Defending against legal jihad

One of the lesser known, but very dangerous fronts, in the jihad war against the west is the Islamists’ habit of using our own Western laws against us.  Right now, a front in that particular battle is being waged in Canada, where McMaster University is suing Dr. Paul Williams after he wrote about the peculiar nexus between that institution, Islam, and terrorists.  You can read Dr. Williams’ side of the story here, at Right Truth.

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  • Mike Devx

    That is the danger caused by allowing speech codes – as a punishable offense! – into your legal system…
    Even when newspapers are sued for libel, intent to smear must be proven.  Or the classic case of yelling fire in a crowded theater: There must not be a fire.  As these cases keep bubbling up in Canada, I’m surprised this sickening law of theirs remains on the books.  I’ve usually viewed Canadians as just like us in America, only a *little* different.  Generally liberal in their East, bedrock pragmatist across the Midwest and the Plains (think Manitoba, Saskatchewan), trending more conservative to the West (Alberta), and then liberal again on the West Coast (British Columbia).  Dealing as best they can with an indigenous People (Eskimos and some Indians, and I think they’ve been far better with them historically than we have), similar industries, etc.
    I’ve thought I could move up there and not miss a beat.  (Of course, I grew up south of Detroit, a mile and a half from the Canadian border.  As with Sarah Palin and Russia, I could walk a half mile to a hill and see Canada.  Maybe I’m one of the most friendly towards them?  I’d have no problem if we two countries merged – keeping most of our American laws intact of course 😉
    But these speech codes of theirs are just so damned offensive…

  • BrianE

    “Dr. Paul Williams: It’s a result of globalism and free trade agreements, including NAFTA It’s a situation that will worsen with the decline of nationalism and the surrender of our national interests. Your question is apt and your audience should realize that what I wrote about McMaster was written from my office in Pennsylvania; what I said about McMaster was said from my home to radio hosts who called me.”

    The decline of nationalism. It’s easy to say that this could never happen in the US, given our Bill of Rights– but it will someday.
    Some time ago BW linked to several liberals who thought Obama a dangerous president– dangerous to America. Obama’s fondness for internationalism may be that danger. Will the Obama administration accelerate the agenda of sacrificing American sovereignty for international “cooperation”?
    The question is how to inform the average American that other nation’s don’t hold the same values we do, don’t define words the same way we do and that the idea of “why can’t we all just get along” isn’t possible without abandoning the ideals of our country, without sounding like Ron Paul?

  • Right Truth

    Thanks for sharing.  I hope Dr. Williams will get a few dollars in his defense fund as a result of spreading the word.