $64,000 question of the day:
    When does the expression, ‘Business as Usual’ become acceptable and resilience a negative?


    If anyone in the salon has the email address for Michael Moore, please forward.
    Twenty-six patients at Cuba’s top hospital for the mentally ill died this week during a cold snap, the government said Friday.

  • Charles Martel

    Sadie, the cold snap was caused by global warming, which was created by the dirty capitalist pigs that Moore is so bravely confronting.

    Glad I could save you the effort of an e-mail.

  • Ymarsakar

    In the course of bouncing around Pick Up Artist material, men vs female gender warfare, and misogyny vs misandry, my research got those videos.
    I’d like to hear people’s thoughts once you finish all the parts. Any volunteers: Danny, Charles, Book, DQ, Sadie, etc?

  • Ymarsakar

    Moore? Moore who? The dirty capitalist pig Moore?


    Weekend list of new words
    Condecession: set-asides or subsidies to groups one feels sorry for.

    Defaulty setting: Something incorrect that’s widely believed because it was the first explanation proposed rather than because there was any actual evidence or proof.
    Dimprovement: A bad, dimwitted improvement that isn’t better, often worse. (Can you say New Coke, Vista operating system or nationalized health care?)
    Feelosophy: positions and policies adopted because they make you feel good or virtuous rather than on any reasoned basis or because they could possibly work.
    Iconoklatch: group of nonconformists who uniformly conform to an “alternative” set of standards.
    Infopinion: The intermingling of news and opinion so that it’s hard to tell which is what. Often called analysis.
    Literateur: Someone who talks about and refers to books they’ve never actually read. Think Wealth of Nations or Das Kapital.
    Malapropitization: Needlessly adding prefixes and suffixes to words to make yourself sound erudite, more scholarlisticalful.
    Nincomproof: A line of thinking both logical yet so unreasonable only an idiot or an intellectual would buy it.
    Oprahtunity: The chance to cash in on fame in one area in another area you really have no qualification for. (Al Gore for instance.)
    Psychophant: A lunatic follower of a lunatic leader. (See Marxist-Leninist)
    Sophistreatment: A “fake but accurate” film treatment. Such as any “documentary” film by Michael Moore, or docudrama by Oliver Stone.
    Shamnesia: a condition where one cannot remember personal details or incidents on the advice of their attorney.
    Spoofemism: Play on words making fun of a euphemism. Like calling a bald guy “tonsorially challenged.”
    Straw-man Poll: a poll where the questions are composed to get only the answer you’re looking for.
    Wishteria: A craze people fall for because they want it to be true. (Also see Obamania.)
    Xenotopia: Something
    Historectomy– removing evidence of past events to promote an agenda you find unbearable but, strangely, other people desire.

  • gpc31

    Thanks, Sadie!


    Very welcome.
    I had saved this from some site (can’t remember now) it’s been over a week and I am over 60.
    The last one, Historectomy, was a comment from a reader.

  • Mike Devx

    Who would ever have thought that the citizens of Massachusetts, in the bluest of all the blue states, might be on the verge of electing a Republican to the Senate?  That tells me that even there, the people have become angry enough – and perhaps even frightened enough – to temporarily put political affiliation aside and vote to send a message:  What you guys are doing in Washington D.C.  is freaking the holy hell out of us, and we need to put a stop to this!
    It seems to be all about health care, and being totally out of control, and refusing to listen to the American people.  To go from the anomalies of 2006 and 2008 in one direction, to what’s looking like a massive (and also anomalous) shift in the other direction in 2010…  that takes some doing!  And the Democrats appear to be doing it!
    I’m betting that even if Brown wins, they will double down and continue their relentless insane drive to the far left.  They appear to have abandoned all caution and reason.  I know Brown isn’t a strong conservative like myself and many here, but we *are* a big tent, and he’s about as conservative a senator as you’re likely to see out of a state such as Massachusetts.
    And unlike Dede Scozzafava, if Scott Brown had pulled out, he would *never* have told the citizenry to vote for the Democrat.  I’m quite confident he’s on my side.  And he’s a patriot who loves this country.  I’ll be watching this election with hope.  Hope for change!