Don Quixote’s Thought for the Day: Did he walk on water, too?

Heard a report on CBS radio today about Obama’s meeting with the Republicans.  According to the report Obama did everything but feed the hungry Republicans from a basket of loaves and fishes.  Figured you folks could give me a reality check.  How did the President do and how did the Republicans do?

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  • Marguerite

    What’s with the flag lapel pin?  For the first time in his adult life, is he proud of his country?  The President told legislators who have been frozen out for over a year to now join him in saving his ass.  I missed their response because he was still lecturing them when I had to leave.

  • Oldflyer

    Commentators, even conservatives, are praising the effort. Special Report on FNC was typical. Presumably, it helps both sides.
    The soundbites that are floating around are about what you would expect.  Obama lecturing them in a very condescending manner; deflecting blame for every problem; and lying through his teeth.  I suppose that passes for bi-partisanship these days.


    What’s with the flag lapel pin? I was surprised to see him in a tie for SOTU.
    The Republicans left with crumbs and the room smelled fishy. Nothing happened – period.  Barry tried to make himself appear more accommodating and the Republicans can say we tried (again).
    For what it’s worth I caught Charles Krauthammer on C-Span 3  look at his first year. The show was dated Jan. 19,2010 and well worth watching the gut wrenching 25 minute review of a year of living dangerously.

  • oceanguy

    The Pundits are correct in that both sides did well.  What the pundits aren’t telling you is how different Obama’s reality is from most of the rest of the country.  “I am not an idealogue”  he told them.   “The healthcare legislative process was the most open in the history of law-making.”  “I never said the Repbublicans are the party of no with no new ideas.”  “Our healthcare proposal is a moderate proposal, no different from what the Republicans wanted in 1994.”
    Man, every time he opened his mouth he astounded me with his audacity and lack of truthfulness… or is it simply ignorance of the facts?  It’s either one or the other because the man seems to be living in some other time and place.
    It was truly disheartening to watch.  Admittedly it is the first time I’ve ever watched him perform live, but his disconnect from the real world is shocking.  Listening to him the healthcare bill is full of Republican ideas because he has been so bipartisan.  Even when confronted with hard fact budget numbers… the percentage increase of discretionary spending for 2010 over 2009, he simply told the Republican Congressman he was wrong, and blamed an 84% increase on Bush.  It was unbelievable to these virgin ears.
    It’ll be another year before I lose the memory of the experience and venture to listen to another speech/press conference live.  The man is the infallible king of his own imaginary kingdom unfortunately he confuses his Obamaland with our country.

  • oceanguy

    Note to above…  quotes are paraphrased, not his exact words.

  • suek

    Ran across this today:

    The only slack I’ll cut him is that I do believe that there’s a possibility that he simply doesn’t understand the finances and budget.  I can tell you that even though I’ve had accounting, I had trouble understanding our very small school budgeting reports.  There were numerous accounts that had to be treated certain ways to comply with the law, and they weren’t always clear in the sense that things got transfered here and there and were hard to keep track of.  Some of the funds couldn’t be used except for certain designated purposes, which sometimes meant that we showed a large ending balance but couldn’t use it – which caused problems with our parents  as well as our teacher’s union.  “You have a surplus, but you won’t give us a raise”.  In other words, the bottom line wasn’t always the bottom line.
    Some of our problems went away when we got a supervisor who knew how to attribute use in a way that allowed us to access those accounts. (for example, using funds intended for migrants to pay for a portion of a teacher’s pay if she was teaching students who qualified as migrant students).    But the fact remains – governments don’t keep track of money like a business.  Maybe they should – but they don’t.  It could be really easy to do a two step and completely confuse someone who wasn’t well grounded in the governmental arcane method of bookkeeping.
    There is enough info out there to point out the facts – if he really wanted them – but even if I grant him some slack, he’s responsible and needs to find some way to understand why his facts and other people’s facts don’t match.  Just because he wants it doesn’t make it so.